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  1. greg45


    Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but Stevenage is also a complete sh*thole that now no one has to visit.
  2. greg45

    Retained list

    1723 average? Hardly huge.
  3. greg45

    Retained list

    I want players to remain where they are actually good enough - not purely so we “have some men”. We are weeks away from the start of the season and as Bubba said it is currently the silly season of players getting their heads turned because a better/bigger club might be interested. Often that comes to nothing at which point people come back on the market, and that’s when we tend to pick up the most players. I’m not saying I’m happy with all the players that have left - but I don’t greet every new announcement with “ANOTHER gone” if I didn’t even want that player to stay in the first place. Staunton, Cooper, TSS - not fussed about any of them. Duckworth/King - would have liked them both to stay.
  4. greg45

    Retained list

    Not too bothered tbh - awful CB and while he tried hard at CM it clearly wasn’t his natural position. Seemed like a good guy, potentially wants to move back down south who knows.
  5. We literally share the ground with them.
  6. Do they? It harms us that we can't make money off food and drink sales etc., but I'm not sure the rent we pay is actually overly high. And we are already ground sharing to reduce the rent.
  7. Absolutely no idea. Lockdown must have made some folk crazy - on this thread and the 'Retained List' one we have a heady mix of people saying Fullarton was great, and built super defensive foundations and would have cracked on this year, others having a go at the club because two players they've slated all season didn't choose to re-sign, others making definitive comments about players' wages when they have absolutely no idea what they get paid, and to top it off, why don't we ground share with Brighouse at a ground that doesn't meet any of the criteria for playing in the league we are in. Anyone for anymore? Welcome to the Town messageboard folks.
  8. Some people are easily excited!
  9. Not had a season ticket in years - and not saying you should go out and buy one. Just wonder what the tipping point is that would make you buy one, as it’s very unlikely either of the scenarios I suggested will happen! Would love it to happen one day but hey we can but dream.
  10. Oh god - not the "how can they expect us to buy a season ticket without signing big name players" argument again. 1) When have we ever started a season without a full squad - i.e. we aren't going to still have 4 players come the first game are we 2) When have we ever made a signing that genuinely, genuinely excited people If you want to support a team that has 90% of their squad in place 8 weeks before the season starts, and/or a club that signs people that genuinely excite you - I suggest you find another club, cos it ain't and never will be Halifax Town.
  11. No offence to Josh but I couldn’t care less he was released - he wasn’t good enough, end of.
  12. greg45


    If my usual spot is sectioned off for social distancing I'm not coming.
  13. Ahhhh sorry, read it wrong! Captain/capped
  14. Is that not the same thing?
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