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  1. Josh Mac usually provides 4-6 gift crosses with no one there to receive them, it makes Josh look poor when it's the system not working.
  2. Some very critical posts, our away record is promotion level, we do need more goals especially at home but overall we are doing OK.
  3. Didn't have to think he was shite for us he was, says it all about the guy when he apologised to Wrectum fans for scoring against them, the one of two he managed for us.
  4. Would take a 0-0 shite draw, at least it would show the defence is sound again then build from that.
  5. Why do players join up if they are not interested in playing, cheating the punters out of their hard earned.
  6. Think SQuigley must have had a football transplant over the summer, he played for us with the heart of the tin man.
  7. Another good win, can't knock a win by that margin.
  8. England could have scored for fun if they had cut out the side & backward play, they don't have the quality & lose the ball too easily, what they do well is counter attack in numbers, three passes & in the net as with the last goal. Frustrating to see moves break down due to poor passing.
  9. Heat pumps also need environmentally unfriendly gases similar to refrigerators & also require electricity for them to function, bit of a catch 22. I agree there are many options to develop but we are here & now & most will not supply enough power for the millions of iPhone let alone electric cars.
  10. In all probability, what form would that take, the last month or so proves solar power as it exists is a non starter, similar with unpredictable wind power. Nuclear for some is an absolute no no, even gas generation has environmental issues.
  11. Possibly the odd free Christmas present, don't suppose they have a commanding CB & a combative CF that would be happy getting paid.
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