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  1. Even scrapping the season wouldn't stop the numerous legal challenges from all the clubs currently in the promotion places, Liverpool being the most obvious one. Whether this will be a problem confined to this country or not will be interesting to see.
  2. Not many. Over the course of the season they have been the most consistent team. They have held the top spot longer than anyone else so it would be fitting if they replaced Bury.
  3. I let my wife have a lay in this morning and when she got up she said i should of woken her earlier. I said why? It's not like we have a lot to do or places to go to today.
  4. I have just spent six days in hospital after having four operations on my badly infected finger (I tried to amputate it in the side door of my van two weeks ago). All the staff on the ward from the cleaners and ancillary staff through to the ward sister along with the surgeon and theatre staff were all cheerful and positive. The care and professionalism they showed to me and the other patients on the ward was second to none. They did all this without any extra ppe gear and although many had families they carried on as normal even working extra shifts to cover absent staff. No doubt they are terrified inside but none I met outwardly showed it and I have nothing but praise for them. I only wish that when I return to work in a fortnight (I deliver medical supplies to pharmacies and hospitals) I can show the same level of kindness and professionalism to my customers.
  5. As the cost of a season ticket was so cheap and worked out at way below the admission price to a game I would be very surprised if anyone wanted a refund with only three games left. I know us Yorkshire people are renowned for being tight but come on we're not that tight are we?
  6. As a parent and a parent to a son with autism this is the scariest thing I have read during this pandemic. There is no way on this planet my son could function never mind come to terms with this scenario. Whilst there are institutions that are holding people with autism and similar disabilities for unspecified lengths of time because they are problematic my son, if separated from us, would go into meltdown mode become aggressive and could potentially end up in one of these units many miles away from home. We are obeying the government's guidelines to protect ourselves but also others. I implore everyone else to do the same and think about what their actions can do to total strangers and their lives.
  7. Wage capping is a good idea. Players would be forced to accept this if they aren't good enough to play at a higher level otherwise they don't play. The problem is that eventually clubs would find a way around the wage cap by offering other incentives like signing on fees, club car, accommodation, bonuses and the like so then it no longer becomes the level playing field.
  8. What I meant by my post was that when we have lost games others around us have lost and this alone has helped keep us in a play off place. This season we went on a crap run from September until Christmas and yet we remained in the playoffs. Last season we went in a crap run between September and Christmas yet we ended up around mid table. The difference being last season the teams at the top were more consistent in picking up points unlike this season.
  9. If Bromley and other clubs go down this route because of financial reasons or players not wanting to be tied down to a further period with their current club then it will make it impossible to finish the current season. Unless you award the league points to the opponents of clubs unable to fulfill league fixtures you are left with the only option but to nullify the season. I don't think settling promotion/relegation and for the Premiere League European spots on league positions at the time of matches being suspended can be fair as each team will have played a different amount of games and therefore some teams will have an unfair advantage.
  10. True, it's where we end up in the table not how we got there. If we go up no-one will remember the drubbings against Yeovil and Stockport, the bad run between September and Christmas in time.
  11. Mainly due to the inconsistency in all the other play off chasing teams.
  12. Hopefully one of the first clubs to go to the wall. I would feel sorry for their 80 odd TRUE fans, fans that were there before this numpty
  13. Oh how I miss true football like this. This is the style of football I was bought up on and today's game whilst more technically gifted doesn't have the same blood and thunder approach to it. Most modern day footballers couldn't have coped in a game like that.
  14. The opposition from paying out
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