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  1. It doesn't help that in the UK a Union's first thought is "that's wrong, we disagree with that" rather than "how can we help to make that happen to the betterment of everyone". The second thought never even comes into question.
  2. 6 positive tests, all asymptomatic, out of 748. Hardly panic stations is it..? If we want to get to the point where absolutely no one in this country has coronavirus then we are going to be waiting a very, very long time (potentially for infinity).
  3. I agree, doubt we would even sell 500 given the current situation.
  4. Putting aside the fact that selling a season ticket when you don’t even know when the season will take place and what it will look like is a bit odd, purely from a pricing perspective it makes sense. You only need to sell 798 tickets at £299 to make the same money as 1,200 at £199. And on top of that, those extra 400 that don’t buy a season ticket will still come during the season and pay on the gate, so that’s even more money in the kitty. If we were going to sell double the amount of tickets for them being £199 then fair enough, but I guess DB doesn’t see that happening.
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    Unless there isn’t though - in which case there won’t be. But maybe?
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    If you hit the M25 on your way to Stevenage you’ve gone too far!
  7. Might sound stupid but we wouldn’t necessarily have to pay the players any more to get them to train more often. Their contracts are already “full time” in that they can’t take up other employment, so we may well just ask them to train more often for their existing money - hence him suggesting there might be players that don’t buy into that.
  8. Damn right. Things have to return to a near normal state as soon as they can - by that I don't mean decisions should be rushed regardless of health concerns etc., I mean they must find a way to do it as quickly as is possible to do so, or else by the time we come out of this 12 month lockdown that some people seem to think is required (based on waiting for a vaccine that might never even be successfully produced) there won't be an economy, jobs etc. to even return to.
  9. If no one should be forced back to work then people also shouldn’t be forced not to work - discuss.
  10. It’s a fine balance. Another 12 months of the financial measures in place and the economic downturn and there won’t be much of a world left for those that survive coronavirus to be a part of - pretty much every single business and government will be up the shitter (given the vast majority already are and it’s not been 3 months yet).
  11. Not true. Furloughed workers receive 80% from the government and nothing is required from their employer (and in every case I know, 80% is all any furloughed worked is getting).
  12. Have you read the BBC article I posted earlier? You’re just as likely to die from the virus if you are below the age of 65 than you are from a 185 mile drive.
  13. I agree with both points, absolutely.
  14. The original point someone raised is that we should all continue to be in lockdown to shield the vulnerable. My point is if they are all out and about because they don’t want to be shielded, then why keep everyone else at home for their sake. If the reason for the lockdown is to stop me coming into contact with my neighbour yet he’s out and about all the time wanting a chat, then what good is it achieving with respect to that aspect? My point is exactly what you are targeting me with there - it’s a free country where people are used to doing as they please and so the “vulnerable” will make up their own minds what they do and don’t want to do - as they rightly should.
  15. Wouldn’t necessarily agree with that based on the number of old people I see out and about on my daily exercise. His view is that if he has to stay indoors and can’t go out he’s more likely to give up the ghost and die than if he does go out and about, and who is to argue with him?
  16. Still waiting for my invite to Lanzarote anyway
  17. My point is in shielding the vulnerable should the onus not be majorly on the vulnerable themselves, not everyone else? It’s impossible to shield the vulnerable if they don’t want to be shielded. I’m playing devils advocate here and trying to actually see both sides of a debate and have a discussion about what’s right and what isn’t - suggest some of you try that approach some time, radical I know.
  18. One of my neighbours in the next block of flats must be almost 90 yet he is out and about most days and he still goes to town to do his shopping. Why should I as a fit young man (reasonably fit anyway..!) be told I have to stay at home to shield the vulnerable when a good proportion of the vulnerable don’t even want to be shielded?
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    And anything can happen in the next half hour!
  20. Coronavirus: Is it time to free the healthy from restrictions? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52543692 Have a read of that. Not “opinions”, not right wing conspiracy theorists, just actual studies from actual professors and scientists that show that the vast majority of the population is at no more risk of dying from coronavirus than from any other cause that they might usually die of.
  21. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if we already had an outbreak pre Christmas. I was ill with very coronavirus like symptoms, so was my girlfriend, so was her dad, and so was about half the office I work in. All in December. Hopefully it is something the powers that be are actually looking into and keeping in mind as a possibility.
  22. Is any part of this true...?
  23. And as I said earlier, for some odd reason deciding (in most cases it would seem for political reasons) that our government's approach has been much worse than other countries. Not sure I would hold up the "Italian science" or "Spanish science" in higher esteem than our own, yet somehow not following their lead appears to have been a grave error in the eyes of some.
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    Even the current crisis cannot prevent the age old proverb of "if said player doth play well against us, he henceforth should become our top transfer target".
  25. Wish I could like this post multiple times. When many criticise the UK government there is an underlying tone of “other governments have got it right, why can’t we?”, which is odd, given I’m not really aware of any government smashing it out of the park (which is pretty tough to do in what is a very tough situation). There will of course be a huge political inquiry/post-mortem into all of this once it’s considered over - I wish people could wait until then to have it, rather than sticking the knife in right from the off.
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