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  1. Third casualty in 72 hours. Who will be next?
  2. Manager is happy with what he has number wise. Until the right player comes up and we can ship a player out then he has to change things around and get us back on track. I have faith in this team staying in the top half of the table, hopefully in a play off place. If we fail to make the play offs it is still a good base for next season.
  3. Yes I can't find it on Skybet to have a new bet on as my treble is going down on us as we are losing.
  4. According to Skybet Barrow v Dover now has a 6pm kick off (I backed Barrow in my treble)
  5. For many years we have had very good club players that for some reason or other are unable to reproduce their form at club level on the international stage. Players like Gerrard, Lampard, Beckham and Scholes were household names even to those that didn't follow football but now with the exception of Kane and possibly McGuire I don't recognize the names and certainly couldn't tell you who they played for. Despite the success our top clubs have in Europe on the international stage England are at best average. This indicates that at club level it is the foreign players that are carrying the clubs.
  6. Stockport 2-0 up and Rodney not in starting eleven.
  7. Whilst it was two points dropped and despite the other results going against us we are still top on goal difference. We will make amends on Saturday.
  8. There's still 45 minutes to go. On Saturday we scored in the first minute and didn't add any more and I would be happy if we didn't score until the 90th minute as long as it brings in three points. Cameron will come on unless we are winning and he will create things and cause their defence all sorts of problems. All is not lost.
  9. Even forgetting about the glue leagues you must still be quids in if you got the 66/1 that glorious season.
  10. It's all a learning curve for PW and tbh he has responded positively with each minor setback. Long may this continue.
  11. I predict a riot on these pages if we lose
  12. obviously expect our challenge to fizzle out.
  13. Under Pete Wild we have won 66.6% of our league games. Now I know he has only been in charge for a third of a season so it is unfair to put this win ratio against the likes of what Mullhall or Aspin achieved but it looks very positive.
  14. 3. Shutting the door behind him on way out.
  15. Love it. Still brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Still think it should be played at t'Shay when we come out ont' pitch.
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