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  1. I’ve only put about 700hrs into the game so far, still managing Halifax. Wage bill of £3.3 million a week. Currently in season 2033/34. Bout to play a champions league group game at shay. 4-2-3-1 controlled possession my formation of choice. If I can remember that far back. Earing and Jamie Allan were decent players to have. Early on make sure to find a senior affiliate, and also search U23 premier league squads and get season long loans.
  2. Now I know the club has only a certain amount of time to reorganise the game, but why did theychoose a Tuesday at this time of year only 48hrs after a home rugby game....
  3. On a final note and maybe taken with a Pinch of salt. But Rodney has liked Tom Scargills link to the story about himself on Twitter.
  4. My thoughts exactly, I can understand him enjoying his time here, but he doesn’t love the club. And if he has been offered decent money from Stockport, that we can’t extend ourselves to, than you can’t begrudge him the move. A footballers career is short and Stockport isn’t a backwards move on the scheme of things.
  5. Pitch doesn’t that look good, can already see pools of water and that must have been taken several hrs ago and it’s been pissing it down since then.
  6. Whats ironic is that the rugby club tweeted this an hr ago
  7. No one had asked for any injury update every Saturday before the game, but they do one and keep everybody updated, which I’m sure we are all grateful for after last season and JFs communication skills.
  8. You lot are a cynical bunch. They maybe merely keeping us updated on the statement they made in October about asking for outside investors. I see no problem in the statement and am happy the club are keeping us updated as to where things stand.
  9. Prob a personal response to tj ashton and others on here, who have in the past questioned the ambition of the board.
  10. Ducky has a dislocated shoulder, could be out for season, the extent of injury is unknown at moment. Big big loss if out for season!
  11. Not getting much game time at Walsall looked very good in a dour Fullarton set up. Another creative option we could look at???
  12. Dean Windass has retweeted the video and his retweeted video has 49000 views. As with many off the field things this season. The club has really done us proud.
  13. After watching highlights, Dovers 3rd goal should have stood. Never a foul in a million years and Johnston got out jumped.
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