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  1. Luke

    Club Big Sale

    As far as I know, I think it is age 4, from what I’ve seen in the past. Certainly doesn’t go as low as I think you’re after. We did used to stock babygrows up to 3 years old, possibly might be some of them left? Again, that was a couple of years ago so don’t know for certain
  2. Luke

    Club Big Sale

    Everything pretty much sold out except some children items
  3. Luke

    Club Big Sale

    Unfortunately no hats but lots of Adidas gear
  4. Club have just posted a video on Twitter of the sale being held tonight at the ground. Looks like plenty of merchandise including shirts/bags/coats etc. We’ve all been moaning for a club shop, nows the chance to prove we’d support one! begins at 6pm
  5. Can’t remember which thread he was mentioned on, but bottom of the league Romford (equivalent of evo stick division 1) have signed Mekhi McLeod, Adam Morgan and Ryan Cresswell, among others
  6. They started building the ground to the plans that were drawn up, but ran out of money after building that stand! They are getting a new ground from the season after next (I think) which is almost a replica of Salford
  7. Thank you, due in Halifax for around 1, plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere!
  8. Been horrific driving up the M1
  9. They were even watering it before the match!
  10. Think that was the same game and James Dean (Who had gone off injured) then came on in goal?
  11. Did you have JF down as an honest man?
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