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  1. His movement and intelligence were as good as anyone I've seen in a long time, which is the reason why he's done so well given his size. (Kosy was not in the same league...his often wayward decision making and end product meant he flattered to deceive. Combined with his disciplinary, it was no loss at all when he went as far as I was concerned). But can only base my opinion on what I saw. His goals all came in that promising start he had. He didn't look the same player from the end of January onwards. I know the wages we paid him were below what he ideally wanted which probably was a factor, but being left out of the starting line up vs BW meant the writing was on the wall. Would have been happy to keep him based on his pre-injury goal record and see if PW could get the best out of him, but I'm not distraught that he has left.
  2. Brown will be a huge loss but credit to Wild, the club and his plans are bigger than any player. Tough decision for him to make. Redshaw on his day was very good but how many of those days did we see? He failed to deliver time after time and to be honest he hasn't looked interested for a long time. Thought TSS might have been released but can't fault his heart if nothing else. OK as a second/third choice striker. Otherwisetl the list looks about right. Obviously a few of the players offered contracts will leave too. Hope we get some height in the team and some athleticism.
  3. I stumbled across this on Twitter and thought about your post, Bubba. There's so much to say about this picture that I don't really know where to start!
  4. Belgium and their colonies in the 1950s at the hands of King Leopold, who killed 15 million Africans.
  5. The right and left both have validity in most cases (obviously not the extremist views). But it seems that a lot of people are so entrenched one way or another that they are quick to place labels on anyone who doesn't support their view. Balance is needed (sounding like a star wars film now!) I have been called both a gammon and a libtard in social media!
  6. Meant far left clearly. No admittance of anything but you have proved my point about divisiveness.
  7. I've not seen anything about Downing Street on Twitter, and I'm not sure about all races having history of slavery (could be true, I don't know), but there needs to be a some restraint in the actions and demands of BLM/the left or else the divide will increase... which is the opposite of what the movement wants to achieve.
  8. How dare people vote differently!
  9. It is rich yes. Both sides are as guilty of being stubborn, blinkered and often extremist in their views.
  10. Completely agree. Why is it not possible to have any balance in this country? I consider myself centered in my political views, but whenever I've heard people say that the far left can be as dangerous as the far right I never really believed it. But I do now. The country is more divided now than I've ever known it. A combination of Brexit, COVID-19 and BLM in quick succession has done a lot of of damage.
  11. Like I said... unsubstantiated. Not defending his breaking of the lock down rules at all. But this is he said, she said. People will choose to believe it and I'm not necessarily saying he didn't say it, but that's power of the press. People will believe whatever is in print if it suits their agenda, and not believe it of it does not suit their agenda. Partisan politics as ever.
  12. He said, she said. Unnamed sources say he said it in a private conversation He may well have done, but all I'm saying is that it can't be considered factual.
  13. Whilst his position is clearly untenable and the Govt rush to support him is indefensible, this quote is completely unsubstantiated.
  14. It looks out of date as of 21st April?
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