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  1. And probably 2/3k difference in wages per week
  2. Wouldn’t mind an afternoon off the driving
  3. 2 more driving up from London shall be there!
  4. It’s weird, because he’s actually played a lot better in the away games than the home ones
  5. The 2 highest placed teams in our division that don’t win promotion
  6. Think clubs like to distance themselves where possible
  7. Luke

    Pete Wild

    It’s the last sentence that sways me to agree with Steve. A lot of players that season went on to play in the football league. Woking for example finished 9th-12th (without looking) and had Jack Marriott (Derby) and Jayden Stockley (PNE) as their strike force. We had Mark Roberts, Matty Pearson, Lois Maynard, Lee Gregory, Dan Gardner. All went to play in the football league. Its hard to say who are the best team, as they’ve not played each other, and you can only beat what’s in front of you. But, I think Luton won the league when the standard was better all round, rather than just a couple of teams that were above and beyond
  8. Contractual agreements
  9. I was unsure of him after the first few games, but since the aldershot game he seems to have stepped up a level. Well done JBW, long may it continue
  10. Luke

    The Times

    Just read somewhere online (will try refind the link) that Wembley actually take 40% of the profits if selling official club merchandise. Which is probably why in all the games I’ve seen at Wembley (which was all the finals this year) no club has sold any official merchandise, and it is what fans have bought beforehand, like we did before making the trip down. The only club to sell official merchandise was Tottenham, but even then that was their home at the time. Also if I remember rightly, Louisa and a couple of others were still trying to shift stock when the coaches departed for Wembley which boosted sales even more. The dodgy dealers are at every game unfortunately
  11. Luke

    The Times

    I also walked that way Steve, but where hoddie describes himself as staying, that is where all merchants “set up” on Wembley way. As you say, this is at every game regardless of who’s playing. But that doesn’t discount what Hoddie says either. Although I do think Wembley was our first real foray into merchandise and the point that the commercial and hard work of Louisa really took off
  12. But at £10 instead of £20, we’d need to attract an extra 1,000 people just to earn the same amount from walk ups as we did vs Hartlepool (circa 1000 people paid on the day). Do you think it is possible to double that and make it worthwhile dropping the price to a tenner? Or while we are doing well, shouldn’t we keep it at £20 and get as much in the coffers?
  13. 20 more than we’d get anyway? £10 wouldn’t attract many more than £20 with our current form. Do you really believe we’d get 3,000 if it was £10 for everyone? (Based on 1,000 walk up at £20)
  14. Not really seen that side from him if I have to be honest. Wouldn’t be comfortable with him in the holding position
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