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  1. He’s either a 10/10 or a 3/10 according to county fans. My guess is he will be a 10/10 while on loan. We’ll sign him permanently and he’ll revert to a 3/10.
  2. Nyal Bell has signed on loan from Stockport. Out of favour so far this season. Seems To divide county fans. Probably as good as signing we could expect at moment.
  3. Haven’t read all the response, but Wild didn’t dismantle the team. He made offers to a substantial amount of last season’s squad, albeit with the caveat they needed to commit to extra training. I’m sure he would have liked to keep the likes of cam king, Staunton and Duckworth who all turned down contracts.
  4. Wrong formation for today’s team. We need to be more direct and turn teams around winning 2nd ball higher up pitch and starting our attacks in their half. Currently we play too slow. Alright playing the way we do when your 1-0 up.
  5. 3-0 to town today. Allen to score two and Byrne to score from a set piece with a header.
  6. After 10 games last season Barrow were 19th and Harrogate 17th. Barrow had already lost 6 games I think. Going off eye test for me at moment, this years team would comfortably beat last years team.
  7. Of the teams in the playoff places in the table above only us and Yeovil competed in the playoffs and we both fell at first hurdle. Barnet were the highest place team in 12th, while the two lowest teams in that table finished first and second.......
  8. Now I’m not saying we are going to do a barrow or Harrogate, but this is the table after around 10 games last season.....
  9. Out for season. Feel absolutely gutted for him personally and for the club.
  10. Gevaro is at national team camp all week, maybe jamie Allen is as well?
  11. Earing, Maher and Allen are car school, wonder if they are still suffering effects from the covid.
  12. He was injured. You can have seven subs. The game could have gone to penalties and he is our main penalty taker. My guess was if the game was close he would have been subbed on for shootout.
  13. I wasn’t. Don’t know why, just had a feeling we were going to be flat.
  14. My guess is he has been talking about that he feels this squad is good enough to keep things fresh and constantly changing players to keep them part of the squad. Get the feeling he doesn’t have the same belief in some members of his squad after today’s game and he will be starting with what he feels are the best players, and not just rotate them.
  15. Postponed due to their ongoing COVID cases. No new date announced yet. Hopefully it’s not until latE in the season and crowds are allowed in.
  16. You can get free Vpn trials all the time. Very easy to use and will allow you to watch the match no problems.
  17. I personally don’t think they tried very hard. Just my Opinion.
  18. Another example is that York averaged 200 more fans than Torquay and yet York will be receiving 60k less. The Conference asked each club to give detailed financial breakdowns. The clubs should have been banded in tiers of attendance Over the three leagues and money divided equally from those bands. This seems very slap stick to me.
  19. 3 months. And I’m not complaining, but I know certain club’s in conf north like Chester, Hereford, York will be livid at receiving the 36k for their 1500-2500 crowds, while your Borehamwoods are receiving 84k on the 500 crowds.
  20. With 50% going to us. Limited to UK residents, so I suggest the likes of Nick & Hoddie Fire up the Old VPN’s .
  21. Based on gates i suspect. It’s a bonus for the likes of Torquay, aldershot in the top 7. As they are Receiving the same amount on their 2500 crowds as a Stockport or Notts county on their 4500 crowds. It’s the same with the 84K funding, we are the highest placed Club in attendance with 2100 last Season and we Will receive the same amount as Borehamwood and their 500 crowds.
  22. According to chadders best mate Ollie Bayliss. 7 clubs in the national league are receiving 95k a month, while the other 16 are receiving 84k a month. I’m guessing the 7 are based on attendances. Guess where the town finished in that list...... 8th.
  23. Think it’s the national lottery funding the government payout it’s not in addition to it.
  24. Form yes, they are JF results. Performance wise though they are night and day between the two. However it is a results business and we need to start scoring To have a chance of winning games.
  25. Question mate. Do you feel more emotionally invested in the shaymen this season, due to the fact that your essentially no different to us fans that live in Halifax. Just curious of those that live a considerable distance away feel more of a connection to the club this season?
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