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  1. Overall I am pleased with the result considering we failed to keep possession most of the time. I think Peter Wild can take the club forward given time, it may not be this season but he can lay the foundations for next season. Yes we appear to be light in attack but I would like to think PW has assessed this and things are underway to remedy the situation. I will give PW my support as I think he has proved that he is prepared to play the right kind of football for us.
  2. Sounds like Aldershot are playing the better football and are getting too many chances in and around our area. Lucky for us we have a brilliant keeper in Johnston. We need to keep possession more second half and put their defence under presure. The next goal is critical let's make sure we get it.
  3. I think once Pete Wild decides the type of player we need up front and any other position he feels needs strengthening then he will act a lot quicker than JF did and will aim at realistic targets that will be rubber stamped by Mr B with little discussion. I think that Odi will be given a couple more chances before PW brings in a replacement and thankfully that won't take long. It certainly won't take til February like last season.
  4. Wild has been in the job a month. He has inherited a squad of players he has had to assess to identify where he needs to strengthen. Hopefully there is still money left to make additions and Wild is a better person to find those players. The fact that he knows how to change things during a game gives me confidence he can find the players he needs soon. JF refused to change things and couldn't recruit until it was nearly too late that's the difference.
  5. Agreed. A 1-0 defeat against a side we very rarely get anything from is not demoralizing. We have a chance to bounce back on Saturday and then it is the turn of Flyde. Our season is not over on the back of this result nor have we been relegated tonight so roll on Saturday.
  6. No they either retire early to count their over inflated wealth or bugger off abroad ie the States to earn even more wealth. No thought to the clubs fans.
  7. Wow she looks in great condition. Same colour and as the one I had many moons ago. I wouldn't want to be trading her in either.
  8. I know. I've been looking for a decent Reliant Scimitar recently but won't have the cash til the end of the year.
  9. Have you ever thought about trading her in for a newer model Archie?
  10. Shaymen2008


    So they recon we are only going to drop 17 points all season . I don't know about having a plus 91 goal difference I would just love us to score 91 goals for starters. I don't know what these guys are on but I suspect DJ has lost a large quantity of his "happy pills".
  11. Shaymen2008


    I don't think that this will be our year, although I hope I am wrong, but I do think we have all the ingredients for a top half finish. Camaraderie will be a great asset to the squad and the tactics from the management are positive but we still need two major players that the team of 98 had. We have a brilliant keeper, we have a "Killer" in Brown and/or Clarke but we are missing a Jamie style player who can weigh in with 10 plus goals and a Horse style forward who can score for fun. Neither of these will be readily available on the market, certainly not within our price bracket. I will be happy for an above mid table finish and hopefully further progress next season.
  12. Courtesy of a manager who knows you need to attack and back up your strike force to win matches not to try and bore the opposition to death.
  13. Sounded like we had the better chances second half but in the end our performance and first half goal was enough to keep us top and a 100% record. Wrexham away Tuesday will give us a harder test but our confidence must be sky high atm.
  14. Great start. Hope the rain eases, we don't want it abandoned now we are in front.
  15. Great start to the season so far. Performances have been better than 90% of last seasons games, we are looking to win games instead of trying to grind out a draw, it is so refreshing to hear. Hopefully Dagenham on Saturday will continue the same way and we can stay top of the league and unbeaten. I wasn't convinced we had the right man when Pete Wild was announced as manager but I will give him the credit he is due in that he is delivering what he said he would and long may it continue.
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