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  1. Their last home game was the only one of their three home games this season they haven't published. 2443 at home to Chorley FM and 1153 home to Ebbsfleet.
  2. noelm1979

    J B W

    Really? So far he has looked the weakest link defensively. Obviously carrying a bit of extra weight but still has the turning circle of a tank and just watch on the video highlights his attempt to block the cross that the dagenham striker missed a sitter from. He'll be a steady but unspectacular addition and i am worried what will happen if he has to face a winger with any amount of pace +/or trickery. Football league quality players are rarely left unattached two weeks before the start of the season. That's not to say i think he is a terrible player by any means, just a very typical non league defender. And he least he has some willingness to get forward unlike Skarz and can find a pass unlike Sellars. Just hope his attacking desire doesn't lead to costly goals against.
  3. Why the feck do they need 5 staff to serve half as many options?
  4. As i am without wheels for the short term at least are there any Huddersfield based shaymen that are willing to offer a lift in return for fuel contribution for home (either sat or midweek) games? Pain in the rear end. Bus and train each way. Any offers feel free to DM Cheers Noel
  5. Yeah it's hard to cheer for any of the play-off chasing teams. But you have to go with wanting to get rid of Eastleigh on transport logistics alone. Especially with Yeovil and Torquay joining us.
  6. No as i understand it the enquiry was made through Vardy's agent who revealed the fee our BoD would be looking for and they basically laughed at him.
  7. And against a side that baulked at our asking price prior to his move to Fleetwood (and they could have had him for less than what they paid). I enjoy every goal JV scores against the poodles.
  8. As we are nailed on to lose 4 southern sides bu means of relegation, In an ideal world Eastleigh and Orient would go up. Notts county and Macclesfield down from L2 and Chorley and Stockport up. Praying Yeovil find some form. Of the National South sides the only one of interest to join Torquay are Bath City or a trip to Canvey Island (Concord Rangers).
  9. With hundreds of free kids tickets issued and many buying tickets knowing they will miss many games are we going to see comical attendances of 1700 announced and a threadbare crowd just like the peaniut huggers?
  10. I'm an elland lad exiled to Huddersfield for 3/4 of my life. Many close friends are poodle touchers but still doesn't stop me being happy in their fall back down. Same again next year please.
  11. Time to get all those signs changed. Thank feck that adventure is over.
  12. No real love for FCUM but it would bring a smile to my face If they could find enough wins to send FC chip shop doen to the evo-stik.
  13. Sam Johnson MOM for the two top drawer saves which were just as vital as the Rodney/Duku goals
  14. On the downside we're probably going to have Torquay away again on a Tuesday night in February.
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