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  1. Are Alty still playing at FC United?
  2. I know the thread is probably in jest, but they aren’t allowed to recall in the first 28 days of a loan
  3. Some of their fans think the same, it’s laughable! We could and should have been out of sight
  4. At a guess they probably just rewound them footage from the stream which anyone can do. That or looked at the other camera which is used for the BT highlights
  5. Wooooow. That looked like it was flying into the top corner
  6. Just glad I no longer have to see your trading shite anymore on Facebook
  7. Good to see we are still years behind with the Half-Time Now Thats What I Call Music
  8. Against Aldershot, 3 games ago. You are a parody.
  9. If you play a competitive game then you are unable to change your allegiance. UNLESS the country you want to play for do not have a team when you play for your initial country (I am thinking Gibraltar and Kosovo)
  10. If both parents were English but a child was born in Australia, for Example, there’s every possibility that child would fully class themselves as English based on their lineage.
  11. Oh ffs not Marsden again
  12. In recent years Graham Hutchison and Boss. (If you haven’t listened to Tom Denton on the strikers tackle podcast it’s well worth a listen regarding his time with Town and will explain)
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