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  1. Can’t believe everything you read on here!
  2. I don’t think that you can read that into their statement, which says “An offer was made to switch the match to Southport tomorrow but this was declined.” It does not say who offered and who declined.
  3. Where does it say that they declined to play on Sunday?
  4. It’s interesting that the game was called off soon after the Pools players arrived and walked on the pitch. Perhaps it was them that were scared of playing us and persuaded the ref to call it off!!
  5. It’s ok we are scared of playing them so we’ll arrange for the pitch to be frozen/waterlogged or some other excuse!
  6. It wasn’t even their under 23s. According to the BBC, the entire 1st team squad and most of the under 23s are isolating. The average age was 19 with 9 players making their debut.
  7. Radio Norfolk initially said they didn’t know but thought it was Jean Belehouan. FCHT Twitter first said Mansell, which is probably where the BBC got it from, but then said later that they’d had confirmation that it was Bradbury. 3 scorers so we must have won 3-1!
  8. Strange comment. Radio Norfolk said he dominated in the first half along with Woods. Tom Scargill in the Courier has named Summerfield as man of the match.
  9. 2-0 to Boston. They aren’t happy!
  10. KL have had 2 disallowed now. Defence seems to have fallen apart since going 4 at the back
  11. Woods and Summerfield dominating according to Radio Norfolk
  12. Radio Norfolk commentary link https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/55532033
  13. North East Norfolk League Division One. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cromer_Town_F.C.
  14. andrich

    Nyal Bell

    I thought it was a season long loan
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