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  1. That's so mental I can't even be bothered to work out all the permutations as I would get a headache!
  2. Grayski


    Exactly that That's what annoys me about some of the rugby lot...delusional to the extreme and flippint to think this sort of non payment isn't a problem When we were financially run like a joke club prior to going bust I and others would admit that it wasn't acceptable. I can totally respect us fans for been honest r.e this...and that's where we differ from the squatters
  3. Pretty sure Clough made quite a few snide remarks towards Halifax Town after playing Burton when he was their manager I haven't forgot so no thanks
  4. Let's hope for some decent entertainment and a win of course
  5. Cheers Flea No need to be abusive to one another
  6. He must not see many posts, that's most of us isn't it!
  7. If he's that good and worth the wait then so be it
  8. Grayski

    New Signing

    Vardy only played for Stocksbridge park Steels didn't he??
  9. Two new words to me in one post! Supposition and veloped ...I knew I should have paid more attention at school!!
  10. Oh dear I think it's time for your medication!!
  11. I also recall Grimsby to their credit looking like a decent footballing side down the Shay last season Then again season before when we stuffed them 4 nil and we ran rings round them! Anyway all past as we have a rebuilt team to look forward to
  12. Grayski


    As my wife once said Aesthetically pleasing but not fit for purpose
  13. Grayski


    Think Oz and Hansy are Forked to be honest
  14. Doesn't that sound great and so unShaymen like Six seasons of either been promoted or been in with a shout of promotion
  15. If we get past Wrexham I hope we avoid Torquay
  16. Boden dropped shock!! Good luck today Town Hopefully back to winning ways
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