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  1. I think you need to get your facts right. It was not a socialist construct. The white paper for the NHS was prepared by Henry Willink, the conservative health minister during the war and passed by the cabinet of a conservative government in 1944. However, Churchill lost the 1945 election and so Labour took the conservatives idea and launched it in 1948 as the NHS. So not really a socialist construct.
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    Why don't you open a club shop if you are so convinced of its potential. In fact, why don't you just buy the club and have done with it ..??
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    New manager

    Me and my Dad sat with Cloughie in the Skircoat a few years ago and he came across as a really genuine nice guy. He sat next to us for the first half and had a laugh and joined in the banter. Would be happy and quite amazed if we were to land him.
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