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  1. Contracts work both ways, and besides he’s brought in at least more than that to the club
  2. Wrexham playing at Ibrox against Rangers U21
  3. THEY WERE INJURED HOW MANY TIMES Who else would you rather have played there?
  4. “Jack Redshaw not included due to a knock, so too Liam McAlinden, who has been playing with a niggle and is being given a chance to recover from it” From Tom Scargill
  5. Both taken knocks and unavailable otherwise they would be in the squad King and Josh together is very promising imo, just not so sure about Williams. Only game he’s impressed in so far was the friendly at Oldham. Cant not play Duckworth and surely makes more sense to play people in the best positions?
  6. Woking 2-3 Town Jeff King Redshaw Clarke 1783
  7. Definitely wasn’t a tuesday game that, BT has the highlights on their show. In fairness, Nat Brown was at fault for at least 4 so without him we may have won..
  8. One ball went out play behind the goal, keeper told some kids to hold on to it and the next time we ventured forwards he told them to throw it on. Sure enough the did and the red stopped play halting our attack.
  9. This hasn’t been the case for a long time. And now especially with the into way a player can get a league ban is in the league itself.
  10. It’s funny that, because when they were playing in midfield last year we were all told about how we had two centre backs in midfield. Now, all of a sudden they are both midfielders? Go figure
  11. Get your point, but you can’t just take away goals because there was more than one in a game..
  12. MFT from Cameroon I believe?
  13. Anthony Griffiths - Montserrat
  14. An experienced number 10 on a short term contract. Dan Gardner is currently without a club and has worked with the manager before..
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