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  1. Just been exchanging comments on Facebook with a Wrexham fan that I know. They felt that it was a fairly even game.
  2. They’ve changed it. Earlier on he was credited with the first goal on the BBC site.
  3. Radio Wales have just said that Wrexham were on top for first 15 minutes, but Town are coming into their own now.
  4. The commentary form the Town team is barely audible, but this on Radio Wales seems quite good
  5. I think that white shirts and green shorts might have been their ‘change strip’
  6. I probably first saw them about 1967 until they went bust, but I only ever saw them play in green and white hoops
  7. Keepers were allowed to wear Royal Blue, Royal Green or Red jerseys. Shorts and socks must be the same colour as the rest of the team. As you said, yellow was allowed for internationals. Park Avenue’s traditional colours (before teams got new kits every year!) was green and white hoops (like Celtic)
  8. andrich

    Liam McAlinden

    Got his first goal!
  9. andrich


    No, it will take a Premier League London Club to die - Chelski anybody?
  10. Completely agree. Why should we play in a different kit for away games? We are blue and white - end of! The only reason is to get another set of sponsors. I don’t think that we have a sponsor for our yellow kit yet, so it will be orange for the time being. No doubt we will only play in yellow for away games after Christmas to even it up! Assuming that we do eventually get a sponsor.
  11. Just switched to Town’s commentary, then we score!
  12. Decent commentary on BBC Tees. Shame Radio Leeds can’t be bothered (especially as they don’t seem to be covering any other games)
  13. Updates seem to have stalled also
  14. Commentary on website is breaking up. Can’t really listen to it
  15. andrich

    Josh Mac

    Or even better, a reserve team!
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