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  1. Not to worry the next generation iPhone will come out on time regardless
  2. Didn't vote for an outbreak of CV but it's what we have got. Am going to sulk & bleat about it for the next three to four years.......if I'm around for that long. Wonder if Scotland voted for it, Nicola hasn't made it clear.
  3. Every chance component parts for ventilators come from China even if you had people with the skills to nail one together. If you are unable to get bread flour off the shelf how do you source an instant ventilator.
  4. Have to admire & take your hat off to anyone who works in the medical profession dealing with the situation on a daily basis, respect to you all. One issue which bugs me is that the NHS are having to negotiate beds & prices with private hospitals, in this time of crisis they should be commandeered at absolute basic cost.
  5. Makes you wonder where they all are now, as I pointed out earlier it was so popular how did it die out so completely. Seem to recollect some lads raced a circuit of the Shay track in the sixties the bikes where so low geared & the track so big they were completely cream crackered at the end.
  6. Re cycle speedway odd it died out, competitive exercise, bikes readily available & tracks not rocket science to build. Then again Xboxes and computer games a much easier option
  7. Just stick us in EFL and stop fannying about
  8. It's no wonder the pitch is garbage now is it.
  9. If we survive this I'm sure they will be evolved out & the hand will just have texting fingers.
  10. Think it was in the Courier but I'm sure the jungle drums beat. Amazing how many on here were from Ovenden/Illingworth, also used legs to save money. I know it's more difficult nowadays but doubt kids would do what we did anyway. Take beer bottles back or collect scrap for spending money anyone? Another point re supporters locations is it was a working man's game
  11. That type of behaviour might just earn them a bruise or two in the current situation, typical of our yob culture.
  12. Similar, myself & several mates, it was all quite surreal to say the least. We walked from Ovenden & back.
  13. Can easily deal with most of the edicts but the subsistence grocery shopping is the big issue even if the products needed are on the shelf. Been happily making my own bread for years until the locusts stripped the shelves of flour & yeast.
  14. He should listen to his own songs "I'm not the only one"!!!
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