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  1. Possibly the odd free Christmas present, don't suppose they have a commanding CB & a combative CF that would be happy getting paid.
  2. Clearly not everyone's choice of club infrastructure but if Macc are the other blueprint as touted by many on here I for one am happy to stick with DB's prudence approach. Would love to be in leaguefootball but not at any cost.
  3. Its a simple choice then, clear less than £50k you vote Commu sorry Labour, plus £50k Tory, not clear on what you have to trawl to vote for any of the rest, suppose owning twenty Christmas trees for recycling could be the bench mark for the Greenies.
  4. Being part of the UK doesn't impinge on their freedom either and as has been stated they receive more per capita head from Westminster than an England resident does.
  5. Which match did the front wall give way at. Yes the toilets were pretty much pure stale beer smelling but it did create a quick throughput of clients.
  6. All the more reason they should be careful what they wish for, the Braveheart mindset won't pay for an ambulance trip to the back of beyond or road repairs to enable it. They cry freedom but want to stay in the EU, very odd. One thing that really pisses me off is the fact they vote in our parliament on matters English but we have absolutely no say in the very expensive Scottish parliament.
  7. Never going to happen in the sporting wasteland that is Calderdale, extend that to the general wasteland that is Calderdale, little civic pride barring HRLC and our good selves.
  8. Maybe as is the current fashion we ought to have a TV show where the audience vote for the government they would like, Strictly Ballsroom or Britain's got no political talent . Political commentary could be Shouty loose woman talking over you till you give in.
  9. Enough hot air on there to keep us all toasty warm this winter, not sure what type of gas is being emitted but pretty sure it will be harming the atmosphere
  10. Just as well my fuel allowance is imminent then
  11. Not after all the build up, may have to rejoin the triangulated political spat on the other thread or triangulated plus an occasional Erik.
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