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    Controlled loss of 943k!
  2. Grayski


    Yes seem to remember that myself Unsustainable spending like many clubs...
  3. On the topic of Cam King we would be far better finishing 2nd/3rd so he has rest time between games instead of the other play off spots where you play about 20 games in four days in fact finish top then an early holiday
  4. Indeed! Rodney is a classic example of some players just click for certain clubs, and he does that here Hopefully plays at league level with the mighty Shaymen! dare to dream
  5. What does this cryptic post actually mean? Anyway Up the Town
  6. I think a good idea would be a scoreboard attached to a van, drive it in match days for the score, maybe park up next to Skircoat stand then drive it out at other times to advertise upcoming matches....
  7. Thank the Lord the council didn’t plump for Abbot time, sure we would of been visiting the new Asda at the Shay by now.
  8. I don’t think Chrisbo is saying he is a bad player and simply suggesting room for improvement we can all improve and constructive criticism is good
  9. Yep, just keep focusing on our games football can spring up surprises and if we did end up within a few points of Barrow with just a few games to go then I would expect a fantastic attendance
  10. Southwell was a dud for us ....which makes me think he was one of Fullarton’s worst signings, who was his best permanent signing? Clarke maybe?
  11. What’s the parking like around Chorley's ground? Fancy attending
  12. Is Rodney out of contract at Salford at the end of this season.... let’s hope for promotion then sign Rodney and Redshaw for next season in the football league!
  13. Reckon a decent win today! feels like the season starts here, and looking forward to seeing the line up more than usual
  14. Think the only time I have seen the lone striker work well in recent years was when Gregory was up top, but he was a class act in this position. Was thinking with neither Redshaw nor Rodney particularly tall the ball should be played on the deck which is a good thing
  15. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season now pans out for us and Stockport
  16. Danny Lowe and Danny Holland did, but I don’t think either are in contention for the England squad this Summer
  17. Welcome home Rodney you know it makes sense
  18. Strange comment.... even if they meant nothing he still scored them....
  19. I tend to go along the lines of No wife...happy life! Sons wedding is a good enough reason, even if he should of checked the fixture list to avoid a clash
  20. First trains then eyes, always a reason... cant be arsed would suffice
  21. My first game for a month or so... Enjoyable match, more so in second half MFT should have been given a second yellow for kicking the ball away like he did, the ref obviously doesn’t understand the letter of the law liked Williams, effective bombing forward first time I’ve seen Redshaw, tricky little player and enjoyable to watch you could see what it meant to the players at the final whistle, Browny with the fist pumps, looked like they cared and seemed determined to turn things round after a couple of shocking results still nicely placed in the league so let’s s
  22. Really? He’s got his faults however we could have done a lot worse since we reformed Ive got a club to support, and in the dark days when we went bust I didn’t think that would happen....
  23. Well if it’s any consolation I will be going as it’s my double header with my best friend from Chesterfield we have done both games last two seasons Hope the team turns up...
  24. Grayski


    This is when the ‘doesn’t get to many games’ argument becomes prominent in regards to your judgment there Mr EE
  25. Exactly! I see the topic and can’t be bothered with it, but equally others obviously do enjoy the debate each to their own
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