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  1. Can anyone report on how Cooper is playing and where is he playing?? Any good?
  2. Spent 4 fantastic happy years at Trent polytechnic 79-83 experienced the fantastic forest team many times (usually supporting the opposition) and the Torvill and Dean thing! 3-0 to the shaymen!
  3. Feeling quietly confident town can win tonight! 1-2 to the Shaymen! Come on!
  4. PeterPan


    It’s I difficult one! Bringing him on as sub has worked in both games brilliantly so far! And maybe as you say his effectiveness has been that he changed the game when he’s come on! Super sub! Still think I’d start him but then I’m for good reason not the manager of Halifax Town!
  5. PeterPan


    Has made the difference in both games so far for me and should start on Saturday!?
  6. Do they have absolutely no interest in the shaymen these days? No mention of us at all!
  7. Good to be back on this message board! Looks great! And! 2 great wins and 2 points clear at the top! Let’s hold on to that spot like our lives depend on it! I’m absolutely buzzing!
  8. Yup just been reading up and that seems to be it! Owner offering advise on team selection not good!
  9. Thanks for this I’ll have listen later! But states that the owners plans for club differed from his.... bit severe to leave!! wonder what the sticking points were???
  10. Does anyone know why our new manager left Oldham? Life long fan and 2 successful spells managing them with the fans behind him... states for personal reasons!? Anyway good luck to the man hope he’s a great success.... did I read that he had issues with the owner or have I dreamt this!?
  11. Clarence’s! / the mood! After 8 pints in the upper George... happy daze!
  12. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but when are we going to learn who is our new manager? Have I dreamt it that it’s at 6pm tonight!? Just 20 mins away or are we still quite a way from a decision being made??
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