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  1. Is Neal Ardley a member of SAGE? He’s probably right though.
  2. Quite. Got to love it that when a footballer gets Covid it’s apparently somehow definitely their fault and they should have been living as a hermit in a darkened room or something.
  3. Did their players or the club breach protocols?
  4. But what if they need the donations to spend the money on extra/better players that enable us to get promoted and earn far more money than we could in this league? I get what you are saying - but there's more than one way to skin a cat and it's not like they are chucking tens of thousands out on new signings.
  5. greg45

    FA Cup

    But how many tiers does their stadium have?
  6. They then beat us 3-1, just to top it off.
  7. Sounds to me like he could easily have just acknowledged his warning and got back to posting. So he's already been given a chance to keep posting, I don't really see what else Hoddie is expected to do. The forum rules are clear - I've never had to consider how the warnings work as I've never had one but they are very clear as to how the process works, should someone be given one.
  8. Hmmmm not sure about that. I've seen the comment "best winger in the league" written multiple times.
  9. No one is asking you to promote it Flea, you can either choose to watch it or not choose to watch it, simples.
  10. Bloody hell are we really back into the Josh MacDonald debate yet again? We all know that once a player leaves he suddenly becomes the best player in the world (in our fans' eyes), end of debate.
  11. Same as with the furlough scheme and other business interruption schemes - there will always be those who try and fiddle the system.
  12. Last year's gate multiplied by some soon to be increased prices based on a swift announcement by Mr B? Adult tickets would have been £25 each, wouldn't they??
  13. greg45

    No fans

    Very hard to say isn’t it. The ONS have specifically said that not all the excess deaths are due to deaths from COVID-19. So even within that figure you need to try and interrogate why those excess deaths have occurred - and frankly that relies on an understanding of what would generally cause excess deaths in a given year anyway, something I imagine very few people in the country would be aware of and capable of doing (me included).
  14. greg45

    No fans

    I (obviously) cannot and do not disagree with anything you are saying, nor do I think the long term effects that some people get are not important. But we live in a country of over 65 million people - there is very little chance of catching the virus, even if you catch it you might not get symptoms, if you get symptoms then there is (taking the worst case age group) a 95% survival rate, so on and so on. As with all walks of life and types of illness/injury/accident there will always be horrible stories on small scales and when someone brings them into a debate it's very difficult to
  15. Course not - 1,000 of them will be on here rating all the players without having actually watched the stream.
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