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  1. This is my worry about king. We signed him incidentally from Kings Lynn and they look they will be in conference next season. Makes sense to me that he may rejoin them next season as they are local and are on the up. I would if I was in his position.
  2. A foul every day of the week by king, he was behind the player not too the side and went straight through the back of him with his shoulder. Silly foul to give away.
  3. That passage of play in the 2nd half where he almost scored after beating about half their team was insane.
  4. 200 people have booked for this event, well done to all those involved in organising this event! As well a great event to celebrate our,I am sure it will be a nice money earner for the club in what otherwise would be a mundane January game.
  5. Took his chances at start of season, looked scared of shooting in the last month or two. As your a stats man TJ Macalinden was 10 in 28 and Rodney was 7 in 12 in a team under Fullarton that was not allowed to have any creative freedom. Give me Rodney over Liam any day .
  6. Would have dreaded to think what would have happened to Duckworth if he had t thrown that ball to Redshaw in lead up to second goal. That fan would have been livid!
  7. Did I say that?? Wind your neck in.
  8. Tobi was in a position where people have moaned that he hadn’t been all season. Think that was helped by not having to do all the leg work by himself up front.
  9. Dan Gardner, is just coming back from injury after a long time out, ala Redshaw. He knows the club, was with Oldham last season and we all know what he can bring to the table.
  10. Your right about David Cairns and Adie Hall as well. Still remember in each of the three months I was there, there was a pay day phone call to all the directors or associates(including Jim Brown) basically begging from anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds to cover that months shortfalls and pay wages. Chris wilder was always Top drawer with me personally, but i think he was Just intrigued as to why I had travelled all that way to volunteer for the club from Australia. Craig Nelthorpes dad, when he came on loan to us from Doncaster at the time. Said it was ridiculous how professional Halifax in relation to donny(lge 1 at time) was with regards to pre match. which makes sense with what you were saying about Wilder and his insistence on away trips stop overs etc.
  11. As you know too well bubba, he was just as good a guy off the pitch as well as his football managing acumen. You worked at the club a lot longer than I did. But he was a superb guy and really genuine, wouldn’t want to get on his bad side though. Those years from 2002-2008 that entire club was only still in existence thanks to Wilder, Richard and Christine Groves? And Arthur. Never forgot the time Wilder offered me a trip back on first team coach after a game against Grays away and this was Over 2 years after I had volunteered at the club and had moved backed to oz and then back to Halifax. He remembered my name and asked us about Australia, was proper made up that he remembered lol. Absolutely Top Bloke, brilliant manager and criminally underrated by fans of this club.
  12. Agreed. Just good football all round. Unlucky not to score, but don’t think he should have if that makes sense.
  13. Then find it hard to believe you could form an opinion that he should’ve scored. From south stand, he had only just got up from his volleyed effort that was saved and when Macalinden crosses ball back in and he had to climb over back of Leesley from a very tight angle to win header. I didn’t hear anyone berating or saying he should have scored around where we were, as it would have been an impressive effort to ge that to go in. From east stand you wouldn’t have been aware of the angles or distance In my opinion
  14. Were you in east stand or south stand, basing that opinion?
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