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  1. 8 minutes ago, ITMAN said:They could of course invite a team from the National League, but they could be basing this puerley on the numbers and offer Stockport the place as they bring far more to the table than little old Barrow.

    Award promotion to the best supported team? :lol::doh:

  2. 53 minutes ago, Papa Lazarou said:

    After the news of today's meeting of the National League it seems as though they are waiting for the EFL to make a decision! Somebody somewhere is going to have to make a decision on something soon. 

    They has got to be a cut off date at some point regards playoffs if the new season is to start in August.

    I know what you mean, a decision needs to be made though they are still many losing their lives....

    reading BBC news regards the urgency for Premier league clubs to restart the league citing money is laughable, you would think the Premier league is the only and most affected league in England.

    They won’t be the clubs going bust!

  3. 5 minutes ago, chrisbo61 said:

    719 yesterday! I thought our leader said we were over the worst of it!

    I get the impression he hasn't got a ****ing clue what's going on!

    Sort of...

    though the figures now include care home deaths, don’t they? Whereas we have been used to looking at figures for hospital only

    Im presuming that’s a fair bit less than the 719 figure....

  4. 22 minutes ago, Guido said:

    May be wrong but wasn't a certain Mr O'Regan given the boot when in a similar position ? 

    Fair point however DB is chairman now

    PW is doing ok, still a lot to learn but ok

    ...as for the angry chuckle brothers, I honestly couldn’t see DB been interested in them two and tbh I can’t stand them

    No from me

  5. I would take anything at the moment even if it’s behind closed doors....

    Sure BT sport subscriptions would increase!

    means the season hasn’t been a waste of time and as we all know anything can happen in the playoffs....

  6. 1 hour ago, Shay said:

    I honestly don’t understand how people stay at home all day and not work when they could. I would rather work and receive less than stay at home on benefits. I’ve even gone and got myself two extra jobs as my business is at a standstill. 

    Yes. mind numbing isn’t it staying at home 

    I’m an essential worker and prefer been at work for my sanity at the moment 

  7. Think we are all missing our footy


    I was thinking other day we have set off like a train in recent seasons, winning 7 and the like

    made me think psychologically with this long break it would of felt like starting a new season in our remaining games...

    so we may have done well...


    it’s all wait and see for now


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  8. 10 minutes ago, chadders said:

    Grey area and difficult under the current HMRC guidelines regarding staff that are furloughed. My guess is even this type of social media interaction could possibly be seen by HMRC as contravention of the directives issued and they will be all over football clubs like a rash especially the way some Premiership teams tried flouting the furlough thing initially. Even tho we all know under DB's tenure we will be squeaky clean the last thing we or any football club needs is the HMRC sniffing round. Wrexham as an example are not even posting on social media as all their staff are furloughed so I don't think this is an avenue we should be persuing any further.

    Aren’t the players contracted rather than furloughed? (Apologies if I’ve missed something) if they are contracted then surely the Q and A’s session would be fine?

    but then again even if they were furloughed why would the HMRC become involved if it’s not generating revenue as a question and answer session

  9. 17 minutes ago, SHAY man 2 said:

    Jeff King, Cameron King, Jack Redshaw, Jamie Allen, Josh Stauntan, Devante Rodney,Jack Earing(possibly), Niall Maher (possibly)

    I think we completely need a new defense. 

    Haha yeah let’s possibly keep Jack Earing over Sam Johnson and Ducky :doh:

  10. 1 hour ago, fez said:

    Saw a post from the courier site saying people in Siddal had been stopped and one person was told that a newspaper isn't an essential item.  I'm not sure where I stand on that, for some people, particularly the elderly, that could be there only source of receiving 'current affairs', and help alleviate boredom with crosswords etc in.

    Newspaper could turn out to be more essential than ever during the lack of bog roll climate we find ourselves in!

    on a side note, I have to drive around Calderdale each day as part of my essential work and I have to applaud the public in their common sense distancing.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Lewis said:

    as well as clubs such as Brighouse where you'll have a lot of fans who don't use the internet on a regular basis?

    Bit of a strange comment above

    Im sure fans at Brighouse level won’t be computer illiterate 

    Aren’t some governments going along the lines of no more than a thousand at events so Brighouse should be fine to play at their level


  12. 7 hours ago, Greggs said:

    Let's first try to get into it to win it, me being a pessimist am not liking the fixture backlog we seem to be acquiring. 

    Thinking the backlog of games then hypothetically finishing 4th to 7th would see the team knackered physically as it seems to be a game very few days in the playoffs for the above teams.

    if we could finish 3rd which is still achievable then I think we do have more of a chance with that short break at the end of the season and would see a packed out Shay!

    saying all that, playoffs and anything can happen....

  13. If I was Rodney I would concentrate on banging in the goals for us, and further enhance himself, then once a free at the end of the season he could earn a fair bit

    his best form has been with the Shaymen and I would hope he would see it through in what promises to be an interesting end to the season

    on a side note at least some rich folk are buying into an ex-league club that may grow unlike some of the hobby clubs we see in false positions in the league structure today

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