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  1. Pitch looks remarkably good in the small parts seen on streaming so far
  2. Tom scargill, just tweeted that he said refs happy with it. Game On...
  3. Interesting information coming out is that if all the players/staff are furloughed it will cost £14million of all 66 clubs, compared to the £10 million in grants that were provided for the first few months of the season..
  4. Been announced by chadders favourite journalist “Ollie Bayliss” that the next round of funding will be coming as loans and not grants. This has caused a lot of issues and many clubs are saying they would rather furlough players then take out loans. A meeting is scheduled for Wednesday among the clubs supposedly. Season maybe finished sooner rather than later.
  5. Gutted by this, used to travel to away games with him, when I first moved over from Australia. Always a fun drive with him and Lawrie P to away trips.. what a top guy he was. RIP mate
  6. Do you have an issue with Tom Scargill or the courier? I find the quality and content of most of Tom’s articles excellent. But you have not had a good word about the courier for ages..
  7. Rumour going around that he maybe going out on loan to Grimsby now.
  8. To Sunday In a side note, Os on Facebook, has stated that Sunday looks a nice sunny day. Now he could be on a something different. But it made me think, that maybe the club needs to be proactive with Southport and maybe discuss moving this Saturdays game to the Sunday... Seems like the common sense thing to do??
  9. You're probably right, but they’ve always signed decent established conference players. A decent transfer fee and they maybe able to invest and bring in those few extra players needed to take them to the next level then a perennial playoff team. Also have a lot of time for their manager as well. Always gives excellent assessments on games
  10. A player most thought was too good For this league has now signed for an undisclosed fee for Huddersfield. A bonus that we won’t have to face him again this season. But in long term I imagine it will be a decent fee and means Borehamwood will stay a strong team for years to come.
  11. Maybe ask the club to start a fundraiser then for new covers.
  12. I bet a tiny fraction of the south stand goal box is frozen. If the ref deems it unsafe. What are they supposed to do. The whole pitch isn’t frozen. It will be the 18yrd box that’s of concern...
  13. And why is it so strange..... please tell us more
  14. Sorry just found it now on official site.. “Senior signed a one-year deal, as did Summerfield, Noble-Lazarus, Green and Woods. Centre forwards Hyde and Stenson both put pen to paper on two-year contracts.”
  15. Really, I’m sure it was announced as a 1 year contract at the time
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