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  1. Not a shock. When I first read that story I immediately thought it probably wouldn’t be true. Classic case of the media (including the BBC) just reporting something without any sort of proof it’s true - and you can bet they won’t be reporting the fact they were wrong, so for most people they will still be reciting to all their friends that a healthy 21 year old died of it.
  2. “Slough-it” is definitely the only way I’ve ever heard it pronounced from having played many cricket matches there over the years, my Dad having worked there also for a time.
  3. Why do they feel the need to make such a rushed decision - no one know how long it's going to be until football is allowed again do they? Or do some clubs have contract ending mid April immediately after the season has finished? If that's the case I can see why they need to make a decision faster than the EFL - but if they just throw this season away and go for a completely clean slate next season then I think that is criminal. There's plenty they could do - finish this season once everything restarts, combine the points for this season with next, use some formula to work out how much of a head-start teams get for next season based on this unfinished one, etc. etc. To just pretend it never happened is very unfair, and I'd be saying the same if we weren't in the playoffs (probably...).
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52023754 Someone explain that one to me - the parachute payments are to help keep your club afloat, not to fund a promotion tilt. Ridiculous.
  5. £200 per week?! I don't see a solution to the issue of football finances being to turn the National League back to the stone ages. If we artificially reduce the level of the division to the point that is worse than the glue leagues I for one wouldn't be interested in continuing to watch. What would be the point?
  6. Shock horror - team that are on a terrible run of form dropping down the table at a rate of knots wants the season to be cancelled...
  7. Going for a walk outside is still allowed and in fact positively encouraged. If everyone generally stays at home and stagnates for a month then by the time they get the virus they’ll be so deficient in vitamin D and in such poor health it will hit them harder than if they’d kept fit and active. Never mind the mental health benefits of still getting out and about. To be clear I am talking about the general population here - not the “at risk” category.
  8. Football wise this could all be quite positive. Hopefully all the pointless competitions like the Nations League, JPT, all national friendlies, league cup, west riding cup, etc etc etc can all get chucked under a bus.
  9. The sooner they get the antibody test out so they can see who has already had it the better. It will either show them there’s a lot less to panic about than they currently fear, or it will prove they have a reason to be really panicking. Either way, would be good to know.
  10. The idiot asking that specific question at the press conference obviously hasn’t been outside in London given I can confirm bars and restaurants here are absolutely not busy. Idiots spouting lies for a news story should be called out - precisely why Boris just ignored that part of her question, because she was outright lying.
  11. greg45


    Thanks - sounds like he is a tit. Taking advantage of the Coronavirus situation to try and cover up other issues...won't be the first or the last to try that one.
  12. The hotels one is an interesting shout - I imagine currently some clubs have agreements in place on a team-by-team basis, but something at a league level would surely be appreciated by many clubs? Also provides greater bargaining power. I suppose it may limit teams in terms of putting in place their own agreements should they wish, but would like to thing it's something the National League would explore.
  13. greg45


    So they would have had to lay these people off anyway, virus or no virus?
  14. greg45


    One imagines he means no sympathy overall for a club who have spunked away so much money and are now having to cut back. I’m sure no one wishes hardships to the individuals involved but the amount they have been spending and losing is crazy - I also have no sympathy if as a club they go bust. They sure as hell shouldn’t be getting bailed out by anyone if that’s how they’ve been ran.
  15. Exactly. In the article they say they budgeted a loss of £100k PER MONTH this season in the hope they would get promoted. Stuff them then - they shouldn't be receiving financial help from anyone, ridiculous. Also why the hell have they got 60 non playing staff at this level?!?!?
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