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  1. ewalsh


    Yep, seen some of their fans saying they haven’t started the season, but of course they have. They were in the fixtures and although they haven’t played any games (the fundamental part of the game) they are still there, somehow. Apparently the bid was from Norman Smurthwaite, so may have been wise to turn it down given his recent record.
  2. This will be the first time Pete Wild has had a week with the squad without a midweek game since taking charge. It will be a good rest for some of those who need it, but also let us work on a few things as a team without having to switch from one opposition to another.
  3. Personally like what Wrexham did first half. Had 3 attacking players fairly narrow, a man just behind them and used the full backs for width with two of the attackers coming out if needed. Gave them men in the box and then one of the midfielders dropped back to support the defence. Really helped them control it early doors and not give us much in the way of space.
  4. ewalsh


    Ironically, four years back we had also been promoted to the conference, just like Billy did.
  5. Excellent news. A top pro, loved by the fans and he clearly loves being here. Practically the perfect captain and it would be ideal if he could carry us into the league.
  6. Rodney, Duku and Ferry in the 3-0 at home. Rodney got the only goal for us in the 1-1 away (the infamous 6 loanee game)
  7. When was the last time we had a player score more than one goal in a competitive game? Don’t seem to remember it happening at any stage last season and not so far this year.
  8. On an unrelated note, is it possible to buy a shirt after the game or does it have to be done before? Don’t want to have to carry it round for a few hours if I can avoid it.
  9. Subbing players at the touchline closest probably can’t be helpful for a linesman either as they potentially have to do half a lap to get back to the bench in full kit.
  10. We drew 1-1 with Doncaster. But terrible, not in a playing sense, in an overall way. Gypsies stopping us from training, manager leaving 3 weeks before the start of the season and having a squad of 11 a week before the first game. Not to mention not being able to play a home game because of problems with the pitch. Think we can all say that what Pete Wild has done so far is nothing short of a miracle. Not only has he cobbler a team together, he’s got them playing together, in a way he wants and brought a feel good factor in. Sometimes, just sometimes a bad pre season can actually galvanise things and bring people closer. This might just be one of those. Don’t want to get carried away after last season, but it is worth remembering that the vibe dropped massively after a signing before the fourth game..
  11. ewalsh


    Meh, quite hard to feel sympathy. Understand we’ve been through similar, but they cash they’ve been throwing at it in recent years was unsustainable as it has now proven. The league shouldn’t be looking to bail them out, otherwise it doesn’t do much to deter other clubs doing the same in future.
  12. ewalsh


    Bring back EMC!
  13. Most pleasing thing tonight is that there were a good 6/7 solid contenders for Man of the Match. Thought it was an excellent performance and we limited Hartlepool massively. We know what this defence can do, but how refreshing to see us having shots and getting some luck with the rebounds. Very good nights work and hopefully more of the same to come.
  14. If Brown and Clarke are playing, and playing well then there is absolutely no harm in utilising Maher and Staunton. Bother read the game well and can do a good job in the defensive midfield role. The issue is playing them both together, it just doesn’t work
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