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  1. JBW was a big unit but he could cover the ground pretty rapidly Omatayo seems very slow for an athletic looking guy. Just have this feeling he was/is with us until he found something better.
  2. With Omotayo it has the feel of Quigley all over again.
  3. Don't panic, the gloves are off, PW picking his own team with probability loan players will go somewhere else & score a hatfull of goals.
  4. Are there search parties looking for McDonald & King although the latter usually disappeared at 70mins.
  5. Add to that the HBSoc merger with the LBSoc was basically a Leeds takeover, old board out new board in, never quite worked out how they engineered that Anyway long term it helped non of the above.
  6. At least due to having a dis-functional council we avoided the Arndale Centre scenario & demolitioning the Piece Hall, on the downside we ended up with tower blocks & Mixenden
  7. Nationwide didn't let it stop them.
  8. Roy Race

    FA Cup

    We can live in hope, it is our fate I'm afraid
  9. Roy Race

    FA Cup

    Was referring to last Saturday with my previous comments, anything could happen this Saturday.
  10. Roy Race

    FA Cup

    Don't tell me, all part of Saturday's cunning plan, the fact we pulled it off so convincingly is testament to what a brilliant team we have.
  11. He was certainly good enough for Saturdays
  12. Trouble is I don't think our club can afford a Mexican stand off even if it is not of the Gareth Bale proportions, similarly any player with aspirations would want to be playing, maybe this is where the problem lies with Hanson, ambition or lack of. Always looked upon him as an asset worth developing but that theory seems to be out of the window.
  13. Probably identified as one prior to kick off
  14. My final take on the match. Other half, who is a keen supporter & season ticket holder watched the first half, said this is embarrassing & went into kitchen to make a cake.
  15. We probably were the best team they have seen but temper that with the fact they ply their trade two divisions lower than us.
  16. Nothing there I would disagree with, contact PW we have options for a plan B, C, D & E there. Quite clear Senior & Williams make for a very strong attack minded left side, something we should exploit or is it that too much to hope for.
  17. Has to be considered as an opportunity missed IMHO, have to be aware of this type of availability, since he wacked three past us would have expected him to have made an impression on someone at the club surely.
  18. Not seen that one for quite a few managers tenure. Plan A seems to be the favourite, if it doesn't work try err....planA & if that doesn't work there's always plan A.
  19. Just the type of player we should be bringing in on loan, we saw him first hand & Halifax is a site nearer than Gateshead. Has to be better than signing traffic cones on short term contracts, c'mon Town frame.
  20. If Allen had beaten his fullback who was there available to cross too, be actually did get to the byline a few times looked up.........& no one there.
  21. Nothing to do with dreams but a lot to do with satisfactory football performance & satisfactory financial security, neither of which we came out with from yesterday's match.
  22. Ironic showing team from yesteryear against Birmingham, they would have run through brick walls, today's team hardly ran.
  23. It wasn't broken with Bradbury in, we looked far more resilient & composed in fact. One difference is Summerfield is not there as an outlet so we just wack it upfield in brainout mode.
  24. Why shoehorn Maher in when backline with Bradbury was working fine.
  25. Why fix something that ain't bust.
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