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  1. meal £100 are they going to The Ivy?
  2. I wouldn’t like the team to travel down on the day not ideal prep
  3. Straight to pens OMG , I can see it now
  4. wow didn't think anyone in the world knew The Aliens apart from their mums, good shout
  5. Blackpool Airport not open for commercial flights so not a wise move
  6. I'd like to see the odds on that, but suppose it happened to Man City
  7. vinnyweknuts


    i cant see that re-running on BBC soon
  8. Feck me imagine if the NL were running the D Day landings!!
  9. I really thought that was a made up name
  10. at least the money tree will have good topiary. I was jesting BTW. I honestly could not vote for anybody at the moment
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