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  1. mjc12345

    Shaun Rowley

    Will probably play against us and have a blinder!!!
  2. Tell someone not this forum.
  3. Wasnt loads of rain. Just quick showers that very heavy. Stop panicking!!!
  4. mjc12345


    You could also argue that whoever passed to Jeff as well
  5. Here we go... so this season we will be picking on TSS
  6. last 2 weeks, why do people leave to last minute?!
  7. Sandal BMW based in Huddersfield? DB speak up!?
  8. Didnt look too bad when he came on. Not on long enough really.
  9. Loving #thehuddle at the start of the match and then they all go the south stand and east stand applauding the fans, needs to happen every game, sort of brings goose bumps for some reason! Plus who is the chubby guy from the backroom staff? Kit man? Seems very likeable with the players whoever he is!
  10. mjc12345


    1397... keep going up They do need to extend the deadline tho
  11. It does though doesnt it. If the manager quit 6 weeks ago then yes would be alarming today but it was. 6. Days. Ago.
  12. As the club have said this wasnt agreed at a set time. Do you not listen or do I just use common sense.
  13. We have hardly played any football at home you mean. We lost a manager 6 days ago you mean. You mean to say we have sold 1300 season tickets so far. You mean to say you can sign up supporters club and get 10% off that lovely new kit. Come the 1st game of the season there will be a team on that pitch who need supporting no matter what. For the love of god just accept what is happening. Have a bit of patience, things cant have been easy over the last week for all involved. Some who volunteer at this club and all you can say is "I wish I hadn't bought a season ticket now"
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