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  1. I think it could be looking at fixtures, we played then 25th Feb 78. I went down to clear the pitch and sort of remember the picture but can't see myself on there. There was a thaw before the game and the pitch cleared itself, we all got free tickets for our efforts.
  2. Brilliant, was this pre a game against Brentford?
  3. The upshot is we aren't amassing mountains of debt. When we did do the debt thing I don't remember us being massively successful on the pitch. We do have to be realistic about Wild, he will manage at a higher level and it might not be with us. He does seem a perfect fit for Rochdale when they need a change. Strange how Rochdale have not dropped out of the league, they are in essence a smaller club than us but have been way more sensible financially over quite a long period.
  4. Simplifying this down, how many clubs could actually afford to keep going without subsidy. Hardly any at North and South and perhaps 20% at national level. I expect the season will end at the vote.
  5. My understanding that the Stoke move was financially very beneficial for Gregory and of course he arrived there under a now ex manager.
  6. Torquay are the only team in this league making a serious attempt on the title, miles ahead pointwise even with games in hand. Tough test for us but BT sports my arse.
  7. TBF, I imagine they are thinking about all of this and more.
  8. Same here, I have a blackstar, never gets played now it's all amp sims for me. I used to have a 1963 AC30 with blue speakers, kept cutting out, great sound though.
  9. I have a mate who is a Notts fan and he talked about a tiered charging system where 12 quid covered costs, which you could opt for up to 20 quid to replicate a match day entrance fee. He was opting for the 20
  10. Somebody connected to the club told me that one of his hands has actually shrunk and he has lost his glasses.
  11. Surely it's a fact!! I have read it on here!!
  12. We have let more goals in because the goalkeepers a bit crapper
  13. It's a strange season and this league is tighter than any I have seen. Anything could happen and we are still in the mix. On our day we would beat anybody in this league. A bit of luck in the injury front would go a long way.
  14. I think that this type of insight tells me you are actually David Bosomworth. I have thought this for some time, consider yourself outed big Dave.
  15. The season will be scrapped by mid Feb, and just in time for Bradford to sack another manager
  16. To be fair, I imagine those two lads are on peanuts. They wouldn't buy us a striker and they are punts at best. What did interest me is that wild said we couldn't afford nepo or gold pre season, we must have looked. Neither seems up there with the quality of our better players. Wild has got a good balance in his squad and generally decent quality, it's not perfect but he has most of it right.
  17. That was a close game. Alty looked nice but were a little lightweight when it really counted. Their keeper was part of the difference, just not even at the races for the two goals from open play, from those distances you would expect more, even at this level. Penalties given not given,it levels out, remember Sutton?! Who cares, refs make mistakes, always will. There is a bit of a reality check to be had. Since 1977, when I first walked through the turnstyles, we have lacked depth in most positions. Not everybody spots that, they think it's just about strikers. Not surprisingly it all lin
  18. Clive, didn't he work at the DSS? Think he had a dalliance with a very poorly chosen girlfriend of mine....Billy might confirm
  19. Merry Christmas, how I miss the boxing day deby with... Gateshead
  20. Amazing photo, reminds me of Rosendale at home
  21. Hedge was a good lad but to be fair he is a long way behind Sam. Hard not to like him but let's not lose sight of the different levels we are playing at here.
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