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  1. I think the argument was that this is a "new club" didn't stop them inheriting the old ground and fan base, similar to the Sky Premier League revisionist view of history
  2. Have gone for a loss as I expected to beat Barnet, lose against Torquay, this has 3 points for Pools written all over it with Jeff King scoring a hat trick of 3 own goals within first 20 mins
  3. Where's that meteorite when you need it to land on the Pools team bus, act of god Stelling, forfeit 3 points
  4. absolutely, how many of us were hooked by a visit before we were 11?
  5. Just to see the Shaymen play once more
  6. In fairness those are the teams we would play in playoffs so might as well get used to beating them, top of the league Torquay only ran us close due to Super Jeff's generosity!!
  7. not seen that before, grass on the terrace? its a rugby town, surely there would be thousands in attendance?
  8. https://events.wexphotovideo.com/in-conversation-with-martin-parr-online-5-march-2021?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=FB-ppc&utm_campaign=Events&utm_term=Martin-Parr&utm_content=080221&fbclid=IwAR2kndflkWFq1WNW-zlduLY-vVmOH2nncPODYbSx1HZ4zz_gQZwkeRGxpKY gonna join this to ask what was behind his famous photos of The Shay
  9. I think he would struggle against the Mighty Pools Defence
  10. Fact- never netted at NL level, a poor man's Dents
  11. and have to play Jazzy Jeff Stelling in goal
  12. depends what day this poll is taken, Saturday is very different from Wednesday!
  13. I should bloody well think so, Hartlepool in the National League is bringing our game into disrepute, they should have an automatic Champions League place, be able to play when and where they want and all adverse on-pitch decisions should be reviewed and referred to Jeff Stelling for final adjudication #simplymassivePools
  14. of course we should wipe all results prior to last Saturday and just have a promotion mini-league amongst the remaining participants
  15. every breach of regulations must have consequences
  16. Big Sam has been a big disappointment in this area, although his ability to find the touchline has attracted admiring glances from oval ball scouts
  17. don't think we want his dad playing for us?
  18. hear what you are saying and it was a great performance and result against all the odds, doesn't disguise the ineptitude vs Barnet, PW is doing a very good job overall
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