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  1. As an ex Halifax league footballer I would piss it against all of our players and then pass it to TJ and watch it go in off his knee bone. He would celebrate like Ashley Stott and I would sigh with relief, hoping that one day he gets signed by Liversedge reserves (but knowing he wouldn't be good enough on any level).
  2. He has something but gets found out. Like all players, being in the right team with the right players around him is key. Stockport were never going to be that, they are a couple of managers away from getting it right. He needs to settle, develop and bin his agent.
  3. francisfirth


    I was worried that this was a thread about the death of Nicholas Lyndhurst.
  4. What a manager, looking back at the balance and playing style of that team still makes me smile today. Many games sound out the one I always remember was Yeovil at home. That night it felt like confirmation that we were serious.
  5. I can see Gilly sneaking into that one next to Billy. Lenny up front, many more familiar faces. It was one of the strangest days following Town, all those years avoiding disaster and then it smacks you in the face. Was in mourning for weeks.
  6. Oooh sorry, I missed it. Worth a play each week I think.
  7. possibly one of the best songs ever written
  8. It's funny, when I was thinking of reserves two players came to mind. Colin Blain, because he always put in a good shift and looked like he would be something. Then Jimmy Mcilraith who clearly didn't appreciate being put in the reserves and cloned about at every opportunity.
  9. I think might have been Hull not Grimsby? I think the ref was Mike Peck, who lived next door to my auntie in Kendal. He said the atmosphere was very uncomfortable and quite scary.
  10. I used to sit in there during reserve games only. I used love watching the reserves, might have a hundred or so there but it was the original ITK crowd. Great Times. I bet Shaymus used to go.
  11. I think sound is so typical of the era, great chorus
  12. When DJ comes back let's all pretend we have merged with Burnley, who are moving to the Shay, and will be playing in the top flight. Wild is being kept on as manager over dyche
  13. Shant gets my vote as one of my locals as a youth but always preferred the Ivy House. I loved the fledgling spoons as 20 something living on London in the early 90's but that was before the days roll ups dominating the doorway and steak nights!
  14. I used to go to watch live bands when it bacame hangovers
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