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  1. I can sort you out another 2 tickets....
  2. Hi ITMan, there isn’t a problem with DM’s other than the fact that we’re not full time paid professionals, we are just volunteers who occasionally read this forum. I’ll log in later and confirm for you. The deadline is still the end of June (tomorrow night), so you’ve not missed the deadline. You can always contact the Supporters Club via Facebook or Twitter if you’re ever concerned about the levels of customer service.
  3. Papa Lazarou Member Members 993 1,780 posts Report post Posted April 22 (edited) I do feel the club need to make it clear why they cant accept money from an initiative from a club sponsor, or dont they need a potential 50K? especially as the supporters club are trying to raise funds for the club. Is it a potential 6K or a potential 50k like it was a couple of weeks ago? If I’ve got £1 in my pocket, can I give the same £1 to two different good causes or do I only have £1. I’m just wondering whether giving £1 to one good cause would have detrimental impact on the other (especially if the were both supporting the same good cause)?
  4. What I don’t understand is how will anyone raise £100k in the next 2 weeks? Everything else is academic. It’s equivalent to each person (within our average attendance) contributing £25 to make up £50k of the £100k target. We’ve had some wonderful fans donating to the supporters club for that last few weeks. The number of donations is around 3% of our average attendance. The gofundme is still open BTW. It’s going to take something really, really clever to raise the level money they are talking about. If not, it’s a pipe dream.
  5. Thank you for all the messages. We’ve selected a person from the list and now have a full compliment of Shaymen.
  6. Bizarrely he’s coming this time. It’s the back seat armchair supporters who have dropped out. I understand there’s an important Emmerdale Farm omnibus they’re catching up on before the game....
  7. If anyone would like to join us, I’ve got a spare seat. Send me a message if you’re interested.
  8. robb

    Solihull game

    Having watched the first five games of this season it's clear that it's going to be even harder than most expected. We've played two really high quality teams, both at home, lost both and have been second best in both games. Dover deserved their late winner outplaying us for most of the game, no complaints. In all fairness had we won a point we'd all have gone home laughing. We've played three games on the road, earned five points and have played teams that have not really put us under too much pressure. It's not going to get any easier so every point we win at the Shay or on the road is a significant achievement. Keep it going shaymen!
  9. Complete joke by the ref. He applied a new rule that he'd just invented. The ref saw the Denton challenge (no elbows from either player, flea was busy eating ice cream at the time too) and didn't see anything wrong and play continued. Denton was then fouled and the ref awarded Halifax a free kick. The 4th official called across the referee who was advised Denton had used his arms and fouled the barrow player just before. The ref then gave a retrospective free kick to barrow at the place where Denton was fouled. The ref cant bring play back to an earlier incident if he'd seen it and not played advantage that didn't subsequently materialise. Billy Heath then went bonkers as he's a genius and knows the rules, the ref didn't know the rules so made a new one up. shocking stuff at this level.
  10. Just checked the league table, we're just 3 points behind the leaders.
  11. Thinking of starting a petition to close the club down, think everyone is right on here, it is the end of the world. Anyone know if it's too late to buy a fax season ticket and win a trip to New York?
  12. Please ring David Woodhead on 07713 449195 lives in Leeds and wants to car share. Thanks rob

  13. robb


    Another car full, can't wait, local derby (give or take 5 hours)
  14. It's all simple, I've been to the ticket office tonight I was shown a seating plan, seats are being sold in order for block E, back row first working forward. You can buy the next available seat in the row and you must sit in that seat on the day You can't buy any other seat anywhere, only the next one on the row Block d is entirely for sponsors, we have sat the same seats in block d for every game since the stand opened and our row is 3 rows below the shaded area reserved for sponsors on the chart on Sunday I asked if I could buy a ticket for the seat I sit in for every home game and was told no. Block c will be used for people buying tickets. On the day at the turnstiles If you want to sit with your usual friends you have to either buy tickets together and sit in the next available seat on the chart or all form a nice queue on Sunday at the turnstiles To be fair to guys selling the tickets tonight, they are trying to sell you the best available, they just don't understand the concept of football fans wanting to sit in the usual place each game and don't want to mess up their nice chart with highlighted squares. They've done a wonderful job of filling it in so far and haven't gone over any of the edges of the squares at all. Their teachers would be proud. Given the lack of understanding I thanked the staff for their time and declined the offer of a ticket in the east stand and will probably now stand in the south stand for the first time, at least I will be able to speak to my friends on match day. Roll on grimsby next week, I'll buy a ticket in the away end and sit just where I did last year,
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