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  1. I really miss my Chopper having to get by on my Grifter
  2. Is there any news on my bike, it was taken at the same time as the Official Messageboard was taken down for essential maintenance? Now I don't work at Halfords but I would have thought Chadders would have sorted both by now. Yours in sport
  3. Real, Barca maybe United at a push !
  4. Could they not email a pdf? Edit- sorry just seen that suggestion
  5. I wouldn't have said so, yes it's reasonable money but imagine being forced to stop doing your chosen profession at age 35/36
  6. I think they have had plenty of previous experience of this
  7. Ground share with morgue? Buy Harrogate's redundant rug off them
  8. vinnyweknuts

    Old Kit

    Built a new Institute of Technology building in the Midlands 3 years ago, it had two feature stairwells that were mysteriously painted tangerine and blue, for some reason nobody knew why apart from me!!
  9. vinnyweknuts

    Old Kit

    that looks like tangerine to me!
  10. could Mr B not purchase the embers, relocate the club to the Wembley of The North and rename it Athletic Halifax Town (retaining their identity!) and then we can at last see L1 football!
  11. suppose its an indication of intent rather than anything depends on replacement signings but I don't expect any marquee signings, more likely Argos Gazebo signings
  12. 2 groups of skool kids play against each other on the now redundant 11 a side pitch or Mixenden Majorettes on Zoom
  13. give notice on main pitch, hire the 5 a side pitch for matches , £20 for 2 hours per home match, beam the pictures exclusively via Shaymen Player @£20 per month, Covid secure, no doctors, no pesky fans, no steward costs, it's a winner Yours in sport Mr B
  14. a blank canvas can be attractive but scary
  15. cant see either playing in a playoff challenging NL side unless the other 9 are **** hot
  16. As it stands I would back PW- HTFC vs JF-HTFC team every day of the week.
  17. Well at least he has a clean slate to work with, can’t complaint about inheritance of a squad, if he’s good we’ll do well and if he’s not we’re doomed to a challenging season
  18. Concur , I am googling boot dubbin and embrocation supplies as we speak.
  19. really? think he should concentrate on what made him the money instead of football management
  20. Welcome back to The Shay Elton
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