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  1. It's a much underrated sport, are playing numbers declining?
  2. Morons and tw@ts, it's like being at a national front meeting or a 30s beer Keller.
  3. No lad, late summer holiday in Greece, shame as it was my local game. I love how direct you are though lad, makes you look great.
  4. Expert speaks to moron, I like it, says a lot.
  5. We lose and the same old trio are there in a flash...
  6. Can you get a bus? Free bus pass etc
  7. we aren't exactly short on goals right now......
  8. Thanks for the comprehensive insight Flea. As you would expect, the manager and the players know exactly why they are doing what they are doing. The stats provide some pretty overwhelming evidence (both our defensive record last season plus results this season and the 0.2% point) that their knowledge converts into good outcomes. On a wider point, I know well current professional sportsmen from a range of different sports, plus some football coaches (all ex players) some who work at non league level, with others at premier league academies. And no. I am not a wannabe, it just happens that work and family connections have created those links and in most instances we rarely talk sport. One common thing they describe, regardless of the sport, is that they don't enjoy being spectator. Firstly because they want to be involved and then particularly because it involves listening to reactions and views from people who don't have their level insight and perspective. Yes, you pay your money and you have your say and part of the reason of going to football is that discussion between like minded fans. But, to assume you have spotted something that the managers, the captains and the teams haven't does feel a bit niaive.
  9. Poor title. Wild addresses the point fully in a recent interview in the courier. He doesn't want the wrong personality because that will upset the balance. Sounds like he is looking upwards for a temporary replacement. Sensible management.
  10. Yes he saw it, must have read the board!!!
  11. You do what you want lad, just as I did. You know best as ever.
  12. You should go and tell him just in case.....
  13. Yes he came, a couple of runs but not much opportunity as we were pegged back when he was introduced.
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