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  1. Far too defensive but we put 4 past Barnet at home who are in/around the top 7? We are top, teams will come and gladly take a point, just like we did at many grounds (including ours!) last season
  2. Wasn’t the advice to play King/Sho Silva?
  3. Wow ok. Because Tuesdays advice went really well for yesterday?
  4. You really think PW would come on here and actually pick up some tips?
  5. If they really wanted, they could watch our full 90 from every game this season
  6. Luke

    Jonny Edwards

    Not claiming anything, just adding to the conversation. It is up to you wether you want to believe what I put or not, I certainly don’t have to justify myself to you
  7. Luke

    Jonny Edwards

    Same agent, common practice in football. The same agent also took them both to Woking (admittedly only Edwards on loan)
  8. Luke

    Jonny Edwards

    Only came to us as part of the Staunton deal
  9. How about flipping it to say maybe he didn’t want to burn players out (not aimed at you ash), so brought the 3 aforementioned on in the 65th minute when they should have been tired from our “back ups” running Chorley ragged. Sometimes teams just defend with everyone behind the ball with no attacking content (see us last season). I believe we have someone who can unlock these kind of defences in Cameron King, but I’m not sure we have someone who can read that pass to get on the end of it. Maclinden is a good player, but most of his goals are created somewhat by himself
  10. Sorry, should have added and known how to use them
  11. He did; which of the 5 wingers he’d signed should play including Mekhi and Odelusi. Fullarton wouldn’t have signed anyone of Liam MAC standard
  12. Wasn’t segregated last year
  13. Grays Athletic were kicked out of the FA cup for the same infringement. Double standards indeed
  14. They’ve had a big turnover of players due to changing to the hybrid model we use. Signed quite a few inexperienced players, if we are on top of our game not much to worry about
  15. Would be perfect as I’m on holiday over xmas!
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