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  1. Glennon Bolton Roberts Smith Lowe Marshall Maynard Smith Pearson McManus Gregory
  2. In the run up to the semis the back four of Bolton, Roberts, Smith and Lowe very nearly set the league record for most minutes without conceding - and Roberts and Ainge were run ragged by Delano Sam-Yorke away to Lincoln. Very easy to say in hindsight, but the defence had been absolutely fine up to that point.
  3. Very harsh on them and Jersey Bulls who were already mathematically promoted. Wonder if some sort of agreement will be made
  4. In all my years reading this forum I don’t think I’ve ever come across as much of a head in sand moment. I think it may be time to take a a break as some people’s stupidity seems to know no bounds.
  5. Our very own Danny Willians scoring against us that day too! Seem to remember ring absolutely bemused at Aaron Hardy taking our penalty and then got sent off shortly after
  6. And our players AFAIK are only paid until the end of the April. So they’ll still get that, plus whatever happens after then too.
  7. God how much do we miss Cameron King. Cooper, Nolan and Staunton between them aren’t going to create anything or us, and as for Binnom.. Not even worth saying
  8. Best not accept your signed ball incase one of our players has symptoms
  9. Best not accept your signed ball incase one of our players has symptoms
  10. Johnson Maher Clarke Brown King Cooper Staunton Williams Redshaw Allen Rodney That is exactly how we played against Woking
  11. ewalsh


    Not necessarily. Just added an extra year on to the one he had and gives the option for a further year if we want to take it
  12. ewalsh


    Doesn’t say anything about an extension, just a two year deal with option for a third, like Browny confirmed
  13. ewalsh


    Contract is until 2021 with the option for another season after. Browny confirmed it himself in one of his captain’s columns.
  14. ewalsh


    Expect you wanted rid a few years back
  15. ewalsh

    Why is it ?

    Agreed. Think last time we made the play-offs in this league our average for the season was less than that
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