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  1. To be fair to TJ he has looked on the specific BBC weather page for Torquay, which is likely to be more accurate and localised than the generic swathes of rain the news shows going across the country. That said, forecasters generally don't know their backside from their elbow so who knows. You can bank on wind and rain, but if the pitch is in half decent nick there is no reason that should call the game off.
  2. Nothing like what our players are on I would imagine. Fax are semi-pro, we are full time ("full time model"), for a start. We probably have some players who are paid more than some super league players.
  3. Luck of the draw I guess - they are in it.
  4. Have they got a local rugger team turning out between now and then?
  5. Okay so there's the "before" shot...I await the "after" with vivid anticipation!
  6. greg45


    We need to get a game on ASAP, this constant Rodney rumour mill that's filling the time is getting out of hand.
  7. February weather is traditionally cr*p, why don't we just cancel everything for now and reconvene in March?
  8. Don’t tar all fans of the rugby club with the same brush. Just the same as I wouldn’t want someone to tar all of the football club’s fans with the same brush, as we don’t half have some idiots mixed in with everyone else. All rugby club fans I know are perfectly reasonable folk. This guy just comes on to wind people up, and unfortunately far too many bite.
  9. Totally with Trev on this - we shouldn't be calling off games if there is a genuine chance of getting them on. Only call it off if/when it becomes obvious we can't get it on. Yes it's not ideal for teams and fans travelling up long distance, but if we started calling matches off based on a forecast we'd hardly ever play.
  10. Their pitch is absolutely awful atm though, as I understand it from a Hartlepool fan who was there the other week.
  11. greg45

    Lois Maynard

    Torn between thinking they are making good signings, and thinking they are assembling what would have been a great side 2 years ago, but not so much anymore. Either way, it does make you think it would be nice if we brought in some proven reinforcements to bolster our promotion chances - it's scuppered us before and it would be nice not to be left wondering.
  12. Aye - @TJAshton are you able to update the thread title to say third kit? People are getting in a tizzy over the tangerine and blue unnecessarily.
  13. The Clarke brothers were some of the worst footballers I've ever seen at the Shay, and remain so to this day.
  14. Makes sense - saw it earlier and did a double take. Easily done I suppose, glad they noticed it quickly.
  15. Steve we aren’t all “in the know”, which is the point greygoose is making.
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