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  1. It depends what is meant by 'cheating' to be honest. Deliberate handball? Last man challenge? Waving an imaginary card at the ref? Hardly comparable to racist abuse. Nor does any player deserve to be racially abused if they commit some form of cheating etc. on the pitch. There's a debate to be had about what level of abuse they should expect to come in for if they act badly, but there's never an excuse/reason for that abuse to be racist in nature.
  2. "i fundamentally believe if the players didnt participate in the on field cheating, i wont call it gamesmanship then much of what we hear about now wouldnt happen"
  3. Whether a player feigns injury, cheats on the pitch, has a 'flashy' lifestyle off it, or is clearly a bit of a plonker - there is not, and never will be an excuse for racism in any form.
  4. I think one of the main differences is that in real life, if someone says something idiotic/baiting or whatever, the chances of someone around them either having exactly the same view, or exactly the opposite view, is very small. So the comment either goes unresponded to, or people just tell them to shut up. Online, you will almost always find someone who has exactly the same view or exactly the opposite view, so absolutely every stupid comment gets picked up on and either reinforced, or turned into a gigantic argument/abuse fest between total opposite people, that would never interact in
  5. Add the town messageboard to that and you’re on to a winner
  6. “Our” Jim Vince’s dad, before people get too much into the reminiscing.
  7. They're not the best, but they could be worse. I will never forget them completely missing a goal against Barnet.
  8. Don’t tell me he played a weakened team in his first game? Their one and only chance to get to Wembley!
  9. Not everything has to be an affront or a criticism of what someone else has said. I’m adding to the debate, same as everyone else.
  10. Barcelona are fan owned yet it doesn’t stop fans complaining about the President. I guess they do get the chance to vote for another one every so often but there’ll always be a big percentage of fans that voted for another one. So it’s hardly nirvana.
  11. FCHTAFC has quite a ring to it tbf
  12. Jesus. Some of you do realise that contracts work both ways, right? Whenever someone leaves at the end of their contract it doesn’t mean we didn’t try hard enough to keep them. If Earing is offered say a 3 year deal by a League 2 club on double the money - how do we compete with that? If we were losing players/potentially losing players to our direct competitors or lower league teams then fair enough, when clubs higher up the pyramid want to sign our players it’s very difficult to stand in their way - and not everyone is going to do a Vardy and sign a new deal in the knowledge it will hel
  13. greg45


    Are the points taken off Dover added to Altrincham’s final total? That’s how I understood these things typically work anyway.
  14. Union will churn the pitch up even more - what a shocker of a pitch!
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