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  1. There is an obituary on the club website
  2. It’s not that long ago that the offside rule was clarified to require daylight between the players. Now it’s gone completely the other way. Mad! Regarding VAR, we wanted goalline technology, but we got VAR!
  3. I didn’t watch it but listened to the 2nd half on Radio Surrey. It sounded like their goalie made some great saves.
  4. I’ve logged on through my Panasonic smart tv for Dagenham and Stockport. However it’s a right pain trying to type in on there and hit scroll bar etc. I find it’s best to start off and buy the pass on my iPad (I’m sure any tablet or phone would do the same), then log in on the TV for the game, just needing to type email address and password (keep it short!)
  5. Any 3 of Earing, Summerfield, Cappuccino (or whatever he’s called!) and one of the centre backs from a corner.
  6. We had planned our day. Dinner prep etc based on 5pm kick off. At 5 to 5 I put telly on. Which side is it on? Can’t find it! Only then did we discover that it wasn’t on. We could have had dinner earlier and been ready to watch the Giro d’Italia highlights at 7pm. Missed half of that by the time we’d had dinner! What a pain!
  7. I thought they said that there would only be match updates and social media, if the media team were allowed in, but no commentary.
  8. Not a season ticket holder, but I paid for the streaming. I logged in on my smart TV (not easy) then tried to switch to my iPad. When I logged in on my iPad the stream on the TV stopped automatically and was logged out.
  9. At the end of the commentary on Saturday, the commentators suggested that there was none available on Tuesday. However, isn’t that I’d seen something else on here saying that Stockport were charging £7.50. We’ll have to wait and see!
  10. I didn’t see it, but the picture came to the bottom of the screen and I had to scroll down (not easy on the TV!) so it was probably on the bottom half of the screen.
  11. I did all the signing up etc on my tv. What a pain that was selecting 1 letter at a time! Unfortunately when the stream started the picture was just a window on the website only covering about 2/3rds of the screen. I changed onto my iPad to get a closer view, and it was full screen on there. Anybody else do it on smart tv, and did you have the same problem?
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