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  1. Agreed, we had 2 very good opportunities (probably the best opportunities of the game) as well as Summerfield's 2 long range efforts. We were on top for most of the second half but were undone by a wonder strike. Draw would have been fair. It wasn't a brilliant performance, but we did more than enough for a point in my opinion. Johnson could have done better with the first goal but he's still as good as any keeper at this level and produced 3 good saves to keep us in it. More than happy with him in goals.
  2. Imagine that will be reviewed if/when necessary
  3. Didn't realise I would have to create an account first. After that I opted for a game pass and entered my code in 'voucher code'. Then the stream finally started after about 5 mins of the game.
  4. It works by automatically following the ball. But when there's a stop in play it loses its way and yes hopefully they can sort it. I'm all for using tech but I don't understand why they didn't just use a cameraman in the first place rather than adopting this system. What's the logic?
  5. What's wrong with having a smegging camera man ffs?
  6. Still don't get it bud. Nobody is happy with the situation and I agree that a match day experience and socialising is a massive part of the day which will be missed, but cost issues aside streaming vs not watching my team at all is a no brainer for me. Each to their own.
  7. I understand you're frustration but comparing Halifax Town finding ways to stay afloat during the financial **** show of the pandemic vs a multi-billion pound world wide business in the NFL isn't fair. It's not difficult to beam your laptop or phone screen to the TV either. The options for season ticket holders announced next week will hopefully redress the balance. However from reading your comments, even if this was sorted you seem to be suggesting that despite being a very loyal Town fan for many years you would rather not watch the games at all rather than stream them! I really
  8. never_shay_die


    Not by me. I didn't know the full story and I still don't. I have Browny's statement which seems to suggest a 'solution' was needed, but no real idea as to what the problem was or the desired solution would have been. Deliberately leaving PW off the statement shows no love lost perhaps, but again it's one side of the story.
  9. never_shay_die


    Sad to see him go but too many fans reading one side of the story and immediately jumping to conclusions about who or what was to blame.
  10. Always astounded by how much people over-analyse and over-react to a first pre-season game. Happens every season. I remember when we beat Premier League Bradford and Sunderland back-to-back pre-season. We stormed the league that year...oh no wait. We finished mid-table.
  11. His movement and intelligence were as good as anyone I've seen in a long time, which is the reason why he's done so well given his size. (Kosy was not in the same league...his often wayward decision making and end product meant he flattered to deceive. Combined with his disciplinary, it was no loss at all when he went as far as I was concerned). But can only base my opinion on what I saw. His goals all came in that promising start he had. He didn't look the same player from the end of January onwards. I know the wages we paid him were below what he ideally wanted which prob
  12. Brown will be a huge loss but credit to Wild, the club and his plans are bigger than any player. Tough decision for him to make. Redshaw on his day was very good but how many of those days did we see? He failed to deliver time after time and to be honest he hasn't looked interested for a long time. Thought TSS might have been released but can't fault his heart if nothing else. OK as a second/third choice striker. Otherwisetl the list looks about right. Obviously a few of the players offered contracts will leave too. Hope we get some height in the team and some athleticism.
  13. I stumbled across this on Twitter and thought about your post, Bubba. There's so much to say about this picture that I don't really know where to start!
  14. Belgium and their colonies in the 1950s at the hands of King Leopold, who killed 15 million Africans.
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