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  1. Crying out for an old head midfield man...especially when the opposition are reduced to ten. (Appreciate they don’t come cheap)
    Josh not at his best today and even he played far too  deep when playing against 10.

    Full credit to the lads for hanging on though.

    Second atrocious Referee in the space of a week.

  2. A magical night despite the defeat. Getting a 1-1 draw down a Stoke was a magnificent achievement. We were the better side down at the Victoria ground, and were unlucky not to have won it. Back at the Shay replay,  Terry Conroy was the difference. He was a classy striker Back in his day. 25,000 packed into the Shay, and the then speedway track had to be used for extra viewing with only a rope separating the fans from the pitch. In my humble opinion, Drawing away at Stoke ranks only behind beating Man U in the Watney Cup, and Man City in the FA Cup.

    Superb memories.

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  3. Only Keep Jonhson, Brown, Collins. Kosy and Josh for me.

    Others will stay because they are contracted for next year, and we're stuck with them. 

    IMO that means then bringing in men to cover most positions.

    We need consistency and for me the above were the only ones that showed it the most last season.

  4. Very depressing. Tuton the best of a bad bunch who cannot manage the basics of football and who week in week in are making poor choices on the field. Tonight the players faces even looked as though they knew they were second best.....and they were.

    Yes Billy has to go.....a step too far for him is conference football. I don't mind Dents but right now I'd prefer a big lad up front who can actually hold onto the ball as it is at present being pin balled back through our midfield then onto our defenders putting them under undue pressure.

    There's not many I'd retain in this squad.

  5. Oliver would make a damn good signing .........

    for Brighouse Ladies. He wasn't on his own. Players Second to every ball, and often out muscled. some players are simply not good enough.  Billy goes on about great effort but without the basic skill your flogging a dead horse.  Board not willing, and manager no contacts to change this sinking ship.

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  6. One or two poor choices by our forwards at the end, but it was a decent performance and result considering the opposition and our poor squad strength. Brown was immense, the forwards had a bit of an off day but hey  were up a place in the table.

  7. Better second half than first, but both their goals came about when we were on the attack and lost pocession cheaply  Do that and you then invite pressure on yourselves. Dover won all the 50/50s, probably with the help of the Ref.

     Dare I say it if we had started with the team that finished we might have got some kind of result.

  8. I got the impression at times that some of the players were reluctant to give Vardy the ball. He certainly didn't see enough of the ball. Should have fed it to his feet and used his pace to beat his man on that kind of surface. Seems to get on with Kane, were they at Leicester together ?

    He wasn't the poorest player on the pitch, that distinction for me goes to Oxy Chambers despite scoring his passing was atrocious  for an international footballer.

    I know we are bias, but Vardy would be on that plane to France on pace and guts

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  9. First time seeing this new look Shaymen tonight. Bottom of the league right now but it was a decent performance and I'm positive they'll get better. Glen non, Bolton, and Tuton were impressive, and despite Burrow missing a chance I thought he played well.

    Can't same the same for Whitehouse, sulked and disappeared down the tunnel. Mac Donald and Hibbs will fill out and improve, and James is great signing.

    Got to give these young lads time to gel, and pls lay off Aspin.

  10. Hope we're not handing extra cash over to City as apparently their Chairman (I ate all the pies ) Mark Lawn claimed the other night on Look North that Halifax owed Bradford cash which has strained relations between the clubs and is the reason why there has been no pre season Friendly in recent years. Heaven knows what Mr Lawn is on about.

  11. Got mine this morning. Was panicking a bit so to be safe drove over from Keighley. Was allocated Row W in C Block wherever that is.

    I foresee one problem, if some hairy arse half dozen City fans come over early and park their arses on my seats. Do you think they will move ? I'm not a fan of Sunday punch ups. Im hoping the club for every seat sold have stuck a Reserved sticker on them or I smell trouble.

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