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  1. I remember as a kid the piles of straw that used to be piled up on the sides of pitches during cold snaps. The straw was put on the pitch to protect it from frost and then cleared before the game. How successful this was i don't know or remember. This was long before the days of undersoil heating and probably coincided with the big freeze of 62/63 when there was no League football for months.
  2. Another Jimmy Case. A good player in his time but way past his best. At least we weren't daft enough to give him a contract like we did with Case.
  3. That's good know. I'm pleased he's still with us. I've not seen him for years. I used to taxi my dad about and when ever I picked my parents up from dances I always had a chat with George and he was a very pleasant bloke.
  4. Is the player on the front row, second from the left George Holt, the bloke who had the pie factory/shop? He was a good mate of my late father. I'm sure Shaymus will know.
  5. Leeds Utd have been fined £200 for making an unnecessary journey to Crawley.
  6. Senior's crossing has much improved. Williams was off it today with his crossing, which is normally good. Not sure what the visibility was like out there today for the players sighting balls played into the box.
  7. Ross Barrows had a really good game for them. Senior made a big difference for us when he came on but our final ball was not there. Had a really good chance at the end but couldn't see who missed it. A draw was a fair result.
  8. Our final ball today has been very poor. Particularly Williams.
  9. Chadwick not got into the game today.
  10. Get in looks like the new lad Mansell
  11. King gets booked again. Surprise.
  12. A lot of possession but created nothing.
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