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  1. Best cast our net again then.
  2. We need to Spruce up our approach to this thread otherwise it wont blossom.
  3. I bow to your superior arboreal knowledge.
  4. Roy Race


    There is a god case for Yorkshire independence , as a minimum from that other country.......London
  5. Roy Race


    Just as well you weren't routefinding for Capt. Cook Tonto
  6. It is a knotty subject
  7. Willow give it further thought as Eucalyptus may be wrong.
  8. Boy must be confused, born in USA, played for Wales & his position is debatable, LB or RB
  9. Cod Army for a codpiece
  10. Some match days feel a little like that. As someone else mentioned the Council will probably have to be dragged screaming into allowing matches again, probably the last stadium in the country to open.
  11. Similar to a CF who can play in goal, OK if pressed but not really what you would choose.
  12. But also suggests The Shay will not be available for sport.
  13. Is it significant all the games announced are away......here we go another disfunctional pre season.
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