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  1. Even more satisfying being unbeaten against them in four games that season after atleast two of their players were takings PEDs
  2. Proffit was England youth team mates with Wayne Rooney and Steve Drench once upon a time.
  3. Are you sure Steve? Was on the bench and never came on
  4. Dover were in the cup so potential replays to account for, then the Christmas period, then the FA Trophy and any replays. The game is still going to be played and we had plenty of notice, what’s the issue?
  5. Potentially playing Bradford City at home would boost the average gate up massively just from that one game, and that is before you factor in the likelihood of Bolton coming down
  6. May have changed but last year bookings in cup games were counted separate to the league.
  7. Agreed. Both trophy games he has done very well and no coincidence that is with Redshaw and a big part of the burden taken off him.
  8. “Well alls I can say is it's time for new goalkeepers, I had said in the past that we needed a new goalkeeper coach but after this game and when you see the Halifax keeper in the first half coming out and catching all the crosses with the wind in his face, that 6 yard box was his, at the end of the first half I said to my son we are going to lose this as thay will put crosses in to the 6 yard box and the clown in goal will just watch it come over, and what happend a cross in the 6 yard box that if the clown had court it would not have led to Halifaxes first goal. Can we signe there keeper please and there goal keeper coach aswell“ A direct quote from Torquay’s forum regarding big Sam. Had a lot of stick over his command of the area in the last few weeks but seemingly improved on this once again yesterday.
  9. Worked well together in the last round with TSS and Redshaw in tandem
  10. Don’t buy this stick that Wild was sticking with TSS stubbornly. He openly stated he wanted Rodney but we couldn’t afford him and was always looking at options. Brought Redshaw in but wasn’t fit for the first month and didn’t have any other options. Dont forget it was Fullarton who signed him.
  11. ewalsh


    https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/duo-sign-deals-club/ Source
  12. ewalsh


    Kyle Trennery? Probably him and Barrows been the most successful away from FCHT (Other than the keeper at Brighton who had a contract too)
  13. Must be our decision. A draw and force Torquay to have a mammoth journey up midweek?
  14. Liverpool rotated their side and won today. What does that tell you about Everton who were playing at full strength?
  15. Four goals in a 5-0 win back in 2010 although one was about 5 yards offside!
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