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  1. Previous two seasons we’ve had poor pre-seasons and been too by the end of September. Not worth reading too much into results. I’m more concerned by the number of injuries we seem to have picked up in the last few weeks and players missing games
  2. Are they not playing Barking?
  3. May be opening a can of worms here, but it worked alright with McAlinden at the start of last season
  4. ewalsh

    No fans

    Problem with that. How many people who attend the Shay are families who go in groups of 2/3+? They’d only need to buy one stream to watch the game
  5. ewalsh


    Probably be alright for those. Almost always deeply rooted into a midweek, sometimes even on consecutive days. Wonder how many times we’ve done that? Can think of at least two occasions in the Unibond years
  6. ewalsh


    Do you have the Charlton game included as well?
  7. ewalsh

    Ha Ha Ha

    The problem with having VAR means it scrutinises everything down to the finest of possible margins. At some point you have to decide how close the keeper can be before he is deemed as “too close”. As it stands the only marker is the line itself, and much like a no-ball in cricket you aren’t gaining a huge advantage but a line (physical and metaphorical) has to be drawn somewhere.
  8. ewalsh


    Yeah that was 2016 Sunday. Was the Brackley play-off final not a Sunday as well? I am fairly certain that the 4-1 against Gateshead was a Saturday, mind EDIT: It was. Saturday 21st November 2015
  9. He should have known better than to trust someone called Judas. The signs were all there
  10. ewalsh


    Correct. If a small tech company goes out of business nobody is calling for Apple and Microsoft to chip in and keep them running
  11. This is the lad you are on about. It’s Senior
  12. Yeah definitely Senior in both games
  13. Can assure you Steve that it is Jack Senior. Played left wing back in both games
  14. Two of the trialists if any detectives can work out their identities?
  15. Yesterday was another game against a team who in theory should be well ahead of where we are, it was their 5th game. We’ve been back in training less than a fortnight and both halves yesterday had youth team players in the game. Still hard to read anything into it for me
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