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  1. Would only ever do it if they money went directly to FCHT. Physically being at the game is one thing, but when I’ll be watching on BT I would rather give £10 straight to the club rather than have any involvement with Boreham Wood. Would have been quite hard pushed in paying the cash to them if we were allowed in in all honesty
  2. FEE about to be announced as shirt sponsors for the 20/21 home kit?
  3. Cambridge on the other hand WERE allowed to sign a keeper just for the play-offs against us and got someone in from Leicester. Although saying that he could have been from Halifax Irish and it would have made no difference as he had little to do
  4. Interesting as well that if the game is midweek it presumably won’t be a 7:45 kick off as no supporters will be in attendance. Although Boreham Wood are part time (from Fylde Chairman’s interview) so an earlier kick off at say 6 may be a disadvantage for them
  5. I think Vinnie has it spot on
  6. Which was the same day as Dundee Harp beat a side 35-0, and as a reporter rushed to tell folk about the record score line he was in disbelief that it had already been bettered by another game 20 miles away
  7. If you are in the EU you can still use a BT Monthly pass without the need for a VPN https://www.bt.com/help/tv/can-i-use-my-bt-tv-or-bt-sport-app-outside-of-the-uk-
  8. ewalsh

    Our Squad

    Tom Clarke been released by PNE..
  9. Clean up on aisle 11!!
  10. We didn’t have Rodney in the team when we were quick out of the blocks in August. If ever there was a time to get behind the current players it is now
  11. Simple one really, and I suspect a lot of people will come up with a similar answer. But what’s your favourite ever Halifax Town kit? I suspect a lot may come down to what was achieved in the kit more so than the design, I think a promotion kit for example hold much better memories than a miserable season. As I wasn’t around for too much of the old club I thought I would offer one before and after 2008. And
  12. Irrelevant. We’ll be in League 2.
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