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  1. Will Duckworth be available after injury? apologies if I’ve missed elsewhere would be great to have him in the squad
  2. I enjoyed listening to it Roll on tomorrow
  3. Are they any plans for Town flags going up at Boreham wood I wonder
  4. Always came across as a giddy village idiot in my opinion
  5. Just hope I don’t have to pay double This lockdown has left me rather rotund
  6. If it was based on our last game I would lengthen the odds further, however it’s like a new season now, fresh legs etc New seasons we have started like a train of late Think we are more than solid enough to not concede so I’m thinking the key players are further forward.... I cant wait for next Friday
  7. Glad we have the dates now Friday evening is decent enough Can’t wait! BT sports and a socially distanced house full with beer a plenty
  8. You only have to look up ‘BBC radio commentary’ of our away matches on match day and realise that lots of other regional radio stations feature live commentary of their non league home games regular.... We receive virtually nothing regards commentary at the Shay Radio Leeds only jump on the bandwagon when they is something of note to report about us Balls to them
  9. Wouldn’t be too bothered really...
  10. A lot of the grooming of white women by Asian gangs is racist as Erik says. I read a book from an account of a Imprisoned abused white woman by an Asian gang and she states several times that the gangs were stereotyping her that as a white woman she will have slept with lots of men so must be punished, as apposed to an oppressed Asian woman who would do as she was told. To be honest it was difficult to read. Dont get me wrong this sort of sick stuff will be rare but I’m also not that blind to realise that these race related crimes do happen.
  11. Disgusting and deplorable of a ‘Dr’ to tweet ‘white lives don’t matter’ All lives matter
  12. Mr B and pissing money against the wall isn’t something you would say together. one of your poorer posts Mr Bollox
  13. Wonder why they would space the rounds out a week apart, think under a normal season the playoff games are played closer together. You would of thought the powers that be would want playoffs sorting within about 10 days to get it out of the way
  14. I’m guessing at the start of the season and the turmoil and many would of never expected playoffs and we are there. similarly now not having Rodney many would not expect us to win the playoffs but who knows, the beauty of one off games and football in general is it throws up many surprises. If PW gets the team in the right mindset then you never know. I’m sure the players will be buzzing about getting this opportunity. Cant wait, wonder when we find out the fixture dates?
  15. We are now pretty much doomed.
  16. Grayski


    I’m happy for them, a surprise package this season and not bankrolled either, which is always welcome. That Quigley sounds a decent player
  17. I think pushing 1000 with the right hype and If we were in form leading up to it would of been achievable, then pushing 1500 at Harrogate its amazing how many fans come out of the woodwork at times when it comes to our club
  18. Rodney’s got a job to finish with us It’s written in the stars
  19. I’m looking forward to watching it on BT bet Pete Wild and the players are buzzing about now been given this opportunity of a potential promotion
  20. I feel uneasy listening to Sterling about not enough black players, managers etc..... I like to think players and managers are at the club on merit and not because of the colour of their skin. I wouldn’t want a 50/50 split based game on purely it’s the ‘right thing to do’ brigade. If you’re good enough then skin colour is irrelevant. Period.
  21. Oh dear Im sure the hardcore Fylde support were buzzing about becoming an Altrincham too haha shame watch this space then.....
  22. Grayski

    Tom Baker

    Energy and commitment in the middle of the park was superb! him and Phelan (with more technical ability) was a great combination at that level.
  23. Grayski

    5 subs

    Not sure how rolling subs could work in football especially the following scenario A defender is substituted for another defender and at that passage of play it leaves space for the opposition striker to be clear on goal with the big gap and score I do like the idea of speeding the game up however I could see some daft scenario’s too
  24. Where do we have a pee at these drive ins? Maybe a marketing opportunity for a blue FCHT endorsed plastic bottle
  25. Yes, crazy trucker, going back a bit.... probably posted around Five years ago, seemed a decent well informed chap. anyone heard regards Shaytrev yet?? apologies if mentioned on other posts. He posted pretty much daily so bit odd to completely stop.
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