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  1. Think that pretty much sums up what a stupid season it is tbh. eliminated because of the weather.... rightly or wrongly my focus is almost on next season now, which will hopefully be a normal one. keep putting you tube videos on of the fans in full voice at the big games down the Shay, makes me smile wide. I do miss it.
  2. Are we really that bothered where it’s played, as long as it’s played. Not like they is much home advantage these days. Rather play at Southport with a chance of winning vs been kicked out of the cup altogether......
  3. Grayski


    That’s the nature of the loan market unfortunately
  4. You can’t beat a field to play on Same can’t be said about the Shay pitch
  5. Should of played in your back garden Hoddie If Celtic can get away with Dubai then I’m sure Belgium would be a doddle.
  6. The council has loaned Chesterfield money to sign players? In this new age of austerity that sounds complete nuts, if true.
  7. Good point In terms of our mental health we do need some welcome distraction.
  8. We were top last season with what’s been largely regarded as an inferior team to this one. ....or are you been a bit sarcastic towards Ash Bit slow in a morning
  9. Yes, definitely this team looks awesome at times when attacking. A good vibe and entertaining. Well done PW things are coming along nicely.
  10. Got to go on a similar run of 6 wins in 8 with lots of teams with games in hand to further cement the playoffs, and on a positive we are more than capable of this. Starting against Hartlepool.
  11. Yes, I’m sure Chadwick will get some say on the matter. If he’s happy and he’s getting game time then I’m sure Hull will be fine with things as they are barring a recall to their squad. Let’s hope Wild can do the business negotiating.
  12. Bit of a long shot however we could be in the playoff places come 4.45 if results go our way (and we win, of course)
  13. Put a fiver on at 7 to 1 top seven keep playing like we do and it’s definitely a possibility
  14. Enjoyed the game before the Stevenage 4-2 to stay up seem to think it was Macclesfield at the Shay, they were champions and we came back from 2 nil down to draw 2 all! Think that’s how it went... long time ago now
  15. Based on what I have seen from Summerfield he is a football league player all day long. Class. Hopefully continues.....
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