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  1. I'm not sure what NA is up to a the moment, but I was thinking . . . wouldn't it be an astute move by the club to appoint him as Chief Scout for the North of England, due to his past endeavours in unearthing a number of gems for the Club lower down the pyramid, which has provided a much needed financial boost for the Club, we need to start preparing for next season. What do other think?
  2. First half was pretty much devoid of entertainment and invention. Second half we expanded and it was so more entertaining. Just need to create a link with midfield to bring it together for 90 mins every game and box off the play offs. Brilliant throw from Sam J for the assist to one of the goals.
  3. Staunton was excellent this afternoon! Aided by a spirited team performance from the squad. More of the same please, between January and April. Come on Shaymen. We still have opportunity to knock on the door of League Two.
  4. There maybe a classic Ealing comedy on channel whatever on Saturday afternoon ... Tea and toast in front of the telly on a Saturday afternoon, better than a Wild and winless afternoon at the Shay.
  5. We are sinking faster than the Titanic, and appear completely ruddless, (what can) our glum faced - finger prodding - to officialdom - manager of my hometown Club of 45 years do to entice me, to attend a current winless Shay on Saturday afternoon against the out of Chesterfield............? Drab and dire football is what the manager is providing, not the entertainment he promised! When did we last have a home league win? Sorry for being blunt, but if you can't do as (Wild) promised, to the Board and fans, when being appointed and in subsequent interviews move on and free the wage for someone who can entertain us. I am happy to lose, but only if we go down fighting = Entertainment??? I have seen too many fly-by-nights appointed at the Shay over fourty plus years on their froth and glibness, the present manager appears to be sinking like a stone, we need to progress, can Wild pull the entertainment ticket out if the bag? Not expecting World beating performances week in and out, but from great to dross in a matter of months, what is the excuse? Fed up Town fan.
  6. Manager- states not good enough! (Yet again)! September to January!!! Never drops a player in the key areas does he? Frequent poor displays- is it the baby faced manager or the players who are sinking like a stone? Shambolic displays week on week, lmakihl watching paint drying displays, but why? We're snking like a stone, with a narky/sulky manager at the helm. We're going nowhere, the Board had run its course, no investment, sinking with Blue Peter.
  7. Can (Blete) Wild, finally say why everything has gone horribly wrong since the 46th minute away at Chesterfield, in September. We have season ticket holders in our house and we're struggling to get them to go on Saturday. 9 goals conceded in two grames! Terrible.
  8. OFFICIAL! Bussy's bargain appointment is a flop! Beginners luck at the start and no chance of turning it around since the Autmn slide. I'd have Aspin back by Saturday, plus he can see potential and use it with full affect.
  9. We may end up 20th, having survived the division, will that mean we have a successful manager and Board? Current form and tactics are appalling.
  10. Wild wasn't a professional footballer, is that his and ours Achilles heel having him in charge of a professional club? Plus having appointed him (inexperienced), in the first place? Also I may add the posters on here were neither ex pros too! It is so very disappointing from playing like kings early on in the season to now scruffing it and bluffing it. We surely must be bottom of the form table after a Autumn to forgert, it's a shame, but why? ATTACK and ENTERTAINMENT was what was promised on PW own manifesto when appointed, he started well, but since his September song, we have been dire through the Autumn Pete appears to be pertering out, we need a boost but from whom and when?
  11. In the games yesterday, (from the Championship down to National South), where a club had a player dismissed, the opposition won and in a couple of cases drew, we were the only one's to lose. This has occurred four times now. Why?
  12. Silva does need a break from starting a match and it would enable him to refresh, the fans have been saying it for a while, but will the management team discuss it at their 'brew' and natter on a Sunday? I hope so!
  13. Is the BoD cheap option of Wild and the early season results proving to be a flash in the pan? When was the last time we actually played good football and were entertain? Limited budget, limited choice, limited fans.
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