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  1. No one is comparing our players to premier league players, it is about using the system and how we don't have the players to do this.
  2. The system isn't producing the desired results as we haven't won in eight games. Unlike the example you used we don't have the size of squad nor the attacking options Man City have and whereas they may not be challenging for the title we will soon be fighting for National League survival. It has been said by many that the wing back system isn't working as we don't have the players able to carry it off. Whilst we have been unlucky with Stensons injury we haven't been able to bring in a replacement so are literally relying on Hyde who so far doesn't look to be the savior everyone hoped for
  3. I agree but unfortunately unless PW abandons his failing system the only way this club is going is down to the North. Low scoring draws and defeats won't be enough to keep us up. The question is is does DB speculate to accumulate? Pay off PW and employ a manager with experience at this level that could get better from the squad. But if his business suffers badly may affect his ability to carry in at the helm or carry on hoping that PW pulls the rabbit out of the bag and miraculously the players gel with his system and we start winning games.
  4. As many seem to think that the players are OK but the tactics and formation are the problem then another manager with different ideas may do the trick.
  5. and that is the crux of the matter. The board has gone for the cheap option every time since Neil Aspin. We need someone with experience at this level or above but of course they cost money.
  6. At this rate I would start with the manager.
  7. Wild has to see that his set up and tactics are not working, everyone else can including our opponents. He needs to adapt and be able to change these things as and when needed but apparently he doesn't think he needs to or is too stubborn to.
  8. Not overly optimistic with this one. Like most I can't see where our goals are going to come from. I hope we can keep them out so a goalless draw is my prediction, 11/1 with Skybet. I really hope they don't do a Hartlepool on us as they have a good record against us (except FA Trophy).
  9. Papering over the cracks or should that be chasms?
  10. We need the season cancelled otherwise we are heading to the North.
  11. Sounds like another stubborn manager who appears to be out of his depth. DB sure knows how to pick them.
  12. Like every other season where we have been so one dimensional.
  13. In that case we need another ten like him and a manager who can manage and knows how to change things that ain't working.
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