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  1. They’ve also released their retained list. https://www.harrogatetownafc.com/news-media/harrogate-town-retained-list/
  2. Good to see that they are anticipating playing us in the semi final as they have a Shayman in the crowd! https://www.harrogatetownafc.com/news-media/the-only-way-to-secure-your-place-for-the-national/
  3. andrich

    Our Squad

    Where are these Q and As that people are talking about?
  4. andrich

    Our Squad

    Tobi Sho-Silva to be our promotion hero!
  5. However, in the article about fundraising for Town, accommodation costs are mentioned, so maybe....
  6. Are they allowed to stay overnight?
  7. andrich


    Just worked out on PPG. It’s actually Maidenhead who will escape by a very narrow margin (0.002!}
  8. andrich


    Why would there be a gap. Just reprieve 1 team from relegation from our league. That is what has happened in the past. So Ebbsfleet (?) stay up. 3 go down from our league and 2 up from each of NLN and NLS. 1 of the step 2 leagues would have a team less though (assuming that no teams go bust in the meantime).
  9. If it’s the same lettuce, then it is because it is second hand by the time it gets into the one in town!!
  10. andrich

    Our Squad

    Player/coach if I remember rightly
  11. andrich


    Pete Wild said that all players including Rodney are contracted until after the last competitive game which includes any playoffs.
  12. Does anyone know who the one person is who is not furloughed?
  13. If we do have playoffs (and I’m not saying we should) then I think that Barrow should be included, as I doubt that they would have finished top if the season had been played out. Make it the top 8 on points per game (that would then include both Barnet and Stockport). 1st v 8th, 2nd v 7th, 3rd v 6th, 4th v 5th. Winners play one another with highest placed teams at home. Highest v lowest etc. The 2 winners of these games get promoted.
  14. Then we’d be one short!
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