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  1. Who do I ask? I’ve tried to phone but no answer?
  2. Apologies if I’ve missed any comments on this earlier but does anyone know if we are automatically refunded the cost of downloading the live stream or do I have to action it? My online bank details don’t mention any refund as yet?
  3. Very proud! New team and setup with lots of potential and players to come back. Good shape and organization worked hard and could have been 3 up with a bit of luck! In PW I trust!
  4. PeterPan

    Water Break

    It’s very hot in the south at the minute and I’m gonna have my first beer break!
  5. Been nervous for well over a week but strangely feeling quite chilled this morning and looking forward to it! Probably kick in nearer kick off..
  6. 2-0 town. 1 each half very nervous though!
  7. I’ve just asked the missis if she’s coming to the B Wood game and she’s says yeah! So I’ll get another ticket!
  8. It’s a date Nick!
  9. Final at Wembley on August the 2nd! The day before my birthday. The season started on my birthday on the 3rd August last year with a match I attended and that wonderful 1-4 win at Ebbsfleet. What a year it could be! Typically town won at Wembley when we’d just been relegated and this time we will (hopefully) win at Wembley and won’t be able to attend! Guess it’s how we like to do things! COME ON!
  10. Think I’d... sorry!... Think I ‘will’ just have to do all the prematch stuff!! Travel to Wembley, walk down Wembley way, take selfie photos outside ground with Wembley arch in view etc. then watch the match in a bar near the ground so I can party all night outside Wembley to celebrate being back in the league after the game!
  11. It was a match for all seasons, rain sleet snow sunshine! My original memory was watching teletext updates and going apeshit when we won! Then when the video arrived I think that and the R&D performances at the shay were my favorite watch.. absolutely brilliant!
  12. He mentions the Southport game at the Shay saying he got sent off but we managed a great 3-2 win! But wasn’t it 4-3? Maybe having been sent off he missed a couple?
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