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  1. Aquarobics for the those recovering from injury?
  2. In the absence of Hartlepool fans creating accounts, knew we could rely on the king of clueless to speak on their behalf.
  3. Next year is going to bring more of the same. People are going to be in and out of tier systems until late spring at the earliest. It's going to be a long time yet before we can set foot in The Shay, drink in pubs with our friends, shows and concerts or be allowed in each others houses without fear of the neighbourhood curtain twitchers. Olympics likely canceled and the Euros will either be behind closed doors or with minimal capacity social distanced crowds. So in that regard 2021 can f**k off too. Roll on 2022.
  4. Not a chance of that happening. Bradford (181) Kirklees (176) Wakefiled (168) and Calderdale (192) all significantly above the UK average infection rate (around 132 per 100k). All NHS trusts almost at capacity. Only Leeds keeps up the slim hope. To make matters worse Bumbling Boris and his Southern-centric govt will find some wishy washy reason to keep London in Tier 2
  5. Our ground is substantially bigger but even allowing for say 500 fans seated according to social distancing guidelines, the rest would be in the South Stand. Just because people would have room to social distance, does not mean they would stick to it. The pandemic has proved that it is all about attitude.
  6. With possibly the exception of sneaking the booze in, would have been very similar scenes at The Shay had we been in their situation. If you allow fans into terraced areas then their is little hope of rules being followed.
  7. noelm1979

    Good news!

    I would imagine those teams in tiers that are allowed to open will make it home fans/ticket only and will need to show some form of ID to purchase tickets.
  8. Has anybody used microsoft edge on a laptop to watch this game? Used my current laptop and the video won't go full screen (full screen works when viewing youtube etc). Using Chrome on my old windows 7 laptop and it's now fine. Incidentally edge won't even bring up the login box on my old laptop
  9. noelm1979

    Game off

    Lucky you only have one. I have four gigs from 2020 that are now pushed into 2021 though i don't have any confirmed as 2022 yet. Wouldn't rule it out though.
  10. Petition worked a treat for Dagenham had to open up two stands for those watching today.
  11. Does anybody know the answer as to who recieved the streaming money from Saturdays game? Our cameras but their user platform.
  12. Win on penalties or win outright, we're notoriously abysmal with the cameras on us.
  13. Am I right in saying we have to win three consecutive televised games to be promoted?
  14. I hope those that are glad to on the furlough free meal ticket will be equally glad during the coming years of acute austerity that are now ahead of us due the crippling public debt of the furlough scheme. I fully understand that the process is needed in the majority of cases to slow the spread of the disease but nobody should be happy about the knock on effect and years of economic downturn. The furlough scheme should have been capped at 2k per individual or 3.5k per co-habiting couple.
  15. I don't know if it works this way but surely the fairest way to implement points per game (if that is the route the league decide) would be to work out average points per game for home matches and again for away matches and combine the two. Would like to see how this looks in a table, as long as it puts Fylde in the relegation spots of course.
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