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  1. No chance of that loudmouth Jess Phillips ever becoming prime minister. From what I can understand she is also one of the worst, if not the worst culprit for heckling and shouting in the house of commons. She's an example of everything that is wrong with how that place operates.
  2. Scotland's GDP - £180 billion. UK's GDP - £2.8 trillion. Happy to do without their contribution if they wish to sod off (which, btw, I don't think they do - maybe they had a referendum and someone could pull up the result...?). £4.25 billion is absolutely naff all in macro economic terms.
  3. I’d love to know what my local candidates have been doing - unfortunately both Labour and Lib Dem candidates managed to continually send leaflets for the wrong constituency. Me thinks if they can’t even get that right, they probably wouldn’t be very good at the real job.
  4. Unemployment is the lowest it’s been since approx 1973/74. Any praise for the current government in achieving that over the last few years? Oh no I forgot - Labour governments love a bit of high unemployment, more benefits to dole out!
  5. No politician has ever said “if we don’t cash in on war crimes, someone else might”. Put in quotation marks next to a picture of Boris Johnson that is completely factually incorrect.
  6. Why should anyone have to give a counterpoint to made up rubbish? Half of the things you’ve screenshotted are pictures with completely made up captions. It’s like me stating THE SUN IS BLUE and getting mad because no one will take the time to prove me wrong.
  7. Why does anyone think they have the right to tell other people how they should vote, and call them names if they dare to vote another way? I think some people really, really don't understand how a democracy works. There's extolling the virtues of the party you believe in, and campaigning for them - I get that. Why does that have to involve having a go at anyone else who doesn't agree with you?
  8. Would you like someone else to knock up a made up Corbyn related meme just for balance? Or would you rather just continue to live in your echo chamber getting riled up? Calling people names because they don't want to vote the same way as you is not the way you're supposed to convince people to vote for someone else - when will a vocal minority of Labour supporters get this? I'm not referring to you specifically, all you have to do is go on twitter to see what I mean - go find one tweet from any celeb who has promoted the Tories, and look at the comments. All you will find is "Tory w*nker, Tory c*nt" etc. etc. etc. Not sure who these people think they are helping, but it sure as sh*t isn't going to make undecided voters think "ooooo yeah, they make a good point, I WILL vote Labour on Thursday".
  9. Indeed Labour are being SO truthful the shadow health minister is even being so upfront as to tell everyone how much he dislikes Corbyn, and how little he wants him to be in power.
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