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  1. Roy Race

    FA Cup

    Appears the Town players will have to be up for it then, this weeks training needs to include hurdling & jumping.
  2. That'll teach you to live in sunny climes while all the rest of us have to look forward to is a Covid rampant winter
  3. Roy Race

    FA Cup

    Based on ours & their goalscoring expect 0-0 on Saturday then
  4. Nothing like a deluded Darren team then
  5. RIP, anyone supporting Town for so long has earned a place in Shayman history.
  6. Yes, if two or three of this group of youngsters progresses it will be a Brucie bonus for the club. From the little I have seen of some of them I see no reason why they can't grow to form the nuclease of a successful team in the near future.
  7. We should run a book on how long he will last at Brighouse.
  8. At his age probably classed as a veteran I love it when we have a sprinkling of young players in the team, especially local lads where possible. Would rather see talented raw kids trying their best than old pros just going through the motions.
  9. We have made a start with Earing, Benn,Tear & Spence. Earing has made a brilliant start to the season from being a fringe player last season & Benn looks capable of holding a place in the team if needed, all to the good IMHO. Well done the BOD & management team.
  10. As I described, very useful too, can be used as beanie type hat, balaclava, neck warmer & face covering. Ideal for the style concious Shayman if there is such a thing.
  11. I am a motorcyclist recently retired so have one, now pressed into use as face covering for weekly supermarket run. If you went into a shop in the past with a mask on the bobbies would get you, now if you go into a shop without a mask the bobbies will get you funny old world.
  12. It's a stretchy neck tube you can pull up to act as a face mask
  13. Balanced informative report, notable though that Clarke was not booked for a supposed bad challenge yet three of Wokings player were booked.
  14. The defence against all expectations is sound, in fact must be one of the meanest in the division, not giving away goals is where you start. Goals for are in short supply but not just for just us, something to work on for sure but partly the result of our two strikers being injured from the off.
  15. What's the panic, even in Aspins best seasons he didn't have a settled fully functioning team until the end of November. As long as we are somewhere near at Christmas we are in with a shout.
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