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  1. That's if you can find somewhere to park. In Sandsend, I mean. Lol.
  2. If play off places are decided on goal difference, today is one of the days we will remember. Agree we should have won by 4 or 5 clear goals today. Positives are that we win and the cameo appearance of Obiero was very impressive. He deserved a goal for his efforts.
  3. How is this 3 2. We should have been out of sight.
  4. Hydes link up play today has been excellent.
  5. Agree. No one is expecting replays or zooming in it out. We just want the bloody camera to follow the ball. Simples.
  6. Can't they get his 'assistant' to do the main commentary? He talks more sense.
  7. This is far too open. We need to tighten it up and get Woods involved.
  8. Again another needless free kick given away. Stop it.
  9. Why are we giving away so many needless free kicks?
  10. Are these forkers on platinum season tickets? - get to prod the pitch a bit and then see all the home lockdown games live? Never had some many forkers before :).
  11. Jack Trainer. Scottish defender played for us 1976 -80. Decent...ish full back. Went on to play for Bury.
  12. Paul Hendrie. Tough tackling Glaswegian and one of my all time favourite Town players. Ferocious in midfield and not without a bit of skill. Scorer of 'that goal' against Man City. Nearest thing we've had since was Tommy 'ten men' Baker.
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