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  1. Possibly not, the tidal surges around the M5 & M6 will put people off travelling
  2. Roy Race


    Correct, better making tits of themselves to a minority like minded audience
  3. Roy Race


    Possibly sportsmen & what are loosely classed as entertainer's would be better off not using their "status" as a political platform...…… they could use the pub like the rest of us
  4. There may have been reasons for sticking with a system that had worked but had clearly been sussed by opponents, we may never know. PW altered it to a now functioning system, credit to him for that. I know posters on here are supposed to be football illiterates but the majority would have advocated the current formation with the addition of a Rodney/Redshaw type partnership, again credit to PW & the BOD for making it happen. At least I am watching the match again instead of staring into space wondering why I bothered.
  5. Which Williams though, Danny has been very consistent at LB.
  6. Part & parcel of the job, hero to zero in five matches, if not sacked zero to hero again in five matches.
  7. Not to mention suggesting a round figure is not P.C. & will offend a large portion of the population...……….maybe a small portion would solve the problem
  8. Well worth the bother then Still doctoring the gate numbers
  9. The saying careful what you wish for springs to mindOver to Oz to try & piece the pitch together again, going to be a busy lad, bet he is in tears tomorrow.
  10. Dodged a bullet there as well then.
  11. A top player, legend & hero. If a modern player had to drag people out of a plane wreck they would have to consult their agent first.
  12. Roy Race


    Will be a shame if we lose him but this is the danger in a loan situation. Hopefully we have a plan to replace him with another quality forward if the worst happens & we don't dither about deciding.
  13. Roy Race


    Dave only signed on loan until end of season therefore no pressure to say anything, just maybe he meant it but in the end head/£££ may overrule heart.
  14. Roy Race


    Here we go again, chuck money at it=everyone else in National & below suffers the longer term financial implications. There should be financial caps to stop the crippling upwardly spiralling costs to clubs trying to run a prudent sensible budget.
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