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  1. Yes. Youth team goalie I think
  2. It was on the official site! In the Here and Now bit.
  3. In the article about him winning the Vanarama young player of the month, he was described as an attacker
  4. Does anybody know if there are updates or commentary anywhere?
  5. andrich

    Jim Smith

    I thought it was 0-0 but it was a long time ago. RIP Jim. I’m a bit sad that they only quoted him as having a spell at Halifax. I’m sure it was more than that. He was playing when I started watching in 1966
  6. What about the lad who just won the Vanarama young player of the month award. Let’s see if he can fit into the first team, or at least put him on the bench.
  7. Get Matthew Rowson in the squad. If he’s Vanarama young player of the month, he must be better than Hi Sho Silver Lining
  8. Have they changed the rules? Wasn’t it a suspension for 5 cards?
  9. How many yellows has Jeff King had? Surely he must have had enough for a suspension. I can’t believe he’s still ok.
  10. Or are you not bothering with a goalie?!
  11. 4 3 3 1 - surely we can pull it off with 12 men against 10!!!
  12. Tomorrow’s game cancelled by EFL. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50690408
  13. I would argue that everything is relative. Are our under 19s worse relative to our 1st team, than the kids at Liverpool, for example, relative to their 1st team?
  14. I agree with this post and said so on the main politics thread a day or two ago, but was hot down on there too! Get it (and this) shifted to the off topic area please.
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