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  1. Don’t keep clean sheets these days. May as well start games 1-0 down
  2. They recalled him with immediate effect didn’t they?
  3. If the match referee passes it at 5:20 and something changes later then the club can not be blamed
  4. What time we saying for the postponement tonight then?
  5. Signs! Striker on loan from Cheltenham
  6. James Dean was a trialist too
  7. Tyrone Thompson Craig Mawson Jonathan Hedge Nathan Joynes
  8. Already played for us in the trophy hasn’t he so would be cup tied
  9. Even if the game is called off I believe any strikers we sign would have to be registered today to be eligible for a rearranged tie
  10. Was supposed to be a training trip to Dubai, but the player who caught it out there was injured. Go figure
  11. The FA Cup booking doesn’t count in the league
  12. One day Danny Williams will find a teammate with a cross
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