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  1. I am unsure whether we'll see major food shortages as even hardest hit areas such as Italy are ok after the initial panic mode. Just a top tip if anyone needs urgent supplies, wholesalers that supply pubs, restaurants and hotels are brimming with food and are now targeting retail private customers. I have current contacts in Blackpool/Fylde (DJ- I can source biscuits!) but not in Yorkshire although situation will be similar
  2. Just watched The Likely Lads on You Tube- awesome
  3. vinnyweknuts


    or they revert to a winter season followed by a new summer season?
  4. What extras did you have wth your hotel booking?
  5. It has reached unprecedented levels of use, luckily once something has reached unprecedented levels it ceases to exist as unprecedented!
  6. Have done London refurb projects with firms from Carlisle previously and nationwide schemes with contractors from Leeds previously, it's cheaper and more reliable as London/SE contractors (in the main) chase jobs and quick money, also the better contractors are often booked up far in advance, hence why post COVID 19 the UK needs to look at the whole imbalance in the UK
  7. can certainly invite you to tender, if you PM me your details I can tell you about up coming opportunities, the work would all be local to Blackpool and the Fylde Coast, if you indicate your typical contract size so I can look at appropriately sized jobs, we follow OJEU and strict procurement rules so I can't favour anyone with a blue and white scarf but i can influence colour schemes hence why some of my previous projects have included tangerine and blue themes (1970-71 fashions)
  8. Bubba- it is a helluva challenge particularly due to the fragility of the industry and nature of sub-contracted labour, I am client side and we have just had to put on hold a £1million project due to overwhelming concerns about non-completion
  9. In fairness the club has well rehearsed plans for an extended summer shutdown with no activity #MrBresilience
  10. Sorry Flea didn’t know that as don’t work in that environment
  11. I’d not thought of that I presume it is not even hitting the shelves, that’s why it is slow re-stocking
  12. Hartepool has been in self isolation for decades
  13. The game was decided on the toss of a coin, and then it was best of 3 and we won
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