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  1. Hi Stranded! I recognise the username from our Yellowboard. I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but I can see him coming back at the end of his loan, maybe only briefly, unless we pick up another striker at the start of January or Bell doesn't want to return. Firstly, we have an awful lot of games coming up (plus the trophy) and Gannon likes to rotate the squad. Bennett is our first choice targetman, but pretty much comes off at 75/80 minutes every game to rest him for the next one. Currently Britton replaces him, however: 1. his loan ends at the end of this month; 2. he's yet to s
  2. Just posting to say well done to Nyal Bell - it sounds like a great goal - and because it worked so well last time. I hope he keeps doing the business and you beat Solihull.
  3. Cheers and the same to you. There's been some very dark days and it's been depressing playing regional football on pitches that more resemble parks than stadiums, but hopefully we're finally on the way up. Credit to you too for reforming and rebuilding from the very bottom. I like to think that we'll come out of these years stronger as a club and support base, and really value what we've got and the need for quality leadership on and off the pitch - though there's still some way to go yet! History and a big following counts for nothing on the pitch, especially when you have clowns behind th
  4. Even if there's a recall clause, I can't see us recalling him unless we have an injury to our targetman, Bennett (or Bell starts scoring for fun!). Bennett's our preferred option up top, with a more pacy striker or wide forwards alongside. Then we have another young striker on loan from Bristol City, Britton, until January as his understudy. We've got an awful lot of games this month - 9 in 28 days I think due to our Covid break, but I presume we loaned Bell out for exactly this reason. For him to get gametime (he had only featured in short spells from the bench for us) and refind his scor
  5. I thought Rodney played quite well with us - scoring 3 I think? Though admittedly he wasn't as prolific as his spells with you and I think the vast majority of County fans would say Tom Walker was the better Salford loanee at the time.
  6. Good to hear! I have always thought that he should be better at that given his physical stature. His decision making has also been poor on a few occasions for us, often going for the difficult option and giving away the ball rather than just laying it off simple and getting himself in the box. I hope he continues improving and performing, though we may want him back at the end of the month!
  7. I had a flick through this and it's nice to see that Bell's doing well. I know he scored the other week too. 2 games with him and 10 goals?!
  8. No problem and thank you oldskir. I guess it's semantics, but I think of Salford, Borehamwood and Fylde as bankrolled. Owners that are trying to build the team before the club and the fanbase; where if they left, the next day the club would be in serious trouble. Yes, Mr Stott has put in some money, but he's from Stockport and has invested on and off pitch as well as in the local community. For the first time in years, we're full time again with a dedicated training facility. Our ageing ground is also finally getting some love and care - replacing rotten seats (in the away end you'll
  9. I browse other teams forums fairly regularly, mainly because there isn't enough good NL content out there, but this is the first time I've felt compelled to create a profile to post. I've never seen a fan come on another team's forum just to slag off their own player(!) who's out on loan. We are not all like Jay! Yes, being realistic, Nyal isn't the best striker in the world and we wouldn't be loaning him out to a fellow club in our league if he was in-favour, but he's certainly not a lost cause. He played a significant part in our NLN title winning season and did enough last seaso
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