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  1. 3rd or 4th top scorers in the league aren’t we? So I’m not exactly sure every other team does finish better than we do.
  2. Stev Lanzaroote might need to stop correcting others on player name spellings now
  3. Simple - don’t fulfil your fixtures, expelled from the league. Don’t muddy the waters.
  4. What if as our scout he identifies the replacement for Summerfield?
  5. Unless they know something we don’t then by law they have to be, so surely that’s a non question?! But then this is the rugby we’re talking about...
  6. Usually something like that!!
  7. I tell you what, if this Ged Garner fella ever eventually signs for us he better be fecking amazing, seems to be constantly rumoured/suggested by people on here!
  8. That good he was playing in a bottom half National League North side! Sign him up Wilder!!!
  9. The Jeff King show this!! Great goal
  10. Learn what? Not to accidentally collide with someone you’re not even looking at with a bellend ref who can’t wait to give a penalty?
  11. Bad defending yes but the greasy hair knob just stepped into the box to fall over his leg. Hate that.
  12. None of us know what he gets paid or what any of the terms of his contract are. Hopefully he’s not another Dom Ludden...
  13. One of these days, just one, someone will spell one of our players’ names correctly.
  14. Oh god yeah Chris Billy was absolutely awful. Both Clarke brothers were tonk.
  15. Not if you give it Calderdale Council to spend
  16. Not sure - his 4 year contract just coming to an end has been worth £492m over its life. Not seen anything that says they have a 1 year extension option but if they do, and it’s £492m for 1 year, he really ought to be signing!!
  17. The 500m was over the life of the contract, not per year. Still an obscene amount mind.
  18. They’re safer now than they’ve ever been since this pandemic started, total nonsense.
  19. I’m surprised, couple of kettles worth could have melted half the snow resulting in a simple shovelling job.
  20. Only if he brings his shovel!
  21. By my calculations - 2,177 square foot of 1 foot deep snow needs clearing. Unless DB gets out there with a shovel himself we might be a little light on numbers to address that.
  22. Wonder what their policy is on agent fees then?
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