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  1. Said it before and I'll say it again. Going to a full time model is a GOOD thing that gives us a GREATER chance of success. It isn't a fecking excuse for under-performance?!?!?
  2. greg45


    Shock horror, scored on debut! Loves a good start at a new club that man.
  3. greg45

    J B W

    Yep, despite most of our fans ranking him as the worst on the pitch. So not sure what that says!? To add - he was well thought of when at Crystal Palace and played for England U18 and U19s - doesn't guarantee anything, but shows there should be at least a decent National League player in there and potentially better.
  4. greg45


    No one questioned whether we include season ticket holders in the figure when we got gates of 1200, 1300 etc. So even if we are now, if we've been consistent with what we did before that still represent a fantastic attendance.
  5. Pete Wood should get together with Jamie Fullerton and Billy Heeth to form a three-piece band
  6. Is it really so much of an issue if the teamsheet is the first we know of a new signing? What would we have done with that information had we known at 10am that morning, Steve? I remember being in the away end at Morecambe and seeing some bloke warming up on the touchline who wasn't even on the programme. Turned out he was called Simon Parke and we'd just signed him before the game; didn't find out who he was until the match report.
  7. Water signing that is for Buxton.
  8. He talks a good game. I like that he says he won’t use excuses (ie won’t blame the budget, training facilities etc. constantly like a certain previous manager). I like that he recognises he needs players ASAP and makes it clear there are loads of players out there, we just need to find the right ones. You would think from listening to JF (on the rare occasion we heard from him) than no one wanted to play for us. Talk is cheap, but at least I like what I hear! Hopefully he gets off to a good start first 2 or 3 games.
  9. And people say he was too selfish and his work rate wasn’t good enough Great match was that!
  10. Gardner was pure class. I’ll get off the fence and make this clear - anyone who thinks he was anything but class is about as good at spotting talent as a blindfolded JF.
  11. I look forward to half of this forum getting totally carried away by the end of August. Either when we are top of the league (anyone remember JF’s start to last season...?) and Wild is the best thing since sliced bread, or when we are anywhere else in the league, and Wild was a cheap appointment made on purpose by DB to annoy Clarke. And to top it off, we STILL won’t have heard what Stuart Peacock had for breakfast last Monday.
  12. It’s more likely they had a salary band - you don’t have to have a specific salary for a job that would be offered to everyone. Very few jobs work like that when you reach certain levels of salary.
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