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  1. No problems logging in & paying, odd jitter but nothing to worry about, replays too, free insight in to Ramadan what more could you want. Shame about the pitch, fortunately stuffing them too.
  2. Referee blew for a free kick then decided it was half time & blew for that, surely the free kick should have taken place.
  3. Not from what I have seen up to press, quite happy if it is a requirement he uses it.
  4. Clarke a one man object lesson in the art of defending at the moment.
  5. My feelings about Woods are similar to many have about Clarke, not a first choice with the emergence of Earing & Green & to a lesser extent Spence.
  6. It must be like going to see the headmistress, a daunting prospect & for that am sure HRH does have a positive impact on any PM's behaviour & actions.
  7. Quite often has the opposite effect similar to manager of the month.
  8. So what is the recourse for a false accusation and will any action be as swift as if the accused had been found guilty.
  9. 6ft & a bit so that's not the issue, it's just not an away supporter view friendly ground.
  10. Didn't mind the guy, wouldn't survive on the frontline today, called a spade a spade not suffering fools gladly.
  11. What ever quality the stream is it has to be at least equal to standing in the ground, never found a location with a decent view there yet.
  12. Sad to say certain sections of Northern Irish society could cause a fight in an empty room. As you say it ingrained in their physici, history & traditions & will always be bubbling away under the surface. A united Ireland will probably polarise the issues even more.
  13. Similar, the answer is out there🙄
  14. First time PW has had that luxury, be interesting to see how he deals with it.
  15. It is a little like banging your head against a brick wall, most sensible people stop as it tends to hurt, never been one for a bloody forehead.
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