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  1. Unbelievable. I don’t know where this amazing start to the season has come from and I don’t care!
  2. Five games for £15?!? We offered the cheapest season tickets we’ve offered in years, was that not enough to entice people? I’m all for offers but you can make too many - and people who expect it to be a tenner are being unrealistic, it doesn’t mean we should be creating stupidly low priced offers to entice them.
  3. But the point is that people are coming to watch us at the moment - so offering those same people who are currently paying £20 a go a deal where they can pay £10-15 a go...please explain to me how that one makes sense, because I'm a bit lost with it.
  4. greg45


    In brighter news a picture of the Shay has made it onto the breaking news page. Unfortunately that's Kosylo about to hit the bloomin post! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/49493207
  5. A time when we are actually doing well and fans will want to come is not the time to be needing to put on extra offers. Offers are used in business when no one wants your product, and they need enticing (like our ST pricing). You don't put offers on when people are coming already...
  6. greg45

    Cameron King

    There were numerous times when JF only made 1 or 2 subs when he had King on the bench and we were losing. Nuff said.
  7. @Flea, I see they've now taken the highlights video off the match report (wherever they even are now)??!? Where can you actually find them now?
  8. Great goals all of them - the last my favourite, love to see a full back with the ability to run at people like that.
  9. I see you managed to spell Binnom-Williams’ name correctly - more than our twitter team managed!
  10. Lampard was hardly successful at Derby - less points per game than both McLaren and Rowett. OGS relegated at Cardiff and sacked with them 17th in the Championship the next season.
  11. What food is available? Have they finally ditched the curry theme or is it Wild's wontons, or Wild's wasabi?
  12. Poor fella Wilder - can't be classed as a success at us as he was made redundant
  13. Cambridge did come in for Wilder I seem to remember. But yes, strange measure of 'success' Nick, I'll have to pass on that one.
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