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  1. Saddened to hear this. Johnny Quinn was a fine player and an unlucky decent manager. He was a great signing along with David Ford as ex SHEFF Weds lads. Watching his brand of football was a pleasure. RIP The Mighty Quinn.
  2. Left sided midfielder is good news.
  3. Barry Gallagher......he thought he was much better than he actually was.
  4. Damn Covid holding us back, otherwise reckon we might have been on for record season ticket sales after that open inspirational interview
  5. Indiscipline aside, I like King, he’s blessed with a footballing brain. I’m sure he and us would benefit from a decent run in the side. On top of that he’s versatile and can fill in a few roles.
  6. Had to offload either Maher or Staunton IMO. They were too similar. Hope Maher accepts a deal. Staunton decent, but poor heading ability, not so much in defence, but he missed some heading opportunities in the oppositions box. Good luck Josh, probably head back down south
  7. Jeff Lee, Mark Bradshaw and the rest, we’ve had some good left backs over the years but it has to be First choice Macca. Ultimate Club man, great career.
  8. Pink......Thought Pete Wild want us to toughen up this season......Expect a midfield Three of Julian Clary, Alan Carr, And the experienced Elton John
  9. Staunton a decent player but agree his heading needs improvement, not only whilst defending but his heading in the oppositions box has been woeful. (Eg missed chances)
  10. Head scratching retained list. Maher and Staunton are too much alike I’d have released one of them. Cooper, Williams, and Tobi would have been released too IMO. Watch Redshaw move on and get a boat load of goals albeit probably in a lower division.
  11. Brill first half, abysmal 2nd = inconsistency. That’s what’s it’s been On a few occasions this season, but hats off to Pete he’s done a cracking job in hid first season. Time now for some investment and some Peter Wild signings, not some other blokes hand me downs.
  12. Troubled Lad off the field, but he knew where the net was. Even Kossy was singing his praises in a recent podcast, naming him in his best 11. . Sadly I think Morgy has blown his chance.
  13. Wasn’t the Southport Sunday game a nil- nil drab affair. Thought we played it on a Sunday with a 2pm KO cos of the Power cuts.
  14. Nice to hear HARRY HUBBICK manager Alan Balls old assistant get a mention on the great game film. Ball took Harry with him when he left us for PNE.
  15. Smith Brown Evans Stoneman Bradshaw Mc Hale Kennedy Patterson Atkins Horsefield Vardy Gennoe, Nichol, Alan Jones, Davison, Norris.
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