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  1. I just assumed that Salford had signed him on a big money deal.
  2. First time I have logged in since the board crashed, a massive relief to find TNV is still blocked!
  3. That leaves scope for being old...
  4. Whoever gets it is coming into a sh1tstorm. Instant success isn't likely at this moment. However, the experts on here don't define this club. They provide amusement and annoyance in equal measure but other than that the manager's reputation and standing is down to the manager.
  5. What has DJ done to deserve that!!!
  6. I know, metaphor is a complex beast. That said, if we ever were, I am sure you would be telling us how to row and what direction we needed to go in, regardless of whether you had experience or knowledge.
  7. It's actually more the clubs rather than the players who have created the situation that currently exists. They bid for people, players simply take what is on offer. Hard to say the levels of cash on offer has changed much since the days when likes of Bairstow senior played in the Bradford League and today when a pro or semi pro player plays local cricket. I know going back 6 or 7 years that £350 a game was pretty regular in the Bradford League. What is definitely different is that more players get paid, but again, they generally don't start by asking for it. But as many have said, the standard in Huddersfield and Bradford has dropped rather than increased at the time when cash is a bigger feature.
  8. I would hate to be in a lifeboat with some of you lot.
  9. I have seen him play cricket and he didn't wear a helmet whilst batting, which I guess is to do with the fact that no bowler can get the ball to bounce to the same height as his head.
  10. There is a lot of money floating about in that league, I know one team who are paying a good proportion of their players £350 to £500 per game. Totally ridiculous. You can buy a lot of pop and crisps for that. The teams with less cash pay on a per run/wicket basis. A lot folk find it easy to slag off the likes of Dents and with their experience of playing professional sport its easy to see why they know so much better than those who get paid......
  11. I think we should sign some really crap ones quickly and go into debt in the process. Is Jimmy Case still available?
  12. agreed in terms of population, but the identity of Salford is consumed by Manchester to the extent that it is suburb of Manchester. The historic attendances of the football team are indicator of how much of a city Salford is.
  13. I know nothing about football (like many on here) but I suspect Collins is not the answer to many of the questions we pose
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