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  1. Maxine by Sharon O'Neill - I hope it is ok to indulge in one more track from this little known artist from NZ. This video is quite sad and hard hitting.
  2. N is for New Zealand and the beautiful Sharon O'Neill with this wonderful song that you have probably never heard before! The UK missed out on her talent.
  3. K is for North Korea and the amazing Moranbong Band. These girls can play.
  4. My choice tomorrow will be from Korea. My daughter loves BTS and there was a massive song from Psy that swept the nation! However, I am choosing a bunch of beauties from North Korea.
  5. As it is J today I had to pay my respects to the late great Judge Dread. RIP Alex Hughes.
  6. I have also chosen I for Ireland with two times Eurovision winner Johnny Logan
  7. G is for Greece and that human sasquatch Demis Roussos. This reached no.1 in the UK charts in 1973.
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