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  1. Good luck. You will get through this. My daughter got cancer aged just 24 and beat it. Stay positive Keith and get through it.
  2. Used to love 'Ask Elvis' on the Steve Wright show. Very funny, used to make me really chuckle. Would love it if he came back.
  3. Posh Chocolate and very nice it is too. Sold at all National Trust cafes and shops. Normally treat myself to some when i visit Nostell Priory and Clumber Park. Alas Dear Steve all National Trust properties and Parks are closed due the current Coronavirus crisis. It is probably sold elsewhere but not sure where. Anyway given up chocolate for lent so eagerly waiting till Easter so I can become a chocoholic again.
  4. Yes agree Smith lacked Physicality and needed the power, strength and muscle of Ainge. Don't know what Aspin saw in Smith. He cut off his nose to spite his face with his fall out with Ainge. Where was Roberts for this game?
  5. That Town team would have easily won the league last season (and this, if it ever gets finished), such is the poor quality of the National League for the last couple of years. Big mistake by Neil Aspin to play Danny Lowe at CB instead Simon Ainge for the 2nd leg of the play-off game at Cambridge that season. Aingey would have handled the aerial bombardment much better.
  6. Now is the time to merge the Conference and Div 2 into League 2 North and South. Would eliminate very expensive overnight stays and travel and away support would go up. No brainer. Only problem would be if the Football league were willing to pay out for what would in effect be another layer to the football League.
  7. Glad I booked an evening at the comedy club in Leeds and missed today's game. Tried to give my season ticket away and nobody wanted it. Can see why now.
  8. Thanks Steve. I was only hoping
  9. Why on earth for goodness sake do we need a holding midfielder when we have 5 at the back. There were times today, when we were losing 2 0, when we had 8 back marking 2 to 3 players. Ridiculous when we have no one in midfield to pick up the clearance/second ball so just comes straight back relentlessly. After about 60' today, when we were 'attacking, we had 4 back marking 1 attacker with J king stood in front of Maher at right back and he had to be told to get forward to provide some width. Incredulous. I don't expect to win every game, even at home, but our non existent response in the second half was abject. Ok it could have been different if Staunton hadn't missed that free header from 3 yards early on but today was woeful. Our shape was all over the place. We played like one trick ponies. Its not rocket science that pressing the opposition and getting forward and backwards in numbers gets you out of this division. You don't need UEFA B certificates and Full Pro licenses to understand that. Rant over. I hope i feel better in the morning.
  10. Is that you 5th from the left? Memories. My brother did his building apprenticeship with A.O Crowthers and they built the 1st house I ever bought. A company long since gone.
  11. Long drive back to Ponte. Gutless, lethargic, tepid and clueless performance. Well done to Halesowen - the best team won.We did not show them enough respect.
  12. I hope you are taking the p!ss.
  13. Any one got a picture if the pitch after yesterday?
  14. Glad PW kept him in midfield and did not put him in defence to cover Browny. As said on here earlier JBW did a good job at centre back , ably assisted by Clarke. When Staunton was put at CB to cover Brownys hamstring injury we lost our mojo in midfield. He's a great box to box player. Staunton deserves a contract extension.
  15. According to the policeman I spoke to there were 497 Town fans in the 'segregated' end. A great showing by our fans who really got behind the team. Nice reception given to the Town fans after the game by PW and the players. Win the next 2 games and we are right up there.
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