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  1. Grayski

    FA Cup

    Wonder if they is guidance for how many players would have to test positive for Covid for a game to be postponed.
  2. Macc now 3rd from bottom without a ball being kicked.... They are doing a sterling job, avoiding the drop. will it be 3 for relegation if they aren’t allowed to start the NL?
  3. Well done on the 200 big Sam, here’s to the next 200! Think we are a good fit for him, and he’s obvs settled with the club and let’s be honest is going to start in pretty much every game. It’s all good, think we have one of the best goalies in the league. Im thinking he’s the last of the FA Trophy Wembley team too....
  4. Good point remember the Viking index based on brief highlights alone Thought we played well, A good watch despite the loss, lots of positives to take out of the game. Summerfield looks class, King was great too. Full of energy. only negative for me was Omatayo who seemed to watch the game go by for most of the match. As mentioned will be good to see Hyde back from injury.
  5. The stream has started... cant hear any audio though
  6. Yes, makes sense I don’t think they are any codes once you have paid you seem to be geared up and allowed to watch the page if that makes sense too haha
  7. Just registered for the stream really easy wonder why only £7.50 or are we a bit expensive compared to other teams in the NL be interesting to see a breakdown club by club and what each charge.
  8. Thankyou for the continued updates I will look on here later today I looked on their site and struggled to find anything regards streaming tonight....
  9. If TSS was our key player last season then how did we manage the playoffs
  10. Digressing slightly Just heard on breakfast news that football focus today is featuring the daggers as part of national league coping with the pandemic
  11. Good riddance He used to go on a bit anyway so I speed read or ignored his posts and you do right Hoddie, it’s a football forum. We all have opinions but taking it to threats is wrong.
  12. 1000 tops watching the stream, I reckon. I’m working but in a way this is fine as I will come on here after the game Saturday find out how it went then decide if I’m streaming the next match based on the reviews
  13. Grayski

    No fans

    Insult to injury?..... And so you should get a written warning! Totally deserved leaving your NHS laptop in your car Data Protection Mr IT Man
  14. Grayski

    No fans

    No. I‘ve carried on been careful like the most of us.
  15. Grayski

    No fans

    It’s the double standards and hypocrisy of the Dominic Cummings Barnard Castle jaunt that got me. Meanwhile BJ is ranting on about us all to stay in doors or potentially be fined and then that prat keeps his job. Can’t be arsed with BJ and generally disillusioned with politics after that.
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