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  1. Going back to Erik’s OP I agree with him in that how do we know the policeman’s actions was racially aggravated??? How do we know that the policeman wouldn’t have carried out his disproportionate restraint technique on a white man??? and after reading the above how on Earth does it all result in protest when so many questions remain unanswered. So the BAME community now infect one another and will be the first to slate the death rates amongst the BAME community in the months ahead when in fact it could be self inflicted..... Nuts
  2. Be fitting to see Billy back as our manager one day.... great write ups in the courier these last few months Be good to have a Paul Stoneman one
  3. Early November and FA trophy Plus WRCC scrapped to fit in the league games. How many Non league clubs do we think won’t ever play again would be my question.
  4. Totally agree with the above The economy will now become more important than lives moving forward so the masks and one metre rules will suddenly be ‘endorsed by science‘ no doubt.
  5. He is, always like to read his opinions on various topics, says it how he feels Hope you’re well Trev
  6. I agree, and fantastic the speed they were put up though not needed. Think that was something the government couldn’t win on, if they hadn’t of been built and then the hospitals seeing the wards and corridors overcrowded with Covid patients then they would have been a greater uproar.
  7. Indeed, the BBC don’t help matters the way they broadcast either for me. On a side note I tend to record all documentaries on a series link, then flick through what may be an interesting topic every couple of weeks however every documentary is Covid related so I simply can’t watch that as well as the news!
  8. Edit: Visiting/driving around Barnard Castle blind.
  9. Grayski


    Be surreal if we were promoted after all this! if the games were played at a neutral venue then that should be a leveller and let’s face it, the players are rested vs if we had played to the season end..... Been that long since playing that it would feel like a new season and we generally start new seasons like a train....
  10. Who’s to say TSS wouldn’t of got to 15 this season if we had of played the remaining games..... then again....
  11. A Fantastic day amongst a sea of Shaymen, made me proud Up the Town
  12. played well for half a dozen games and then all went to his head aka Shaun Tuton Shame
  13. ...and if they did, the result would come under greater scrutiny. Chelsea B (which didn’t seem to be trying) lost against Chelsea first eleven which then secured a champions league spot, for example. a bit like formula one teams helping their fellow driver out.
  14. A league two North would see some big clubs from the National league. most of the National league southern clubs are quite small in comparison. cant see it happening though. I can see how it could make the situation financially better but it does make you wonder how many clubs will be left after all this. Really sad but true.
  15. Grayski


    Not enough time now for playoffs the way things are going Promote Barrow to compensate for Bury and jiggle the leagues round a bit promote Harrogate and relegate Stevenage that would be my suggestion but let’s face it you definitely won’t keep everyone happy
  16. So the fact non essential workers ie footballers have enough money in the bank entitles them to not return to work? This is why the premier league is rotten to the core. I see where you are coming from with the general public that can’t afford to be off so don’t have a choice in the matter. as I say if the general public of non essential workers have to return to work then Premier league footballers can do too. Who would also coincidentally be tested much more regularly than the average vulnerable 50 something on the minimum wage. but yes we can agree to disagree
  17. Other ‘non-essential’ staff are returning to work, football is non essential so they should return to work.
  18. Social distancing at the Shay would be achievable for most games four sides open and 1500 fans we could actually achieve this but lots of tiny grounds would struggle
  19. Grayski


    Award promotion to the best supported team?
  20. They has got to be a cut off date at some point regards playoffs if the new season is to start in August. I know what you mean, a decision needs to be made though they are still many losing their lives.... reading BBC news regards the urgency for Premier league clubs to restart the league citing money is laughable, you would think the Premier league is the only and most affected league in England. They won’t be the clubs going bust!
  21. Sort of... though the figures now include care home deaths, don’t they? Whereas we have been used to looking at figures for hospital only Im presuming that’s a fair bit less than the 719 figure....
  22. Fair point however DB is chairman now PW is doing ok, still a lot to learn but ok ...as for the angry chuckle brothers, I honestly couldn’t see DB been interested in them two and tbh I can’t stand them No from me
  23. Is it I’m getting my social distance haircut on Thursday? You should see the length of her blades!
  24. I would take anything at the moment even if it’s behind closed doors.... Sure BT sport subscriptions would increase! means the season hasn’t been a waste of time and as we all know anything can happen in the playoffs....
  25. Yes. mind numbing isn’t it staying at home I’m an essential worker and prefer been at work for my sanity at the moment
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