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  1. Are you basing this on the fact that he’s started following us on twitter?
  2. Throw £1500 a week at players and we would have signed two squads by now. After last seasons lack of signings until almost the first game of season. PW can take as long as he wants for me.
  3. That’s a shame. Still think we will sign a couple of players like that though from lower leagues.
  4. We don’t keep it hush hush. Our problem I imagine is money, we really really really have to sell the club to the player. I imagine all the players that the likes of Stockport, Hartlepool, etc have signed are players that we were trying to sign as well. We are not going to be signing the Connor Jennings or Mcallums of this league, the only signings we will make where the players are highly rated by the fans are those signed from a league or two below us. Like Cameron king was at kings Lynn. Someone like montell Gibson? From Halesowen is the sort of player i expect us to sign, along with a bunch of journey man league 2 and conf players.
  5. I had two kids as well, were prob used around half the time.
  6. No, otherwise I’m sure the club would have announced it...
  7. Nu away Kit. Interesting colour to say the least
  8. Another outside bet for king could be Cambridge United, still relatively local for him and a slightly upwards move to league 2
  9. Not sure about the house share with southern players? Before lockdown plenty of Instagram vids of a car school involving Danny Williams, Earing, Maher and Allen who are from Bolton/Wigan/Blackburn area.
  10. Who also had his fair share of injuries, disappeared in games, but on the same hand kept us or won games for us. Have a lot of respect usually for your football opinions, but am struggling to see the critiquing of Cameron king, and praise of cooper.
  11. Maybe so, did you have the same thoughts on Dan Gardner?
  12. We had 8 players, a week from the start of the campaign , and last season wasn’t horrendous was it.
  13. Would make sense, previously played for them and still localish to where he lives.. could they offer more money than us, probably.
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