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  1. Credit to the lads after Jeff Knuckleheads dismissal. We’ve Done well. It’s the best I’ve seen of Green, and Young Tear has done well. Not impressed with the stream ....cut out on least 10 occasions.

  2. Hats off to Wild then in the courier article. He’s admitted we’re were utter s@@@@ unlike some previous managers who would have passed the buck, or offering pathetic excuses. He now has to do something about it and make major changes. Players need dropping/replacing to get the message

  3. Careful Streamers. The below page with a continuous revolving circle to the right of the “15” is what some you might get. Indicates that the page is hanging and despite payment coming out from your bank account suggests that payment has not been completed, as no email receipt was received.D194A049-77CF-473F-819A-66615CEFD850.thumb.jpeg.a560d821b25d0c1fb89c6319f38dc2cb.jpeg


  4. 2 minutes ago, TommyH72 said:

    Thats why I dont do anything until 20mins before the game, I'm worried that if I sign out having paid the I wont be allowed to sign back in!! Let us know how you go on for future use please??

    Cheers Tommy. Always get suspicious when you don’t receive an email stating you’ve paid which I didn’t . I’ve actually managed to sign back in, but still greeted by the rotating ball indicating that the payment page is still hanging. Like the Daggers game, I’m now wary of registering again and so on ....and so on

  5. Anybody had problems with the South Shields Stream. I’m having similar problems with the Dagenham game. I’ve registered, set up an account, paid, signed out after the page hangs, and it won’t let me sign in again. The money however has been taken from the account.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Steve Lanzarote said:

    Once you paid you should have been locked in automatically without a code, you should just have had a countdown clock and if you closed the connection when you went back in you would just go straight back to clock.

    Thanks for that Steve. Tried all that...got ticking down clock but at 3pm 3.10pm half time etc etc nothing.....it’s put me off streaming in the future.

  7. I together with a few others , Never received the streaming, code etc even though I registered on Friday and paid the 9.99.

    I thought something was odd when I received no acknowledge of payment etc. I looked into getting a refund via the  Dagenham Platform as I attach no blame to the Shaymen, but it would easier contacting Lord Lucan.  I might as well drop it as both clubs need all the help,they can get.

  8. Apologies to harp on about the streaming, but our media team are blaming Dagenham (quite rightly probably) and request any injured party contact them (they haven’t provided a Dagenham address yet)

    I therefore summise that the online receipts of the stream will be lining Dagenham pockets then.

  9. Be warned Shay fellows...... or is it just me......I’ve have just tried to sign into the Daggers site to check my purchase for which I did not receive as acknowledgement, and it now won’t let me sign in

  10. A bit confusing for us non techno geeks.  Had to register with the daggers, click on the Town v Daggers match. Paid £9.99, Didn’t receive a code or a pass link..... just a countdown clock for the Town game.  I take it I’ll will have to log in tomorrow and the match will be available. No email receipt or link received yet.

  11. 17EE6C56-1D24-4BAE-B395-49E9336BFA4E.jpeg

  12. Saddened to hear this. Johnny Quinn was a fine player and an unlucky decent manager. He was a great signing along with David Ford as ex SHEFF Weds lads. Watching his brand of football was a pleasure.

    RIP The Mighty Quinn.

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