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  1. He chose Morecambe over us. Easy to understand why he'd choose League football.
  2. Any idea on the contract length? Doesn't say in the press release.
  3. Didn't realise he was 5 foot 4! It hasn't held him back though, he's averaged 1 goal in 3 games in the football league & 1 goal in 2 in non-league football.
  4. Lads come back from bad injuries all the time. Short term deal makes sense. He can prove his fitness and we get a proven goalscorer. Fingers crossed it works out because I reckon he could be one of the three players we need to really push for the league.
  5. You've posted this in the wrong place mate. This is the supporters team page. You need to post it on the main forum which is 'Skircoat Shed'
  6. I agree with you. Would rather have 5 players on the bench who can change a game or replace an injured/tired outfield player than a GK who will be called on once every 3 years. I know there is the risk of coming unstuck it a GK gets injured especially in a big game, but that's a risk I'd take.
  7. Glad we didn't say that about MacDonald!
  8. How are we getting these players off the wage bill? They're all under contract. Nobody will spend money on them. They may decide to stay unless they get a similar wage elsewhere. Earring needs time just like Josh did when he first came here. Cannot judge him either way at all. Nolan for me is behind Staunton, Maher and Cooper. Southwell way off the pace.
  9. Clearly we need to work on opening teams up when they sit deep but perspective is needed. We are top against all odds. We've played some good football at times this season and had some cracking results. It's clear that Wild wants this team to try to attack and be on the front foot. Unfortunately the quality isn't quite where it needs to be in all areas of the pitch. When we tried moving the ball into forward areas we gave the ball away far too easily. When we found ourselves in dangerous positions we weren't quite good enough to unpick the lock. Simply putting 2 up front is not the answer because the quality isn't quite there in other areas of the pitch. Chorley sat back and made it defence Vs attack. We tried everything...1 up top, 2 up top, overlapping centre back, full backs in the box, direct, passing it through the lines. Nothing worked. We created maybe two chances. Boreham Wood didn't offer us the luxury of doing that because they were dangerous on the break, but they still set up to defend and we lacked that quality to do anything about it. We're also not looking dangerous at all from set pieces, which is often the key in games like this. I love what we've done this season so far and we deserve to be top (the table doesn't lie!) but unless this is the poorest league in decades I think we're lacking that little bit of quality needed to slug it out and win the league. Early in the season the element of surprise can win you games, but when other clubs start doing their homework the real tests come. Golden opportunity missed this week to be 5 points clear with tough away games to come. But I'm hoping Wild can iron out the kinks and who knows, maybe we can find our feet, outfox these teams which try to snuff us out and win the league. But if we finish 1st, 2nd or 7th, given our pre-season and the dross of the last 2 seasons I won't be complaining.
  10. I'm no expert but I tend to agree. As with many players I think King would benefit from core/upper body strength and conditioning training. He is already a very good player on his day and he has the potential to play at a higher level. Work in the gym would help him assuming of course that he is not already doing it!
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