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  1. is this interview on a loop?
  2. I found it straightforward, it had an option to buy an online reprieve from relegation but sadly that was only for home fans
  3. Calm down, it was being complimentary and topical!
  4. Why was it £20? #believe
  5. nice of the Premier League to move Man City Leeds to an early kick off to avoid this far larger war of the roses
  6. Bloody luxury stream, with Frank Sidebottom statue cutaway images, free promotion with every stream recorded this is a game to (Sir Geoffrey) Boycott
  7. for some reason its hard to message and also look at answer, I think it is ex-players initials including Frank Large but I don't know the connection!
  8. no answer is Danny Raachi!
  9. was always a worry on the vidiprinter when the score was in letters as well as numerals Halifax Town 6 (Six) Manchester United 0
  10. I can see your point and this is not going to be popular but if the people who were part of the problem become part of the solution then that is a result eg Martin McGuiness. I'm not going to glibly say that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter as that is not absolute. Yes I might feel differently if I or my family had been affected directly but if we don't make peace then GB will be still be at war with Germany, France would still be at war with Germany etc etc
  11. in fairness we've not had one for a while!
  12. sad but true, the only possible alternative would be to grant Alty a promotion
  13. Absolutely, I will keep my link to the people by buying the Shay on the cheap and immediately starting construction on the new hotel and nursery #spiritofAbbott
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