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  1. You can of course speculate that without any specific evidence, but I dont think the UK is so short on racists that it needs rogue BAME catalysts to get the hate flowing.
  2. It's like a rush on the bank!!!
  3. To be fair, Chesterfield are probably the value bet in there. 8/1 I think and for the first time in ages they seem to have made a reasonable decision on the manager front. I bet they have put all of their loans on that one, which is probably why they took them out. Stockport, like all bankrolled teams, lack the heart and the club is just not stable as it burns money in the desperate scramble for promotion. Stability and success in football are often linked. I expect it to all end in tears at Edgeley Park.
  4. If you needed a signal to back Town, here it is!
  5. Love the picture of Big Bob Mountford. He stayed in good nick by the look of it, although those shorts would be illegal these days. Went on to be a prison officer if I remember in Oz before dying all too soon. I think Vernon Allat ended up as a prison officer too, UK not Australia. Bit of a pattern there
  6. Yes it is a sign of the current times I suppose, we do have a lot of teams in this league who are bigger than quite a few league 2 teams. I also keep wondering if there is there any link with a plastic pitch and league position, Harrogate last year, Sutton this year? I know Bromley have one too, so it doesn't follow that it equals a promotion place. Sutton haven't lost at home for a while and that gives you momentum. Either way, if Sutton do stay the course, they won't last two minutes in the league and probably will land back down in Conference South within the next 5 years or so. It is s
  7. Nothing wrong with Sandsend, bit more expensive than Spain though these days
  8. Found that out already, my job list is quite long.....moving to my place in South West France when the moment is right, motorbike tours of the Pyrenees beckon (if I can get a quiet minute). OK, I am not being realistic about that last bit am I?
  9. I started my very early retirement on Friday, I have to remember not to get up!
  10. But even then I assumed he was just playing it for laughs?? I suppose only BTM can confirm. Either way he keeps paying his money, which suggests (like doe most of us) he does need professional help....
  11. I assume BTM is joking. We know that in the background they have been looking to secure deal for several months, particularly important as there are clubs all around us who are going to be wanting decent, creative, forward thinking managers in the not too distant future. I am not entirely sure how much the contract actually fully protects us against that risk, I know it does to an extent. Loads of ups and downs to come, but what we have seen from Wild, and for this I think he stands out, is an ability to get performances regardless of financial constraints or injuries to key players
  12. I was going to say the same thing exactly. I remember Mallon playing for Matlock, that's about it. Always interesting to see a Town line up with Vardy, Gregory and younger Hogan in it. Odd touch of quality there
  13. He is great to have at this level, his age does limit him fitness wise at times but his presence is well worth the compromise.
  14. What's the story with Sutton. Just got lucky? Not exactly a potential laden club, am assuming they aren't bank rolled.
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