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  1. I have used ipad for all games other than stockport where the ps4 worked fine for that one. Trying to stream fcht games on there and it freezes and then goes black, back live, goes back to something from 2 mins ago and black again!
  2. Glad it isnt just me! Seems easier than dag and red, moves around easier but clearly dont know the time
  3. Pretty sure that will be announced tomorrow
  4. So you are one of them people that used to reverse out when 100s of people were walking behind the cars. Pretty sure if you walked down that bit of car park and had a car coming at you you would not be right happy and appreciate no cars been moved until everyone has gone. Whats the rush anyway?
  5. Article on website but when you click on link nothing there... now it has been removed!
  6. Personally between Staunton and Clarke
  7. Staunton will stay if he is offered a deal
  8. Players are seeing this! You do realise it doesn't give much confidence to a player seeing they should be let go! Replacing half of a squad that came 6th, got into play offs. Pretty sure when we last got rid of 80% of squad it turned out wrong! Things can only get better. Yes it has its negatives but this is a young squad. Why don't you all just become the manager, cause you all seem to know what you are talking about, day in, day out.
  9. So when the player sponser post went round saying email him? What was the point of that. Anyway... all sorted now
  10. Has anyone actually had a reply from this man? I am asking a simple question but just dont get any answers from him at all.
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