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  1. Similar in Halifax, had to be collected from distributer, think it was top of Horton Street, early start for network Mr Big plus sorting for paperboys. Must have been worth it.
  2. I did Sundays on most of that round in early 1960s, plus Ovenden Road to Lee Mount, those bags were heavy full, had to collect money as delivering & go back if no one around, quite time consuming.
  3. Are Lester Piggot or Ken Dodds financial advisors still about.
  4. Do they all have tatty bedsheets for covers
  5. Talking of off our power just went, second time today, last one was three hours. Tin pot, think l will inform Jeff Smelling. Had to dig out fourcandles.
  6. I liked our away days at Southport, better than a trip to Fylde or some place on the M25 you have to Google.
  7. Possibly pay for a stream of that😀
  8. Only one is about the footballer the other three are about a firm of solicitors.
  9. Yes don't let the continuous snow, ice & rain get you down😀 Us oldies need to see this through to keep the impetuous youngsters in line, that's the 60yr olds & less.
  10. Real shame we have lost his services, he brought much needed quality to our threadbare frontline. Hope he keeps up his progress to the top, unlike some of our loan players he gave 100% & looked like he wanted to be with us.
  11. May have been a direct quote but I would take some convincing I'm afraid.
  12. Could be steveonatroll or unbelievable jeff as jeff is unbelievable, in lower case intentionally.
  13. Harder work than forking, would sort the wheat from the chaff.
  14. Put it to TJ or Hartlepool to give a definitive answer as they have a better understanding of Pennine weather than mere referees.
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