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  1. Thought you would have looked at upcoming fixtures for those around us in the league.... I always do Bromley vs Woking so maybe a chance for us to reach the summit on Tuesday
  2. Grayski

    Our back line

    Sort of, though that won’t be the case with those mistakes against classier teams at next years tournament, as we would more than likely lose But plenty of time to work on the team tbh Kosovo were decent for one of the minnow teams and had a go, which admittedly left gaps and cost them in the end. Made it a fun game though I hope Kosovo finish second and qualify
  3. Indeed, it would make sense to now remain in 2nd until the last game of the season....before winning that one, and finishing champions!
  4. If he’s been out with a knock maybe a few months on loan to us might do him good Think he would fit in well and keep the forward lads fresh as Silva did look a bit tired towards end other night saying that his work rate is immense
  5. Be interesting to see if Wild gets the best out of Southwell this season too
  6. Just because Notts County are a big club doesn’t mean it will be tough They are down the league table for a reason, Wild will get the team in the right mindset, I’m sure should be aiming for a minimum of 4 points next two games
  7. Haha well maybe he can now get a sales job in paints at B and Q
  8. Yes to be fair Scots best mate did sign around half of the squad but that’s where the credit ends as he could only manage in a negative way, talk in riddles and came across as seemingly too important to have time for anyone He simply could not get the best out of his players and that is all his fault And whilst on about JF ‘engagement’ (don’t think that’s a word he used in his riddles) We've gone from one extreme to the other manager wise, Wild giving all the fist pumping at the end in appreciation to the vocal fans Quality
  9. Indeed sometimes things just click and fit into place, the players compliment each other well
  10. I only bet a couple of times a year but when I noticed the odds of 11/4 I couldn’t resist! £15 and returned £56 which will cover my NEC motorbike bike show trip this year Thanks Skybet The way this team can set up I could see us winning lots on the road this season
  11. Thanks Mark to be honest most folk expected you lot to be top 5 this Season.... Still plenty of time yet, keep the faith Dire game last season, reckon it should be much more interesting this time round 3 points for the Shaymen, before all goes well for you
  12. 377 Quite precise.... Im going as my mate lives in Chesterfield, he will be in the away end with me cheering on the Shaymen to victory!!! 500 + I reckon
  13. Well maybe if that’s his natural position, he needs more game time there
  14. How he didn’t give a yellow to Osbourne for the late tackle that nearly cut Duckworth in two I will never know.... clueless!
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