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  1. Like I said... unsubstantiated. Not defending his breaking of the lock down rules at all. But this is he said, she said. People will choose to believe it and I'm not necessarily saying he didn't say it, but that's power of the press. People will believe whatever is in print if it suits their agenda, and not believe it of it does not suit their agenda. Partisan politics as ever.
  2. He said, she said. Unnamed sources say he said it in a private conversation He may well have done, but all I'm saying is that it can't be considered factual.
  3. Whilst his position is clearly untenable and the Govt rush to support him is indefensible, this quote is completely unsubstantiated.
  4. It looks out of date as of 21st April?
  5. I'd pay £200. But the number of subscribers will be much lower than the number who would buy a normal season ticket. However we are in this for the long haul so clubs will need to start looking at innovative ways to make money if a behind closed doors season is to be viable at our level.
  6. Probably, but political spin, smear campaigns, manipulation of media and other kinds of 'foul play' have existed since the dawn of politics and all parties are equally guilty. Personally I think Hoddie's version is most likely.
  7. He claims he's seeking the truth, but like all conspiracy theorists he already has pre-determined ideas as to what his truth is i.e. the most outlandish/shocking/interesting theory possible from whatever information and misinformation he can glean. He's a fantasist. He has consistently shown that when the chips are down and he's faced with issues or counter-arguments which he can't address, he'll ignore them, deflect or throw an insult in. I've got nothing against the guy though. He's a Shayman at the end of the day. I do sometimes wonder if he's just a troll though!
  8. Your point (I think) is that some people who would die soon anyway but contract COVID-19 at the very end of their life are having their deaths recorded as COVID-19. What is the percentage please? Because other people have illnesses they are being treated for and are hopeful of a good prognosis, but COVID-19 puts pay it. Others have illnesses that will kill them one day, maybe this year, maybe next, maybe in 5 years, but COVID-19 finishes them off. Others have existing illnesses that may or may not kill them, with a completely uncertain life expectancy. Others have illnesses which are usually manageable but made them more vulnerable to COVID-19. Others are just older and therefore weaker, but not necessarily at the end of their life when they catch this terrible disease. How should all these deaths be recorded Trev? And others, like my friend's Dad, were fit as a fiddle (57 years old but fitter than most 30 year olds) with no underlying conditions, yet COVID-19 took him down in a week. I should also reiterate that the main driver for this lockdown is to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed, which it would be if no measures were put in place. As Hoddie has pointed out, the critical care numbers have sky-rocketed even with the lockdown in place! Not to mention the doctors and nurses who fall ill (or worse) to this incredibly contagious virus. The death rate is almost secondary.
  9. Remember him well from my early days supporting town as a teenager. Would go into the Weavers and have some good chats with Ron. Really decent bloke in my experience. RIP.
  10. 80k trained and 25k reserve. However on reflection that probably includes personnel who aren't clear for frontline action.
  11. There's only 100k army personnel in the UK, so not enough to police the streets. If that does happen I imagine it will be in the biggest problem urban areas only.
  12. Not sure about that. If there were no measures in place the virus would kill hundreds of thousands; not just CV victims but the overwhelmed health service would struggle to treat patients with any other illness or injury. Combined with medical staff dropping at the hands of the virus too which would exacerbate the problem, it's a bleak picture. I do think that lockdown was necessary to curb the initial spike. However if it goes on too long it will cause civil unrest and continue to damage the economy (no surprise that civil unrest happened quickly in America...a strongly capitalistic society with an overblown sense of 'liberty' or 'freedom'). Measures need to be lifted soon, in stages with strict social distancing and hygiene measures in place. "A new normal" as they're calling it. People will still be hospitalised by the virus, but if it's managed properly the hospitals will cope. Certain industries won't be able to open though I don't think. Anything where large groups or crowds gather. Entertainment and hospitality will struggle still. As I imagine will air travel.
  13. Nothing to do with Trump wanting to restart the economy as soon as possible in an election year?
  14. Don't disagree. Experts warned the next one was round the corner as early as 2003 or 2004, after SARS. With the benefit of hindsight we should have been spending billions on stockpiling PPE for 15 years. That spans 4-5 governments made up of all 3 main parties (if you consider Lib Dem a main party). But it is now being used as a political point scoring exercise. In future, it needs to be as much a priority as defence (which was the comparison you made earlier).
  15. However you want to put it, stockpiling for a pandemic would have cost billions a year. Should they have done it? Yes. In hindsight. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. And opposition parties would use the lost hundreds of billions over many decades for political point scoring. Because there's a pandemic we're saying 'this is what should have happened'. Before now it would have been 'look how many billions is spent on this equipment which just goes to waste every year. That money is better spent on (insert flavour of the month... housing, social care, NHS etc).
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