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  1. Maybe some live streaming is the way forward Covid or not...

    as an example my Grandad who is now 93 used to love going down the Shay with me but now he gets too tired, so is happy in his home watching various sport.

    If he had the opportunity of streaming Town on the box he would happily pay for this.

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  2. How does anyone know if all of the 28 didn’t already have COVID-19 before entering the ground?

    and if all of them 28 socially distanced then where is the story?

    lots of ifs and buts.....

    as long as the media can give half a story from a one dimensional stand point then reports like this and many others of late including BLM can be sensationalised.

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  3. 7 hours ago, born to moan said:

    I'm not just trying to live up to my tag name when I say I've yet to be impressed by Pete Wild. 

    Not impressed at all? 

    I think he’s done a decent job considering his lack of experience and is an open honest guy who admits he does get it wrong at times.

    Think the thing I like most about him is the fact that he admits he takes advice from the senior players too and seems to get them involved, not many managers would.

    I’m thinking you may be in the minority when it comes to been impressed but like the rest of us have an opinion.

    Im sure he will be judged more this season with his own players on board. Think if I was a player I would be chuffed to have Wild as my manager.

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  4. Could I ask...

    once we know how many season tickets are sold, will the remainder tickets to buy for each match be made available to buy on the club website?

    if the 1333 figure banded around is correct then Tuesday night games will be about right and the Saturday games a couple of hundred will miss out if we are mid table, or a thousand + if we are top of the league.

    Let’s hope some normality returns regards crowds in 2021


  5. If Steve Dale goes under the name Voltaire and has written or been part of that statement then he is even more deluded than first thought, never his fault and seems to get off on the attention....
    A definite mental health disorder.

    If I was a Bury fan I would be putting all my attention into Bury AFC and good luck to them and the fans on their new journey minus Steve Dale 

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  6. We have had some decent opposition fans posters on here over the years who were up for some reasoned debate and banter.

    The local FCUM fan springs to mind.

    I can’t remember his username now. Then we have bell end trolls like Cheadle end who think it’s mature to simply post :shh:

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  7. 6 hours ago, Flea said:

    On the flip, heres a story about JF -

    We played away at Barnet and about 30 mins before kick off we finally got the team sheet. On it we had named six loan players.

    I immediately went to the front of the stand and called over JF’s assistant to point out we can only have 5 named. He looked confused and basically told me I was wrong. I then messaged someone at the club asking them to double check and they came back 5 mins later to say I was right and that we should only have 5 loan players listed. The person I contacted had to ring up JF / a town rep at Barnet, and tell him to change the team sheet. We ended up submitting a new team sheet with one less sub so we didn’t fall foul of the rules as a result. 

    Not only would JF refuse to admit he made a mistake, but he wouldn’t tell any away fan what the team was even ten mins before kick off. The players quite simply didn’t look like they trusted or bought into him.

    If it wasn’t for you mentioning this Flea we may have been docked points and relegated :o

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  8. 5 minutes ago, TommyH72 said:

    But I would have thought they must have agreed terms with other clubs or they are effectively making themselves unemployed. And a jobs a job at the end of the day.

    Which they will of done (agreed terms)

    Its fair enough at this level of football and who’s to say that some Southern based clubs haven’t got Northern players that want to return nearer home.

    All horses for courses really.

  9. 21 minutes ago, ashy1966 said:

    We have one in Hanson. Yet Wild thinks differently. 

    Got to agree

    The lad deserves/deserved a proper chance in the team. Guess it’s a case of would Wild swallow his pride after transfer listing him.....

    I would personally 

  10. If York recruit the same calibre of player as Ducky throughout their team then they should walk the league.

    sure it will be an exciting move for Ducky and as has been said if he lives in York and the money is right then who can blame him. 

    I’m sure we will find an able replacement.

  11. 32 minutes ago, TommyH72 said:

    You obviously dont read 99% of the posts on here then Jmc. Look, I'm throwing things out there, there is a very real possibility that clubs might not survive this very serious situation, and Ok, BPA might not be the best choice, nobodies poo pooed Hudds or Oldham or Brad City. But we may need to open our options, it's not to say we would never return to the Shay, we, along with probably every other club in Leagues 1 & 2 & us and below are going to be lucky to survive. If that means taking evasive action then whats the big deal. 

    Maybe consider a poll of how many supporters would consider attending if not at the Shay. I wouldn’t go for one. The thought of watching town at somewhere like the Horsfall stadium is depressing beyond belief.

    The main tie with the Old and new club has always been the Shay.

    If we half or quarter our fan base then they won’t be a club to support.


  12. Glad to see Sho Silva and Cooper move on.

    More concerned with Wild in that he had seen enough quality in them to offer them a contract to begin with.....

    Massive season for Wild in blending three quarters of a new squad together.....


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  13. 16 minutes ago, Flea said:

    Is it April 1st?

    Transfer list the club captain, release Redshaw but retain TSS? 

    Well summarised

    Dont worry though as Erik who watches TSS regular like the rest of us reckons we are on to a winner next season

    A 20 goal scoring machine :shh:

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