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  1. common sense move by both clubs , well done
  2. Moses was available but DB declined the price of the tablets #feckapple
  3. get me his agent's details, that must have been sale of the century
  4. please note we have a resident comedian in Chadders who is perfectly good thanks, we have no need of another, I am sure Pools will return again to their correct position in the football pyramid with or without the sordid antics of opposition teams
  5. Buy Vardy sell Odelusi you heard it here first
  6. Still waiting for our full time squad training to kick in! Wound me up them banging on about this
  7. Need to abandon match now ! “On the pitch, on the pitch, on the pitch”
  8. What happens after 90 ? extra time, would make sense just to go to pens
  9. What ever will piss off Jeff suits me
  10. It’s ok if we score from the halfway line
  11. I wonder if Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull are sat at home safe in the knowledge that their banging tune is playing out to an empty stadium in Halifax!
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