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  1. It was an example to illustrate the point that there are a lot of people that do not follow the rules - many of whom clearly fall into high risk categories yet STILL do not follow the rules. The vast majority of the population - those that don’t fall into high risk categories - are constantly vilified as if those at risk are doing all they can to shield themselves, whilst those of us not at high risk are all out selfishly having raves or something.
  2. We are also a country full of old people and obese people, which hasn’t helped. Last night I walked past three 70+ year olds standing together on a railway bridge train spotting. No doubt had the vaccine and feel they can do as they please. Yet if one of them ends up getting the virus they’ll very likely end up in hospital - where guess what, in the media’s eyes they would become some kind of martyr, a tool to be used to tell the rest of us to “follow the rules”, when the only reason they were in hospital in the first place is they themselves didn’t follow the rules. There is a heck
  3. Low budget? This the same club that could afford to appoint Lampard, Cocu and Rooney? I don’t think they struggle with budget, but their chairman is a crook so who knows if any of them ever even got paid anyway!
  4. Managed Barcelona B for a year initially which given Derby’s recent past is probably about the same standard! Lampard did worse at Derby PPG wise than the guy who got sacked before him and has the worst PPG of any Chelsea manager in the premier league era. About time he was sacked if you ask me.
  5. You can leave Milwall, but Milwall never leaves you! Awful tackle.
  6. I’m a man of my word - GERRIT FORRRRRWARD TOWN!
  7. On the way to the ground, lovely sunny day - keepers will need their caps on!
  8. Crikey, right decision to switch it then!
  9. A tight vote! Lovely day in Bromley, sure beats the pissing rain I stood in to watch us get beat 5-0 last time here.
  10. Aye most people I don't like are pillocks actually, funny coincidence
  11. Lovely weather down here, will be bloomin freezing sliding around that AstroTurf!
  12. Hang on, because he has a multi million pound business he’s not a pillock? I didn’t say he was thick - but he is a pillock.
  13. The guy who owns them is a complete pillock.
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