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  1. It wasn't working with him on either! It was right to make a change and if he hadn't, people would have said he was wrong to leave it as it was. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  2. I wasn't there, but from what I've read/heard the defeat vs Yeovil was simply a case of being beat by a better team. We huffed and puffed but they were better than us. It happens and I can live with that. Many people have commented that Yeovil will be title contenders based on that performance. The defeat vs County is more of a concern because of the performance after the sending off. It was utterly shambolic in every sense of the word.
  3. He was man marked in the second half by County and went missing. It was the right call to take him off.
  4. I think he is better suited to the defensive midfield role. He reads the game well and is good with his feet. But he isn't the biggest or strongest and came off second best in the air yesterday and in the physical battles. Perhaps he would look better alongside Brown as Clarke isn't the strongest either.
  5. I think he's a tad unlucky, although there's no doubt it's a red. Doyle wins the ball cleanly but goes in hard because I think because he's expecting Cooper to challenge for the 50/50 ball. Cooper backs out but Doyle's already committed and his momentum brings his foot up to knee height. Definite red though. He was lucky not to break Cooper's leg.
  6. First half was a decent game of football albeit they looked more threatening. But we were well in the game. But what a horrible second half. Probably some of the poorest football I've ever seen from a Town team after the sending off. Notts County were first to every second ball, they were faster than us, sharper than us, stronger than us and they should have won by 3 or 4 but for some poor finishing. At the end of the game there had been no sign at all that they were down to 10 men. In fact it looked like we were. The way we lost our shape and discipline as the half went on was frankly inexcusable and worrying. We created little. We didn't play with any urgency. We were slow and predictable. By the end we couldn't make simple 5 yard passes without giving the ball away. Cameron King went missing when they man marked him in the second half and we lost any glimmer of creativity. Jamie Allen was hopeless and the second half became a tally of how many fouls he committed in frustration trying to win the ball back. Didn't work as a second striker at all when they got to grips with his pace after about 5 minutes. I'm not convinced McAlinden was actually on the pitch at any time. Wootton had Clarke for breakfast. That's twice in two games he's been bullied by a physical striker. Staunton is a good reader of the game and an excellent defensive midfielder, but frankly I cannot see how he ever played centre half before signing for us because he does not look comfortable. He looks a little small for the position to be honest. The sooner Brown is back the better. Sho Silva worked hard but very ineffective. New lad didn't do too bad. Had a decent first half and wasn't our worst player in the second, which doesn't say a lot. Nearly had has leg broke by the horror tackle which had their player accepting his red card without any protest (I couldn't believe the Notts County fans' outrage at the decision) The real danger of course is that we have been found out, just like the last 2 seasons. Time will tell. Big 2 home games coming up. Pete Wild will be feeling a pinch of pressure for the first time not so much because of the result, but that diabolical second half performance. On the plus side, it was nice to be at a proper football ground with proper home fans who made a hell of a noise. Just wish we'd have been able to shut them up!
  7. The supporters team AFC Halifax are playing Port Vale Supporters en route to Notts County on Saturday. Our coach leaves at 7.30am and will return at 5pm straight after the FCHT game. If you fancy a day trip with a good set of lads then let me know - there's space on the coach. We would appreciate your support vs Port Vale, or you can play if you fancy a game. Cheers.
  8. Just checked and you sir are correct. We beat them in the League Cup 2-1 at Saltergate in 1984. I'll let them know!
  9. A Chesterfield Football History account on Twitter have just said that it's our first win there since 1975! Are you confident that it was 1991? @Shaymus?
  10. When they broke for their goal I really felt for Brown because I could see how hard he tried to catch up with Stenson, but he was never winning that foot race and ultimately it caused his hamstring injury. It was a real sucker punch a minute after the (otherwise excellent) Jeff King should have put us 3 nil up. It really changed the game. Obviously bringing Staunton back was the only option but without his protection in front of the back 4 we went from being pretty comfortable for an hour to looking vulnerable. I don't think we can discount the difference Solihull's substitutions had on the game either, which happened around the same time (their two substitutes actually combined for their goal). Had to really dig in for that last half hour but we held firm. Clarke and Staunton were superb. It was a very pleasing and deserved win. What a find McAlinden is too. Lad knows how to finish. I don't think Wild will panic and rush someone in for Tuesday, but for the next month or so defensive/defensive midfield cover is definitely needed.
  11. I agree, I think they'll start in the North, possibly in the Evostick although questions will arise around managing their supporters at away games. They average more than double our crowd at home.
  12. So HMRCs share of the debt incurred post 2002 was not higher than 25%? That appears to be the main difference in the two versions here (yours/bubbas vs hunsworthhound).
  13. Surely they knew the full debts of existing CVA would have be brought into play. Surely this was explained by financial advisors etc? Hunsworthhound suggests they knew this and did it anyway i.e. it was done on purpose as they felt it gave them an advantage which, in fact, it didn't.
  14. So that's kind of the opposite of what hunsworthhound said. You're saying that bringing the existing CVA into play was unexpected and gave HMRC the power to block a new CVA. Hunsworthhound says that the existing CVA was deliberately brought into play in a bid to negate HMRC's power, but unexpected penalties and interest killed the plan.
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