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  1. Hell will freeze before that happens. Bookies couldn't even compile odds on that event due to computer malfunction.
  2. TBH I know Macc have had their problems this season and had to postpone various fixtures and have players being paid late but they managed thoughout this to win more than three matches. Stevenage have had no such off field worries yet cannot muster more wins than half the fingers a Lancastrian has on one hand. They are the worse team so it should be GOODBYE.
  3. It takes time to chisel a press release onto slate then use a flock of storks or pelicans to deliver it to all clubs concerned
  4. My 50/1 taken in January looks good compared to these. Shame the sole reason for placing Thebes isn't around now. Skybet offered me a cash out of double the stake, alas it is not enough to even consider it.
  5. Go on I will take one. How do I pay for this one? The first one I used the details that Roger sent me.
  6. Shaymen2008


    Bolton and Barrow sort out compensation for Evatt to become new Bolton manager. Should be announced in the next 48 hours. On a side note Bury AFC have advertised for applicants for their managers job in the North West Counties League for next season.
  7. Bloody Nick setting up this moaning thread. Now I can't moan on the other threads Moan moan moan
  8. Yes the odds on both bets were too good to pass up even though I never thought we would catch Barrow I couldn't resist 250/1. It was a shame Rodney didn't have the same impact as he did first time round otherwise who knows.
  9. Alas not. They did briefly when the league decided to hold the play offs but they only offered the cost of the bet.
  10. I placed two bets on January 10th, one for us to win the league at 250/1 and a second on promotion at 50/1. This was upon us signing Rodney on loan so it is a shame that after he helped keep us in the play offs he has chosen to abandon the cause. At least the early curtailment to the season means we still have an outsider's chance of my bet coming in although I am less confident with this week's news.
  11. He'll be lucky to get four goals in three seasons
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