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  1. Staunton hands down, doesnt get the praise he deserves, goes very unnoticed.
  2. No truth in this. The players have no knowledge of this.
  3. Leave him where he is
  4. mjc12345

    Josh Staunton

    Great player off the pitch, has the time for anyone
  5. mjc12345


    Right? And, he knows majority of them. It is what friends do?
  6. Staunton and Johnson the only players to come over at the end of the match.
  7. Wow, you sound like a fan who gets behind the team ha
  8. Goes very unnoticed! Hard to think the lad is still only young for football age at 24...
  9. Big shout out to Josh who went to visit a young lad after the match today to give him one of them shirts that CORE was giving away. The child and adult couldn't get to one of the events, so Josh offered to try and get one. He did and to myself and the child and adult surprise he turned up at their address to hand this over, even came in and had photos and a chat with the child. Credit where credit is due...
  10. mjc12345

    Notts County

    We were beaten by the better team today. End of.
  11. mjc12345

    Notts County

    Some of the comments on here are like these footballers cant be normal people too. Just go and watch the team for goodness sake. Some of you wasnt happy that Hanson wasnt in squad a couple of months ago and now you are annoyed because he is! Cant win, so funny. Fair few from Notts County as well
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