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  1. I reckon he will be pencilled in to replace Woy Hodgson at Palace. Howe is southern based and did not really do it at Burnley in his foray ' up norf'. Just my speculation. I think he is a bright young manager who worked wonders with a minimal budget. I know my Spurs fans wanted him in preference to ' the special one'.
  2. I must admit I was disappointed when he came on for Earing who I thought was having a good game.
  3. Again we were denied by some brilliant saves. Fine margins. Point probably a fair result.
  4. Very poor delivery from corners today. The last 2 in the last minute were shocking.
  5. Woods and Summerfield have faded away this half.
  6. Some meaty challenges coming in from Woking. Ref just about keeping control. Cooper is nob and I hope he gets a 2nd yellow. Cultured right foot my @rse.
  7. Think the pixalating is pickling my brain. Lol
  8. Should have been 1 mil to us then.
  9. Crap streaming but much better more objective commentators than those 2 Muppets at Stockport.
  10. Watching 2 games here. My wife's watching Barnsley and Barnsley just scored. Hope it's a good omen. C'mon Town.
  11. I'm on Google chrome and this is the worse quality I've had.
  12. Any one think it would be a good idea to have an on line 'half time draw' for our streamed home games which fans could subscribe to? Lots of Town fans, including myself, like a punt on match days. It also puts money in the club's coffers. Could be something for the commercial department to get involved in.
  13. We are giving away possession so easily.
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