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  1. vinnyweknuts


    Fair play to Mr B he has kept a steady ship but given our ownership model unsurprising
  2. Rick Holden and David McNiven, until checking I didn't realise how few matches David MCNiven played for us, and Rick was a legend!
  3. Date of formation correct, we just needed a couple of months to get the club shop set up and the shirts on sale
  4. vinnyweknuts

    Big sam

    Although not a goalkeeping expert I would have to agree, whereas I've seen multiple outfield players that you think would improve our team never seen another keeper to be jealous of,
  5. vinnyweknuts

    Big sam

    Considering every keeper in the UK at any level below us would need to be seen and evaluated to make this an absolute statement, it would be prudent to restrict this to Conference National only as I hardly suspect the Barnsley and District Sunday League Division 3 is harbouring a Dino Zoff!
  6. vinnyweknuts

    Big sam

    There was a definite hand ball in that goal as well
  7. Getting out fought by the Green 12 men
  8. It would be disingenuous not to thank Yeovil for bringing back wrestling to The Shay!
  9. End to end but they deserve the lead
  10. Yeovil look very solid organised and incisive, this is a very big challenge
  11. Duke of Ed has now stopped driving vehicles so should be fine
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