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  1. Luke


    I’m more surprised there’s 4 different members!
  2. The club are appointing a physio and kitman this time around to avoid predicaments like the one we’ve had with Heath going
  3. Doing a fantastic job at Silsden. Wouldn’t be a bad shout
  4. I know it’s not much to go on, but done a fantastic job at Blackburn Under 18s over the past few years competing against clubs like Man Utd and Man City
  5. Luke

    Adam Morgan

    The website in question is known for being highly inaccurate regarding market value and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Especially at our level
  6. We restrict ourselves in terms of development
  7. Because we have a squad of 19 and only 11 can play with 5 on the bench? Every team up and down the country have subs or players out of favour. Man City have subs, warley rangers under 8s have subs. Sometimes these subs aren’t in the match day squad because there’s too many players. It’s football
  8. Moyo was injured for Saturday's game
  9. Phenix Charles CB A hard working Wroe type player Johnson
  10. Not if there's a big one either side. Like nearly the full length of the terrace. Would just be a shame to only see it part of the game, something like that should be seen for the full 90 minutes. Certainly a spine tingler! Looks better without words. It doesn't need them. Maybe the date is the most it needs
  11. Agree with Ash, it should be tied so it's on full view all the time instead of held up. Possibly in the cordoned off section in the south stand
  12. Correct. The youth team still play at the WRCFA headquarters (forgotten the team name) or at college. They play at the Shay in the youth cup as competition rules state the tie must be played at the home team stadium
  13. They started in Tesco free school lane! Could give steve Williams a few tips ...
  14. Luke


    Doubt he would drop down. Better attitude than racchi though
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