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  1. Are the ECB assisting clubs financially, possibly need to contact & apply.
  2. Just have to trust a fellow Shayman doesn't lie, it is someone who worked within the local health service but I am not at liberty to name names. You are also at liberty to ignore me if you consider the information unfounded.
  3. Feel free to ignore me if you find yourself offended, my views wont change in the near future, goodbye.
  4. But then again I don't ram my beliefs political or otherwise down people throats at every available opportunity, my life, my choice how Iive it.
  5. Plenty of those I'm afraid, plenty of reasons its far from a perfect science.
  6. May sound like a get out but I am unable to reveal my source, just have to take my word for it, lets put it this way its 100% more reliable than most sources quoted on here. Are you telling me it doesn't happen, if so proof.
  7. A good outcome for you Steve but no less than you deserve, you are domiciled there & I guess pay taxes. It appears in the UK their are enough health tourists with no affiliation to be a drain on the NHS.
  8. Very neatly put & possibly a major factor in our apparently high mortality rate. High volume revolving doors is not a good policy trying to control an epidemic of the unseen. .
  9. My point is not all older people are vulnerable or misbehaving, not targeting you for anything other than clarity.
  10. Out & about doing what? Group hugs, BBQ's on the village green or shopping for necessaties or exercise same as you.
  11. Odd turn of events general public having freedom eroded or removed & those who should be banged up let loose on the rest of society. British justice at its finest
  12. Suggest one old plonker is probably not representative of the age group concerned.
  13. Roy Race


    I have to say we have a larger population of clowns in what is supposed to be an educated country. The more I see the more I come to the conclusion the British Isles is oversubscribed by ignorant inconsiderate morons.
  14. Roy Race


    The lockdown didn't appear to have extended to the three members of one family running round Lidl in my face yesterday morning or the masses of traffic on the A58 in New Bank or for that matter the 8/10 mixture of youths gathered together out of sight overlooking Sunny Vale from Southowram. Are reasonable people wasting their time. I will continue to try & keep me & mine safe but how can you in the face of idiocy.
  15. Looks like he found an injection for the problem.
  16. Look at the positives you wouldn't be able to post on here without it
  17. Roy Race


    In stating they were right about Brexit they failed to be impartial then.
  18. Roy Race


    I don't do social media other than this, If someone comes on here & says their grandma has died of CV I too would likely believe it , unless they are not quite a full shilling they have nothing to gain, the media do. Used to think the BBC was pretty impartial, following the coverage of Brexit a lot less so.
  19. Roy Race


    The problem in none of the data out there is verifiable, why believe one set of figure's over another, one countries propaganda over anothers, spin is spin. Basically we have no idea whether we are better or worse in any of the key areas than any other country. Some people appear to believe whatever the media feed them without question.
  20. RIP Ron, proper Councillor & proper Shayman
  21. CV would have had no chance in the Skircoat bogs.
  22. It could equally have been a conspiracy theory similar to the plethora we currently have, what criteria do you use to sort the wheat from the chaff of news.
  23. Agree it's the individuals choice in a democracy, it's even possible to have a balanced view & not a one eyed version.
  24. Probably about as much as career politician who hop from one cabinet post to another achieving diddly squat but moving on before being found out & that is all colours & hues of the politcal divide. Amateur's in complex posts.
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