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  1. Would have To upgrade the Turnstiles and tickets to a barcode system or enter via a open gate. As the current turnstiles are quite snug.
  2. Liam ridehalgh is under contract till end of 20/21 season with tranmere.
  3. He was at Kidderminster for a small amount of time before he signed for us. Considering he’s local to that area, I fully expect him to sign for a team like that if we doesn’t get picked up by a FL club.
  4. Agree with most of that, but fear the biggest stumbling block will be league restructuring every season. When 4 northern or southern clubs all get relegated in one season. All hell will break loose with midland clubs moaning like anything about having to restructure player recruitment, travel, etc if they get moved every other season.
  5. And In a pandemic riddled season, can’t expect many floaters or non believers to be coming to watch Halifax town this season £199 or £299
  6. You really think so? I suspect all we did last season was tie in regular pay on the gate types into season ticket holders for a season, which will have lost us money on regular Saturday games, but prob made us money on Tuesday games as they prob wouldn’t have attended as many of them if they were pay on gate. Really doubt we would have sold many more than last season.
  7. Could maybe argue that club could drop price to £249 if season ticket is paid in full by May 31st. Most clubs offer an early bird price, and will give club immmediate funds... could be idea?
  8. An extra kid as well. 3 kids this season not just 2 from previous seasons.
  9. Well we didn’t sign up in the numbers they wanted last season. At least mentally it’s under the £300 bracket.
  10. To be expected. Good value if we go up/ or the league is reorganised regionally. Price is average value and as expected if we remain in national league.
  11. Happier than they were a few months previously, when the game got called off due to a certain sky game for the blue sox vs Wigan I think. Think game got called off at 7pm. Brighton fans in the weavers were not happy at all!.
  12. The fact that he rested half their squad , , including top scorer Bobby Zamora spoke volumes.
  13. Josh is one player I would pull out all stops to keep at the club. Good player, Even better person.
  14. Another idea I’ve seen elsewhere, And I’m not that savvy with these things. Is an even similar to the HalifaxSOS, is maybe for people to buy tickets to a virtual game from the past that can be streamed online. For example we could charge £2 a ticket and for that you would get a link to watch the Halifax vs Man City fan cup game or the watery cup game against Man Utd. maybe the club organise something like this and maybe try emphasise the fact to see if we could reach the same crowd as those games. If you could get 20000 people at £2. You could also contribute some of that money to charity as well as the club. You could also ask the clubs involved or their supporters clubs at Man City/Man Utd to get involved.
  15. Are to be released next week. I hope they are at a similar price to last season. But don’t have my hopes up too much. If they keep them at same price, I will be happy to pay, even if there’s no chance of attending the first few months of the season or more.
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