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  1. Think we are all missing our footy I was thinking other day we have set off like a train in recent seasons, winning 7 and the like made me think psychologically with this long break it would of felt like starting a new season in our remaining games... so we may have done well... it’s all wait and see for now
  2. Aren’t the players contracted rather than furloughed? (Apologies if I’ve missed something) if they are contracted then surely the Q and A’s session would be fine? but then again even if they were furloughed why would the HMRC become involved if it’s not generating revenue as a question and answer session
  3. Talbot for Colin there, as he says, a grand looking building That picture is also in the Morrisons
  4. We only took 308 away to Barnet for our play off eliminator! resign Wilder!
  5. Haha yeah let’s possibly keep Jack Earing over Sam Johnson and Ducky
  6. Newspaper could turn out to be more essential than ever during the lack of bog roll climate we find ourselves in! on a side note, I have to drive around Calderdale each day as part of my essential work and I have to applaud the public in their common sense distancing.
  7. Sh1t, isn’t it! might scrape 7th if we are lucky....
  8. I would think our game will be watched by millions of footy starved neutrals
  9. Bit of a strange comment above Im sure fans at Brighouse level won’t be computer illiterate Aren’t some governments going along the lines of no more than a thousand at events so Brighouse should be fine to play at their level
  10. Thinking the backlog of games then hypothetically finishing 4th to 7th would see the team knackered physically as it seems to be a game very few days in the playoffs for the above teams. if we could finish 3rd which is still achievable then I think we do have more of a chance with that short break at the end of the season and would see a packed out Shay! saying all that, playoffs and anything can happen....
  11. Agreed, that’s the sort of pitch you end up with when you don’t share with the egg chasers
  12. Never warmed to JF dour, dull and deluded at times negative football PW is a breath of fresh air in comparison
  13. If I was Rodney I would concentrate on banging in the goals for us, and further enhance himself, then once a free at the end of the season he could earn a fair bit his best form has been with the Shaymen and I would hope he would see it through in what promises to be an interesting end to the season on a side note at least some rich folk are buying into an ex-league club that may grow unlike some of the hobby clubs we see in false positions in the league structure today
  14. Anyone up for ringing the Cookie Monster
  15. These things happen in football we were S*it on the day and Halesowen capitalised on this, fair play to them would much rather we lost this, and beat Sutton next Saturday league is the focus this season
  16. Grayski

    Lois Maynard

    If hypothetically Stockport offered 15k and both clubs agreed, then Rodney could still block the move, couldn’t he? His best football is played here, and I’m sure he is looking forward to firing in them goals to see us promoted this season, rather than keeping us up last season If I was in Rodneys shoes I would stay put, keep scoring and get into the shop window as a free agent this Summer, he will be financially better off in the long run
  17. Grayski


    Well done PW a rookie manager in his first full season Yes, he’s made a few mistakes, but overall he’s doing a fantastic job when you consider the shambles he inherited on arrival
  18. Grayski


    Was never a concern for the old club
  19. Sure most aren’t right arsed about lengthy Liverpool posts on here, this is Shaymen.net after all for the record, they do right having a break, not as if they haven’t earned it 22 points clear.
  20. If, and it’s a big if we got to within say a couple of points of Barrow when we play them then I would expect a 4000 minimum crowd!!! but as they say one game at a time and out of our hands.....at the moment
  21. Well I’m not usually a betting man but I couldn’t resist 100 to 1 each way bet to finish champions or 2nd seemed good odds to me! up the Town
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