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  1. Were we so naïve, if so a lot to learn.
  2. Please no comedy goals against early doors, defend from the front.
  3. Plenty in starting lineup, hopefully make them count in first hour, J King can be played forward of midfield if needed.
  4. Who do they play for, joint forces team
  5. That's the perfect response to his signing, it doesn't need dissecting, we will see if he is the player we need in the fulness of time.
  6. My understanding is Terry Cooper now lives in the Canaries so as our local correspondant you should be able to give us the low down.
  7. Never had a chance to shine last season, used as a target man with no support, lost his desire due to being played incorrectly. Most games he had to come back to the halfway line to pick up the ball, he is a goal area player & will score if played in correctly.
  8. I sit in the East Stand & have never heard any of the older generation booing our own players, this I am afraid is a reasonably new phenomenon for the younger generation. I have always given praise to officials I deem to have performed well but I do give under performers a little stick..........well a lot of stick
  9. No real surprise, he had a reasonable game in the pre season match at Farsley a few good runs at goal but no power in shots.
  10. A good sign when he knows his shortcomings & is prepared to work to correct them. You can forgive a lot when players attitudes are right.
  11. Sounds like we were well & truly old manned, Young team, Young manager, we will learn from it hopefully.
  12. No, pleased we are looking. We need to resurrect our scouting system.
  13. Start at beginning. Who are Hall Lane Rangers
  14. Had to happen at some point, shame it was at home with a good crowd. Feel we do need CB cover to allow Staunton back into midfield.
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