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  1. David Carney - Australian(played 3 games after being released by Oldham I think) early on in the Chris Wilder era. Went on to play in the 2010 World Cup Jake Taylor who is a first year pro(youth team last season) and is out on loan at the moment is also Australian as well.
  2. Jack Redshaw has signed. Very good player if fit and motivated.
  3. Jack Redshaw is a number 10, he’s experienced and is on the outer at Salford.
  4. Think they feel that there is prob this season and maybe next season before all the financial reserves are used up. And unless we go up in that time then they will have to cut back accordingly. Think the Harrogate game was a catalyst for an already planned move, and they want to try attract somebody while we are still in a decent position out on the pitch. Makes the most sense to advertise at this time in my opinion. What the future holds though is anybodys guess
  5. My thoughts exactly. Get the feeling that failure in fa cup has pushed this along a bit quicker. Don’t think this season is in jeopardy. But get the feeling that Mr B wants to slowly and surely wind down his full time involvement in club. Not a worrying time so to speak. But in terms of the history of the club, this has been the most stable decade in terms of Not fearing for the future of the club. This statement has the chance to end up being very exciting or very worrying for the club. Fingers crossed things go well.
  6. Club statement has come out asking for anyone interested investing in the club to come forward. Anyone got a couple of million in their back pocket!
  7. Sorry mate and I’m trying not to be rude. but don’t have much faith in your judgement of players from previous comments you’ve made previous signings we’ve made.
  8. And those will be people who haven’t been at the game. I’m talking about the like of flea who do attend and give impartial reviews on games.
  9. Bloody hell, you don’t half wear your heart on your sleeve do ya. Started with 2 players, now 5 and half of them haven’t even played today that you want rid of. Poor performance and poor result, but let’s wait for the post mortem from the likes of flea, etc before going all Gung ho on getting rid of everyone.
  10. Trying to outdo Southampton today by the sound of it
  11. Need to sort out defending at moment. 3 set pieces, 3 goals!!
  12. Players need to sort out defending at set pieces. 3 set pieces, 3 goals!
  13. Whitehouse in one of his few games for us won the penalty.
  14. It’s triple h from wwe entrance theme. If it’s been done before season starts then it’s pure coincidence. Even so probably best they should probably redo it. Doesn’t look to good does it.
  15. Bit of a mute point at the moment with browny out. But in order for me are Staunton Cooper Maher Nolan
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