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  1. one would imagine they are knackered very quickly once they get weathered.
  2. think the guy was called Pete? who had the flags? Flea knows who I mean
  3. Haha I wish the trip to Spain 2 weeks after was only 100 quid, times it by 12 more like,. Bloody golf - any sport your a panzie, you drink like a panzie, your football opinion is panzie
  4. I am in the middle of learning all political songs associated with the 68 political parties of Nigeria with a view to getting some of them sung on Saturday, would be happy to provide hymn sheets if you send me your bank details.
  5. Your happy to accept the blood money though for our little romantic weekend away with the kids
  6. and the software and the operating computers etc. We have a similar system at work where we all have credit card style cards for entry and exit to a car park.....3 of them for entry and 3 of them for exit, The maintenance cost alone is 30k a year.
  7. Can i use the voucher tonight to bring a friend? And yes chadders I do have a friend before your predictable crap comeback.
  8. Bish


    Dont say that Bobbins, last time i dared to suggest that I was shot down
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