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  1. Which way we kicking please!?
  2. Living in Hertford which is very much a Spurs stronghold I’m going to enjoy The day taking the piss! Ha! What an almighty mistake employing the crap one! Happy day’s!
  3. Always remember that as a sunny Saturday afternoon?
  4. Since Redshaw has been In the side we’ve only conceded 1 and scored 2! That’s championship form! Onwards and upwards... time to sort things out on training ground get players back fit and this league is laying on its back legs in the air and crying out for us to take it! COME ON!!!!
  5. 1 point off top! Happy days?
  6. It’s horrific when the sun is shining! Safe journey!
  7. What’s the weather doing!!? If the game were to be played in Hertford.... it wouldn’t!
  8. i have to say I could have scored a lot of these! but seriously he looks pretty good!
  9. Big night for Nick and I tonight!!! Both got in on the cheap for both being old bastards (together) for the first time! And to celebrate the team worked really hard for those points and a bit of class for the goal was the difference! Sutton wanted it really really badly to get their season on track and worked hard but the bottom line is we also wanted it really badly and I’m very proud of the hardworking display. Wasn’t pretty but I can’t fault any of the players as on a difficult 3G pitch we did the business. Well done everyone who travelled south to support the team who I’m sure contributed to this win..
  10. 5-0 I can feel it in my water!
  11. Blimey! I think I’m experiencing happiness! It’s been a while!
  12. Same as last week for me an earlyish goal for town and then hit them on the break late on for 2nd goal.. (or a fashionable LML ... last minute lob!) 2-0 to town! COME ON!!!
  13. PeterPan


    Oh yes! What a perfect song for the time! I can still smell the red paint burning on the lightbulb I’d painted in my bedroom!
  14. PeterPan


    According to the bible we lost 2-1 on August 16th first match of the season Downs scored for town!? Can’t remember him! But McHale and Gwyther scored in a win at Aldershot in our 2nd game away! I remember them!
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