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  1. Half way point, who is your player of the season for the 1st half so far! Staunton for me, for someone who is still quite young for a football player to adapt to the different rolls, going between midfield and defence every 3 games! Always give it his all and just battles on!
  2. Nothing has been mentioned about Wild applying to the players tonight. It was business as usual for the players.
  3. You tell me!? No idea. Keeps putting stories up. Latest one was about a hour ago
  4. Allen wont be playing. He is in Argentina
  5. Think we should set page up and get enough money to buy etc a player. Some clubs have done this before...
  6. mjc12345


    Are you really 24?
  7. mjc12345


    Episode 4 next week will feature Josh Staunton... you can send in your questions and they will ask as many as they can!
  8. Christmas is a time for sharing and once again FC Halifax Town would like to invite local charities/those in need to come and have a complimentary Christmas Lunch on Thursday 5th December from Noon. If you’re a local charity and would like to benefit from this experience then please get in touch via email at orders@fchtshop.com the closing date for registration is Wednesday 20 November. Is this invite open to me? If you’re an employee, a volunteer or you’re being supported by a Calderdale Charity then please contact us, as we’d love to share Christmas lunch with you at the Shay Stadium. How do I secure my place(s)? Simply email orders@fchtshop.com – we’ll work on a first come first served basis. (We have 150 places available) Please ensure you give your name, how many places you’d require and a contact telephone – we will respond to confirm your booking after the 20 November (so please do not chase us!) FC Halifax Town is proud to support the local community and recognises those individuals who dedicate their time in helping others through difficult periods. We also understand Christmas can create increased hardship for some. . .so we really hope you’ll join us for some Festive Fun.
  9. FC Halifax Town travel to Bromley this weekend, here is our latest injury update Matty Brown has started the second phase of strengthening last week and is responding well to rehab and treatment. Due to Brownys professional attitude and commitment, it could see him progress into running ahead of schedule. Danny Williams – into his second week of rehab and starting to make positive steps to getting back on the field. Looking to intruduce some ball work and progress to higher running speeds on Thursday, with potential availability for Saturdays trip to Bromley.
  10. Defo been the most consistent in the team so far this season
  11. Well, you must be at Halifax Swimming Pool under the shower then, because I have been in town since 8.30AM and it is just light rain that hasnt stopped. Not torrential rain at all!!!
  12. Not raining in Halifax now, stop worrying people! Anyone would think we live in the amazon!!
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