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  1. Don’t need any butter!
  2. Of course I meant NW Counties League!
  3. There is talk of an IOM team joining the English pyramid, like Guernsey and Jersey have done. Probably NE Counties League, maybe next season.
  4. andrich

    Liam McAlinden

    Interesting, because even Kelly referred to him as ‘on loan’ in her report in the non-league paper report of the Yeovil game.
  5. andrich

    Liam McAlinden

    A couple of times recently he has been referred to as being on loan from Cheltenham. I thought he was ours on a 1 year contract. Anybody know for sure?
  6. He’d probably have put Les Massie on the wing!
  7. Yes, via link on the website, but lots of background noise
  8. ‘Still’?.... When did Danny Lowe look classy and learn to pass?
  9. Jeff King on for Cameron King at HT. Hope he’s not injured
  10. Just been exchanging comments on Facebook with a Wrexham fan that I know. They felt that it was a fairly even game.
  11. They’ve changed it. Earlier on he was credited with the first goal on the BBC site.
  12. Radio Wales have just said that Wrexham were on top for first 15 minutes, but Town are coming into their own now.
  13. The commentary form the Town team is barely audible, but this on Radio Wales seems quite good
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