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  1. I would think this would only apply until the end date of their contract. So anybody who is contracted for next season is ok, but those who finish in April will get nowt! Even then some clubs only pay during the season, so after April, 80% of nothing is still nothing!
  2. It’s not up to the FA. Contracts are agreed between players and clubs. If players don’t want to stay or clubs can’t afford to pay them, there is nothing the FA can do about it. Some players will already be planning where they want to be next year
  3. 100,000 - nearly as many as Whitby game
  4. There is an article in this morning’s Yorkshire Post advocating a mini preseason before games start up again for this season if there is a long layoff. Otherwise players will not be match fit and risk injury.
  5. Talking of bankrolled clubs, Stockport have donated 75k to an NHS Charity
  6. Will they be allowed in under Brexit rules? With all that’s going on, I bet you’d all forgotten about Brexit, hadn’t you?
  7. I like that idea. Finish this season when we can, then half a season of north/south leagues.
  8. If it is suspended until 30 April, then there are no games before May! It wasn’t that difficult to come to your opinion was it?!!
  9. And Radio Leeds are still not giving us online coverage!
  10. Shame Harrogate got a 92nd minute winner
  11. According to the media team, both the offside decision and the no penalty decision were both correct.
  12. He said it about the entire team after the Halesowen game, so yes, he will say they are poor when he thinks that is the case. I can’t comment on who is right or wrong because I wasn’t there. However, I don’t remember hearing much about Tobi in the commentary. It is also interesting that somebody above was criticising Cooper. When I was listening (albeit only listened to 2nd half) I commented to my wife that Cooper seems to be involved in everything and was having a good game.
  13. When we are finally out of the EU, the UK could introduce limits for overseas players again (eg maximum 5 in matchday squad). This was banned under EU rules allowing freedom to work and live anywhere in the EU.
  14. ..has died. I seem to remember him having some involvement with the Shaymen many years ago although it’s not mentioned in his obituary on the BBC website. Perhaps goalkeeping coach. Am I right or is my memory playing tricks? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/30383827
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