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  1. Shaymen2008

    On TV

    If all the relevant parties concerned with football outside of the top two tiers cannot get together with the clubs and thrash out a deal that gives the fans access to the games in some form then football will die and fans will be left with just the Premiere League or Championship clubs. The government, FL authorities, Sky, BT Sport and various media platforms hold the future of football in their hands.
  2. Up to 300 fans have been told to self isolate for 14 days after attending a charity football match at the Burnside Working Mans Club near Sunderland on August 30th after 28 fans have tested positive. Not a good start to having spectators in grounds.
  3. No you asked me what I would of done differently not what I thought they should of done differently. There is a difference. They are politicians with in some cases plenty of experience I am a delivery driver with no experience of the workings of government nor the civil service.
  4. No, as I said I couldn't have voted for Labour under Corbyn. As I have no intention of being a politition nor have I any experience in politics I cannot say what I would of done differently in the circumstances.
  5. Whilst Labour may not be storming ahead in the polls as you say, they have pulled back a 28 point deficit to the Tories since the election to be level pegging according to one poll published in an yahoo article. That presumably shows how badly Boris is handling Covid, Brexit and things in general. By the way I am not a labourite, I actually voted Tories on the strength that I couldn't vote for Corbyn.
  6. Boris and his jolly boys have already lost the next election unless Starmer turns out to be as bad as Corbyn, and even if Starmer does people won't forget the way Boris screwed up over Covid, Cummings, all the u turns and contract and peerages for the boys.
  7. I thought it had been reported by either PW or the Official club site that Brown couldn't commit to the extra days training therefore was put on the transfer list. However if no bids come in for him then it will be interesting to see what PW decides to do with him.
  8. He had a very undistinguished career with us so it was glossed over and anyone who saw something had that part of their memory erased (on the orders of the mighty Stockport County) The opening video will self destruct verty shortly
  9. Didn't do us any harm but too many do-gooders these days means you can't do that now.
  10. Not the mighty Stockport . You know you've hit the big time when Stockport are interested in you.
  11. Kings Lynn @66/1 looks a good outside bet. 16/1 for us is skinny odds atm. I will wait and see who else PW manages to sign before taking those odds.
  12. Asian betting markets are notorious for being rigged. A move like this would need a hefty bet(s) to show a large enough profit to make the risk worthwhile.The people who use these markets have more than enough money to make it possible.
  13. Problem is is that a majority of people use bad language regularly and most aren't even aware that they are doing so.
  14. Shaymen2008


    Sorry but unless he improves on his disciplinary record the guy is a liability. Even if he doesn't get sent off much he will be a marked man with the officials and rack up games suspended whilst giving the club a bad reputation.
  15. Would imagine the gestapo (can I still say that?) , sorry I meant stewards will be in seventh heaven with all the extra powers they will have. Expect them to be issued with two metre pointy sticks to ensure social distancing happens at all times.
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