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  1. Think if I was a Bury fan I would more enthusiastic about the Phoenix club than anything associated with deluded Steve Dale.
  2. We have had some decent opposition fans posters on here over the years who were up for some reasoned debate and banter. The local FCUM fan springs to mind. I can’t remember his username now. Then we have bell end trolls like Cheadle end who think it’s mature to simply post
  3. If it wasn’t for you mentioning this Flea we may have been docked points and relegated
  4. Which they will of done (agreed terms) Its fair enough at this level of football and who’s to say that some Southern based clubs haven’t got Northern players that want to return nearer home. All horses for courses really.
  5. Got to agree The lad deserves/deserved a proper chance in the team. Guess it’s a case of would Wild swallow his pride after transfer listing him..... I would personally
  6. If York recruit the same calibre of player as Ducky throughout their team then they should walk the league. sure it will be an exciting move for Ducky and as has been said if he lives in York and the money is right then who can blame him. I’m sure we will find an able replacement.
  7. Maybe consider a poll of how many supporters would consider attending if not at the Shay. I wouldn’t go for one. The thought of watching town at somewhere like the Horsfall stadium is depressing beyond belief. The main tie with the Old and new club has always been the Shay. If we half or quarter our fan base then they won’t be a club to support.
  8. Grayski

    Retained list

    Glad to see Sho Silva and Cooper move on. More concerned with Wild in that he had seen enough quality in them to offer them a contract to begin with..... Massive season for Wild in blending three quarters of a new squad together.....
  9. Mesut Ozil always makes me think money doesn’t buy you happiness on his 200k or whatever a week..... He’s got the most miserable looking face when subbed and hardly acknowledges the fans when they clap him off.
  10. Grayski

    Retained list

    Well summarised Dont worry though as Erik who watches TSS regular like the rest of us reckons we are on to a winner next season A 20 goal scoring machine
  11. Where is this? Courier? has he personally sent it to you Tommy....
  12. A good read from the gaffer Clearly such a down to Earth decent guy and to be fair still learning his trade. A good fit for us, let’s hope we can carry on pushing on next season with a team that Wild has built.
  13. 3 nil the wood and we screw up ....or we turn up and win 2 nil Don’t know for sure tbh what will happen, still looking forward to it though
  14. Will Duckworth be available after injury? apologies if I’ve missed elsewhere would be great to have him in the squad
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