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  1. Good points Bill. If the proposed start to the new season in Oct does not start because of another spike in CV19 the more 'prudent' clubs, who have held off in the scramble to sign players, could benefit if the season is put back and clubs have to pay players with no income. A fine game of brinkmanship but i am confident there are still plenty of good players out there. A lot of clubs are in financial meltdown and an enforced delay in the start of the 'new' season could see them go over edge. A difficult quandary which many Boards will be pondering over.
  2. Fine balancing act. Players and clubs playing a awaiting game. My worry is that, whoever we sign PW will have the big rebuilding job to do which he wanted to avoid a la Fylde. Plus side is, he will be able to mould his own players and not ones he's inherited. He's got the same frustrations with money as JF. It's always been hard to be a Town manager but I think PW knew what he was walking into. Pity he's not got a daddy with a large building company to buy him a team.
  3. Haven't Pools been on the brink of going bust several times in the last few seasons? Where are they suddenly getting all this money to sign players from? I hope they don't come out with the begging bowl again this season. Good luck to Ducky but don't come crawling back to us if it goes tits up. Could be a star or Dominic Ludden for them.
  4. And Sir Geoff often turned up for games and training still in his work gear after a hard days graft on a building site. I may even be right in thinking he was allowed to miss some training sessions because of his work commitments. I can't remember him ever blowing out of his @rse after sixty mins either. He never had the luxury of ft football, whichever model you looking at, whilst at Town.
  5. Most people who live in Harrogate support Leeds. Good luck to their 500 hard core fans but long term sustainability is not possible.
  6. Agree. If he he walks away it will all end in tears. He's got great collateral in the prime building land the 'chicken snack' stadium is built on at Wetherby Rd. I'm assuming he owns it. It's another plastic team with no fans. Good riddance. Also, if it's true that Notts County are not getting another parachute payment this season they could end up in the mire, just like Chesterfield.
  7. Its noticeable that the South Eastern based National League seem to get many more loan players than Northern based teams. My supposition is that in the Greater London area there are lots of Championship and Premier Clubs in a relatively small densely populated geographical area. West and South Yorkshire clubs have not yielded rich pickings. I would have thought that playing 'mens football' in the National league is a much better experience than playing tippy tappy Academy football. The Shay is at least a League 1 standard ground and we have a professional training set up with excellent coaching staff. The only barrier I can think of is money. I have said this before, we need to try build up a partnership with a Championship or Premier league Club to develop their youth players. Barnsley and Rotherham both have excellent youth set ups and could be potential targets. Not point asking Huddersfield as we have had next to naff all benevolence from them over the years.
  8. When PW was appointed I seem to remember him saying he was very aware of what was going on in the National League as it was a league being scouted by Oldham for potential players when he was with them.
  9. Browny doing a great job on Phat Read.
  10. Whoever we sign needs to fit a physical criteria before we even look at them - are they 6'+ tall and strong. This is a very physical league and this season we have often looked light weight and easily out muscled. Obviously they have got to be able to play but in this division size matters. Thus signing someone like Hardy would be a no goer for me.
  11. My wife is a life long Barnsley fan and when Town are away, and I cant get there, I go with her to watch their games. We listen to BBC Radio Sheffield and their coverage of EVERY team, big or small in South Yorkshire is very comprehensive, including Chesterfield which is actually in Derbyshire. I also read the Yorkshire Post and we always get second billing to Harrogate, a town with even less interest in its team than the people of Halifax.
  12. They are parasites but nothing will change till we have salary caps/maximum wage per league. Can't see why the PFA can't send one of their salaried reps in with one of their members ( a player) when he/she is negotiating a contract with a club. This way more money will stay in the leagues and engineered moves by agents and inflated wages will be eradicated.
  13. Totally agree with this Bill. It would be a really exciting prospect to go to nearly every away game as well as home games due to less distance to travel. Also, if there is no relegation from Div 2 (or even Div 1) the due parachute payments could be used towards financing a Div 2 North and South. I also think we could attract more players to Halifax as we are seen to be a prudently run club and, even though we pay smaller ( more realistic wages), players know they will get paid if they come to us. This could be a good time to put up the proverbial '2 fingers' to unscrupulous blood sucking agents as there will no longer be so many clubs falling over each other (potentially risking going bust in the process) to pay inflated wages to ordinary players. It would be goodbye to the parasites of football.
  14. Best wishes fellow Shayman
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