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  1. Erik, you've worn the keys out on your keyboard, the last post seems half esperanto. Have a break!
  2. Do you remember the half-time scoreboard, in the corner, by the former Shay Hotel, with the faded Webster's 'Wee Sam' logo, and the mossy platform, which kids would climb onto during a dire match and swing and play? The letters corresponded to that days half time scores, if you purchased a programme for 10p. . . Example: 'A': 1:0. Liverpool 1, Manchester Utd 0, you would know how the Division One teams were doing. You would then catch up on the final score, if you were quick enough by heading into town by looking in Fred Moores, Rumbelowes, or Comets shop windows just before they switched off. We also had transistors radio's for up to date scores, now we have the instant access of mobile internet and the bombardment of bloggers! Up the Shaymen- looking forward to the new season.
  3. Well, Bussomworth has given us some desperate years with some of his appointments, let hope we now have some Wild years to enjoy!
  4. Not a dickie bird from DB, or the communication team on how near or how far they are of making a decision. Unbelievable and yet again happy to keep the fans just drifting along. Shocking.
  5. Sorry if I have missed a post(s), but has Scot gone down with the ship since the Captain left? Will there be a closing post from our friend from across the border?
  6. Some kind of info. But why hope too high? We are not worthy it seems.
  7. Immenient announcement from Dangerous Dave due sometime soon? The wall of sound is deafening once again from our Leeds base empire and base. Never mind, the Board have got the 1,000 suckers cash already, with little effort yet again to prop up their ides of utopia.
  8. I'd withhold your Calderdale Council tax this year Erik.
  9. Yes! Some folk are better than others, that life and circumstances whatever it may be, we need - whoever it is - to steady the ship and give some fun and entertainment back to the supporters. Can't remember much fun watching a JF team (can you?), until the end with loanees propping is up. JF has had two bites at the cherry, who would give him a third?
  10. I think JF had ideas above his station, (what were his achievements prior to being appointed?), we all want the best - but it comes at a price and budget. I believe JF thought he was too good for us and the division, but you've got to cut your teeth somewhere. We will never see his like again . . .
  11. It sadly seems we are sinking like a stone Nick. What guidance do we have? We are left to speculate, which creates confusion. We are starting another season on the back foot and clinging on. We are kept at the very long end of a sticky stick.
  12. I posted earlier this week, (sensibly), I thought!? But the post got swamped by unnecessary political joshing, in the end! But to summarise my original post, there are two busy business men in this world who are both busy and industrious doing their own business duties day to day. One of them finds the opportunity to communicate regularly with the global population, (sense or nonsense, DT), the other one, closer to home keeps quiet and stum, DB? Why? Our Club needs support from the whole community, but the chief of our club remains mute! Why? One step forward, six back. Ten years on and still in communication limbo.
  13. Sadly, still no noise from the big cheese? Why is there such ignorance shown towards the fans - the potential new fans and the town? Not even the manager has spoken yet, which feeds from the top. It is truly beyond belief.
  14. Earing and Silva, he'll be signing Paul Jewell next. Desperate times.
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