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  1. Indiscipline aside,  I like King, he’s blessed with a footballing brain.  I’m sure he and us would benefit from a decent run in the side. On top of that he’s versatile and can fill in a few roles.

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  2. Had to offload either Maher or Staunton IMO. They were too similar. Hope Maher accepts a deal. Staunton decent, but poor heading ability, not so much in defence, but he missed some heading opportunities in the oppositions box. 

    Good luck Josh, probably head back down south

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  3. Staunton a decent player but agree his heading needs improvement, not only whilst defending but his heading in the oppositions box has been woeful. (Eg missed chances)

  4. Head scratching retained list. Maher and Staunton are too much alike I’d have released one of them. Cooper, Williams, and Tobi would have been released too IMO. Watch Redshaw move on and get a boat load of goals albeit probably in a lower division.

  5. F Downs was Steve Downs.

    Ray Mc Hale scored that night. I have to say he is  one of my favourite Shay players ever. The owner   of a hell of a shot, he’s a type of player I think the game lacks today. Gutted when we flogged him to Chesterfield. Dave Gwyther and Alan Jones two other favs from that era. Johnny Quinn a decent boss too

  6. Only a Redshaw showing anything like. Nolan and Williams might as well be sat in the stands. They don’t seem to know what position they are playing. I like Josh, but his attacking headers in the opposition box are woeful.

    Time to stand up and be counted lads.......come on Europe is watching

  7. Boys against men today. They old manned us. We need some experience in the middle of the park. Brown Rusty, and his pal Redshaw is being played way too deep. The only way we’re gunna get any joy today was someone speedy out wide. Sadly it didn’t happen. 

  8. The dire performance on Saturday has somewhat soured Pete’s CV when he points to his victory over Fulham in the FA Cup with Oldham.........”.Yes but you yourself were turned over by a team two leagues below”. Not Good. A combination of everyone having a collective piss poor day combined with over confidence.

    Time to move on, but for fans who have witnessed the same against the likes of Marine, Whitby, North Sheilds and the old Wigan....it takes some getting over. 

  9. Far too many collectively had absolute shocking games. When Cam King don’t play well, we as a team don’t seem to play well. In any form of football if your playing a team 2 leagues below you, over confidence can get in you head.

    Take the rough with the smooth Town. You owe us one after that display. So move onto the league

  10. I suppose the drawback of winning and a great run at the moment,  maybe the players win bonuses.   Thus I would hope the crowd improves certainly beyond the break even figure.  We might have to adopt a supporters crowd fund to keep the likes of Redshaw and Rodney. Oh dear the price of success !!

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