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  1. Who said these players were better than last seasons. Up to press they are below the required standard. Poor decisions, poor passing, poor basic skills. We never truely dominated like teams at home are expected to do. Appreciate a change of tactics might help.
  2. Goalie excluded.....Simply lacking in every department. Changes required soon
  3. Missed the first goal and the subsequent first 15 minutes on Tuesday. Kept cutting out. Wonder it could have been a large number of County fans tuning in that caused the problem. The Daleks then invaded, but after that it was fine. Got to do our bit to support the club, so I’ll be streaming again tomorrow
  4. Allen’s effort rewarded with a goal. Individually and as a team we were well short of the required standard. Desperately needing what I suppose folk call a number 10 now. I call them An attacking midfielder who runs and creates against opposing defenders.
  5. Last line of defence for that marvellous Liverpool side. RIP Ray you were great.
  6. RIP LES. My first Shay hero. Never forget that Rochdale promotion game. Thanks so much for the magnificent memories.
  7. Credit to the lads after Jeff Knuckleheads dismissal. We’ve Done well. It’s the best I’ve seen of Green, and Young Tear has done well. Not impressed with the stream ....cut out on least 10 occasions.
  8. The vaccine will be here quicker than the stream
  9. You need players like NOBBY in your team every much as your Moore Charltons and Hurst. Graced the Shay with Sir Bobby Charlton when at Preston in the Mid 70s. RIP NOBBY ....legend
  10. Think Frank read the Halifax Town 1-0 Manchester City score from the viddy printer on Grandstand on that Marvellous January day in 1980. RIP Mr Bough.
  11. Hats off to Wild then in the courier article. He’s admitted we’re were utter s@@@@ unlike some previous managers who would have passed the buck, or offering pathetic excuses. He now has to do something about it and make major changes. Players need dropping/replacing to get the message
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