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  1. The virus has been studied and has been found to have animal origins. Not lab made. Anything else is fantasy.
  2. As in, is it man-made and released on purpose? No. There are people who will believe any conspiracy theory because they consider it more interesting, or have a distrust in government (understandably perhaps) or like to believe they know something the wider population doesn't. They believe they are 'woke' because they fantasised something in their head or because some guy called 'Mr Truth' said so on Facebook/YouTube. When pushed for real evidence or facts, they usually quote questionable resources whilst suggesting you are brainwashed for believing recognised scientists. Others just dismissively say they can believe what they want and don't even try to justify why. This applies to flat-earthers, moon landing deniers, holocaust deniers, 9/11 conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers and people who believe COVID-19 was man-made for chemical warfare.
  3. Yes it's a different family of virus. But some people on social media are still referring to the flu mortality rate, as though that is in some way relevant.
  4. Very sad and very worrying. It's odd to me (as a layperson) that the virus reacts so very differently from host to host. I don't know many people not taking this seriously. A couple of people I know still think it's all an over-reaction or make irrelevant comparisons to flu (no matter what you tell them), but are still following the social distancing rules as far as I know.
  5. In which case good luck to you all. Bit of a bugger for us that it's happened mid-season as it could very well be the difference in the play-offs. Having said that, barring Dave and Redshaw who on their day are the best front 2 in the league, I don't think we're quite good enough anyway.
  6. Are we? To make the pitch unplayable means an absolute deluge = bad news for places already suffering due to the floods last week And yes I know it was tongue in cheek. Just think the words used were poorly thought out, in my opinion.
  7. You shut up pal. I'm not easily offended at all and hate snowflake society. Just think it's a little close to home to use the words 'We're rooting for you Storm Dennis'. There's a way of wording these things.
  8. Sure the people in Calder Valley are saying the same thing...
  9. Rumour that Jordan Sinnot has died...
  10. Came here when the club was on its arse. Didn't have a penny to spend. Brought in rejects from other clubs who had been told they weren't good enough. Managed to build a team which in the first 3 years challenged for the playoffs on 2 occasions, before taking us to the final in his 4th year and 10 minutes away from the league. Again, without spending a penny on players. Just bringing in cast offs. Yes things went downhill over the next two years (and he spent money on Stamp and Mansaram) but the state of the club off the field deteriorated as well. The 10 point deduction didn't help either in that last season. All managers receive criticism about the odd team selection or formation from fans who, let's face it, are impatient and often know far less about football or the players than the people they are criticising. But overall, he did a fantastic job.
  11. Gardner away at Luton is probably up there for me. Or Gregory's at Guiseley in the play offs.
  12. MFT meltdown yesterday was a joy to behold. Had his kick against the advertising boards gone into the stands instead, it would have been a second yellow in the space of a few minutes. Matty Brown struggled against him before the meltdown but afterwards he was ineffective.
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