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  1. Safe journey to those travelling or yet to set off. Am currently delivering around Taunton and Bridgewater area and it's dry and breezy. I will be travelling over after work tomorrow dinner time from Plymouth.
  2. Both Heath and JF refused to change their systems despite the awful runs and club position. BH got sacked and JF kept us up, then the following season Rodney came in and scored the goals that kept us in this league (whether Rodney was bought in by JF or by Mr B remains unanswered). PW altered his system when we signed Rodney and we have prospered since then and that's the difference. Without the Rodney signing PW could of carried on persevering with TSS in which case we would be well off the play offs by now and PWs job would be on the line. Learning and adapting is the key here.
  3. There is no solution. The rugby lot can't go anywhere else because nobody would want a free loading bunch of parasites on their ground and I cannot see our fan base being happy ground sharing with Bradford City (Huddersfield already share with the rugby). Neither club can afford to build a new ground without major outside investment and that doesn't look like it's going to happen so we just have to accept that and complain to the council when the pitch is unfit for use ( or even with hold rent until it is fit for use) as they are the landlords.
  4. Must be nice to be able to pick and choose which games to perform in. Let's hope they remember which games they need to do it in.
  5. Great video dj. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Some wonderful moments.
  6. Last I heard Shaymanmatt lived in Bristol. If he's still there and goes that's the Welsh corridor closed too.
  7. I'm coming up from Plymouth which is definitely South and slightly West does that count?
  8. I would be interested i chipping in.
  9. Three great points and finally we have won against ten men this season. Reasons to be happy on two accounts.
  10. Desperately wanted a couple of weeks rest.
  11. More alcohol fueled violence resulting in the loss of a young man's life. It's so sad that these occurances are on the increase. Condolences to his family and friends.
  12. Totally shocked by this news. Too young to die especially so needlessly. Can't imagine what his family are going through today. Maybe we can hold a collection on here or at our next home match for his family.
  13. They showed plenty of attacking intent at Aldershot on Saturday and scored three. I know Aldershot are below us in the league but even so we need to be wary and not get over confident.
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