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  1. I tend to go along the lines of No wife...happy life! Sons wedding is a good enough reason, even if he should of checked the fixture list to avoid a clash
  2. First trains then eyes, always a reason... cant be arsed would suffice
  3. My first game for a month or so... Enjoyable match, more so in second half MFT should have been given a second yellow for kicking the ball away like he did, the ref obviously doesn’t understand the letter of the law liked Williams, effective bombing forward first time I’ve seen Redshaw, tricky little player and enjoyable to watch you could see what it meant to the players at the final whistle, Browny with the fist pumps, looked like they cared and seemed determined to turn things round after a couple of shocking results still nicely placed in the league so let’s s
  4. Really? He’s got his faults however we could have done a lot worse since we reformed Ive got a club to support, and in the dark days when we went bust I didn’t think that would happen....
  5. Well if it’s any consolation I will be going as it’s my double header with my best friend from Chesterfield we have done both games last two seasons Hope the team turns up...
  6. Grayski


    This is when the ‘doesn’t get to many games’ argument becomes prominent in regards to your judgment there Mr EE
  7. Exactly! I see the topic and can’t be bothered with it, but equally others obviously do enjoy the debate each to their own
  8. Yes ...at the point the ball went in whether it came off a Wrexham player it’s offside in that passage of play it’s offside but it can be possible for it to come off an opposing player and therefore be onside, usually a longer type ball in where the passage of play is longer leading up to the goal hard to describe The Mrs understands though Yours in sport Mike Dean
  9. So IF Macclesfield were to fold would no teams be relegated from league two? Testing times at the moment....
  10. One friend has BT - use theirs another friend has Amazon - use theirs and cast both from phone to TV Happy days!!!
  11. Don’t think calling someone a f#cking idiot is very classy Go for a lie down Erik
  12. ....or how about fans favourite Boden
  13. Offloading players isn’t something Wild has had to deal with so far, hopefully he see’s who the weak links are within the team... on a positive the weak links weren’t his signings to begin with
  14. Sort of, though I do think Wild needs to be ruthless and rid two of our forwards in the coming weeks if they don’t start scoring
  15. Grayski


    Decisions take far too long by the time a decision is made through review, a few goals may have been scored! Total bonkers!!!!
  16. Someone with more contacts than Heath seemed to have and some knowledge of this league would be a good start.... Good luck with the interviews Mr B
  17. Think Heath will lead us to a non eventful mid table finish I can't remember The last time we had a mid table finish it's usually play offs promotion or relegation So because we don't do non eventful season's I predict a Wembley return in the trophy
  18. Great to see you have gone to all that trouble listing this info, thankyou ...you must have a lot of time on your hands though?...
  19. ...As long as the board haven't budgeted on 1700 season tickets been sold ! Thinking of getting one for first time in 20yrs!
  20. That's so mental I can't even be bothered to work out all the permutations as I would get a headache!
  21. Grayski


    Exactly that That's what annoys me about some of the rugby lot...delusional to the extreme and flippint to think this sort of non payment isn't a problem When we were financially run like a joke club prior to going bust I and others would admit that it wasn't acceptable. I can totally respect us fans for been honest r.e this...and that's where we differ from the squatters
  22. Pretty sure Clough made quite a few snide remarks towards Halifax Town after playing Burton when he was their manager I haven't forgot so no thanks
  23. Let's hope for some decent entertainment and a win of course
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