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  1. it does seem surreal some of these sponsorship deals, I don't even know what half of them are even trying to market, what happened to Top Man, Sharp, Crown Paints!!
  2. we did it for years in 70's 80's 90's!
  3. was his technical drawing rather than on football pitch?
  4. although it was helped by him having no t to cross and only 1 i to dot!
  5. yes she is a star
  6. played at altitude in the Alps it is high fives
  7. was there any teaching in this school or was it all banging the pupils?
  8. Hmmm, am sure if it had been Man United rather than Lincoln United the outcome would have been the same!
  9. think Mr B was always in favour of an amateur arrangement back in the day! I presume no relation to the great Andy Watson who played for us in late 80's
  10. noun 1. a person employed to take care of horses.
  11. i was going to suggest there are plenty of vantage all you need is a car with a sun roof!
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