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  1. 16 hours ago, Shaymen2008 said:

    Earlier today I noticed they were two places outside the bottom four courtesy of a good goal difference.

    Macc now 3rd from bottom without a ball being kicked....

    They are doing a sterling job, avoiding the drop.

    will it be 3 for relegation if they aren’t allowed to start the NL?

  2. Well done on the 200 big Sam, here’s to the next 200!

    Think we are a good fit for him, and he’s obvs settled with the club and let’s be honest is going to start in pretty much every game.

    It’s all good, think we have one of the best goalies in the league.

    Im thinking he’s the last of the FA Trophy Wembley team too.... 

  3. 50 minutes ago, hunsworthhound said:

    One good thing about this live streaming is we don't  get posters on here slating the team when they havn't  seen then in years. 

    Good point

    remember the Viking index based on brief highlights alone :doh:

    Thought we played well, A good watch despite the loss, lots of positives to take out of the game. Summerfield looks class, King was great too. Full of energy.

    only negative for me was Omatayo who seemed to watch the game go by for most of the match.

    As mentioned will be good to see Hyde back from injury.


  4. Just now, Greggs said:

    How does it differ from home games? Like you get a code with home games. How do you know you have been successful in the purchase and what to put into the computer?  

    Does that make any sense? :lol:

    Yes, makes sense 

    I don’t think they are any codes

    once you have paid you seem to be geared up and allowed to watch the page if that makes sense too haha

  5. Just registered for the stream

    really easy

    wonder why only £7.50 or are we a bit expensive compared to other teams in the NL

    be interesting to see a breakdown club by club and what each charge.

  6. Good riddance 

    He used to go on a bit anyway so I speed read or ignored his posts

    and you do right Hoddie, it’s a football forum. We all have opinions but taking it to threats is wrong.

  7. 1 hour ago, ITMAN said:

    Chris it is not funny really, I had a laptop stolen from my car, which was in the boot, because the thieves just walk down the street with a smartphone looking for Bluetooth connections. Once they get a response then hey bingo, smash a window break in and away you go. What added insult to injury was I got a written warning from my boss, as we keep NHS data on our laptops

    Insult to injury?..... 

    And so you should get a written warning! Totally deserved leaving your NHS laptop in your car

    Data Protection Mr IT Man ;)

  8. 59 minutes ago, 154 Hopper Avenue said:

    I didn't and don't expect perfection. But a large part of dealing with any genuine 'crisis' is to have clarity of message and leadership. And to be honest. I'm loathed to go over old and very well-trodden ground but all that shaking hands stuff, all the 'inalienable right to have a pint in a pub' rhetoric was bluster designed to cover a man who is out of his depth. 
    Constantly extolling people to 'get behind NHS Test and Trace' is cover for the fact he knows it's not working. A large part of that is who he chose to give the testing to. 
    No government will have an unblemished report card, but we've made mistake after mistake, have shifted even when the science didn't and have failed to get a grip. 
    Rant over.....

    It’s the double standards and hypocrisy of the Dominic Cummings Barnard Castle jaunt that got me. Meanwhile BJ is ranting on about us all to stay in doors or potentially be fined and then that prat keeps his job. Can’t be arsed with BJ and generally disillusioned with politics after that.

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  9. Maybe some live streaming is the way forward Covid or not...

    as an example my Grandad who is now 93 used to love going down the Shay with me but now he gets too tired, so is happy in his home watching various sport.

    If he had the opportunity of streaming Town on the box he would happily pay for this.

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  10. How does anyone know if all of the 28 didn’t already have COVID-19 before entering the ground?

    and if all of them 28 socially distanced then where is the story?

    lots of ifs and buts.....

    as long as the media can give half a story from a one dimensional stand point then reports like this and many others of late including BLM can be sensationalised.

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  11. 7 hours ago, born to moan said:

    I'm not just trying to live up to my tag name when I say I've yet to be impressed by Pete Wild. 

    Not impressed at all? 

    I think he’s done a decent job considering his lack of experience and is an open honest guy who admits he does get it wrong at times.

    Think the thing I like most about him is the fact that he admits he takes advice from the senior players too and seems to get them involved, not many managers would.

    I’m thinking you may be in the minority when it comes to been impressed but like the rest of us have an opinion.

    Im sure he will be judged more this season with his own players on board. Think if I was a player I would be chuffed to have Wild as my manager.

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