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  1. Win on penalties or win outright, we're notoriously abysmal with the cameras on us.
  2. Am I right in saying we have to win three consecutive televised games to be promoted?
  3. I hope those that are glad to on the furlough free meal ticket will be equally glad during the coming years of acute austerity that are now ahead of us due the crippling public debt of the furlough scheme. I fully understand that the process is needed in the majority of cases to slow the spread of the disease but nobody should be happy about the knock on effect and years of economic downturn. The furlough scheme should have been capped at 2k per individual or 3.5k per co-habiting couple.
  4. I don't know if it works this way but surely the fairest way to implement points per game (if that is the route the league decide) would be to work out average points per game for home matches and again for away matches and combine the two. Would like to see how this looks in a table, as long as it puts Fylde in the relegation spots of course.
  5. Out cycling today i took it upon myself to salute every ambulance (x4) first responder (x1) and on call doctor car(x2) that passed me. I encourage all of you to do the same. If you are out for whatever reason, make the effort to salute/applaud those putting their lives on the line to try and save others. Incidentally that did feel like a hell of a lot of NHS vehicles for one 31 mile ride.
  6. People really need to think outside of their normal routines at the moment. They are flocking en mass to the large supermarkets only to find empty shelves. Yet the local grocery stores are well stocked. The Premier shop up the road from me had full shelves of canned goods, toiletries and cleaning products, i even got the dettol wipes the girlfriend had been wanting for weeks. Also only a handful of people in the shop so a lot easier to I managed to get nappies and the tinned tomatoes i needed form the large asian supermarket when i went into to buy the tinned chickpeas out of stock everywhere else. No mil at the local co-op and people harassing the staff wanting to know when they could get it yet the the corner shop a 5 min walk away up the road had a fridge full. My mother was complaining she couldnt get shower gel in Asda yet the local pharmacy had shelves full for £1 (and i even got two anti bacterial handsoaps from the same trip). All these stores that people avoid because beans are 10p more expensive will be the saviour to many and they are for the time being going largely ignored. Compare that to the tesco in huddersfield that had not one single can of canned veg on their shelves. And tons of people crowding around scratching their heads wondering what to do.
  7. One minute they are saying don't panic buy and the following day saying asthma sufferers like me (and others you mention above) will soon be asked to stay at home for 12 weeks!
  8. If you've survived the Skircoat bogs and countless trips to other non-league toilets and food vans over the years, then covid-19 will be water off a ducks back.
  9. With it being on TV. Hard to imagine too many floaters attending. I will be sitting virus free on my sofa.
  10. The UK construction industry will come to a juddering halt if being able to manage more than "you speak supervisor" is going to be a requirement.
  11. One is vile. The other is harrogate. No thanks.
  12. noelm1979


    The same one that's now lodged under Elland bridge?
  13. Exactly. A narrow 1-0 home win against a side with one win in 11. Next up, a side with 21 goals to their name in last 6 games.
  14. There are those on here that would have you believe that Heath had lost the dressing room the year we were promoted. End of season player parties proved otherwise.
  15. They should have that as a strapline on the back of our shirts instead of STID Take overreacting off this forum and you're probably left with a dozen members.
  16. 1/4 of the season in and EIGHTEEN points behind Liverpool. No wonder they are bitter.
  17. More likely to be in the conf north playing for somebody like Farsley or Guiseley before the turn of the year. Not the first time this season we've had no defensive cover on the bench. Seemingly surplus to requirements.
  18. Especially on a pitch that slopes in about a dozen different directions.
  19. You were telling us how good Wild is only a few days ago. Why do we now have to wait 3 or 4 more games?
  20. I'd agree with that first half Notts looked very much like a side who had only won two games all season. We looked like a side who would struggle to win one all season.
  21. Just hope he's not a horrible little bellend like Noble
  22. I alternate between stands depending on mood and which groups of friends i want to watch the match with and i can assure there is an amount of BS spoke/shouted in both stands. Its emphasised more in the East Stand as there is probably larger % of older generation of fans more akin to moaning and less drumming and singing to drown them out. The south stand has its fair share of insufferable f*ckwits who know feck all about the game. As for the East Stand, booing is normally only reserved for the officials.
  23. He was James Hermuzi bad today.
  24. They were a better side and deserving of their win but they had the confidence to know that their shitehouse tactics would go unpunished. Had the referee clamped down earlier on the shirt pulling, niggly kicks and man handling of Sho-Silva that interrupted the flow of the game, we MIGHT have seen a more even contest.
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