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  1. Stockport lose their best players...and tank. Thank God we've got Devante!
  2. oldskir

    Notts County

    Some people are saying we can't keep changing manager. But I'm just not seeing anything that suggests Wild has any idea on how to turn things around. He benefitted from the "He's not Fullerton" factor and new face bounce early on, but it worries me that the longer he has had to work with the players, the worse things seem to get. There are no really outstanding teams in this League this year, we really need to be making a better fist of it now. No home win in the League since September is dreadful. Barrow are only a small club, their attendances are not big. I don't think they are bankrolled?? They have shown what can be done.
  3. It's some drop in odds for a rookie manager who has now entered into a trajectory of decline.
  4. When you look at 2 of the most successful sides in the Division, Yeovil and Torquay, you see plenty of tall players and strong players with good physical strength. I think this is one area where we are lacking. The return of Matty Brown will help things, and personally I would get Binnom-Williams back in the side as soon as possible. he's a really big, strong player. I think Jakob Hanson did enough against Torquay to keep his place. So how about, instead of playing the very right footed Duckworth at left back, we bring Jerome back in, and give Duckworth a try in midfield. He is strong, able to tackle, can get forward quickly, he can pass and shoot...and score! Get Maher back in the role he does best, defensive midfielder just in front of the back four. Then Ducky and Cooper battling in central midfield and getting up to support the attack. Nolan can take a break on the bench.
  5. Hey, how about the current Board investing? Surely they cannot expect a new investor to pump money in if they aren't? If the current Board won't invest, then better they sell up?
  6. met office site forecasts rain for this afternoon
  7. I seem to think the Smash and Grab partnership at Bradford City was actually coined for Paul Aimson and Bannister.
  8. Of course we don't want players coming in who are disruptive characters. But Rodney was with us just a few months ago, and played with many of the players we have now. We know he fits in. And we know he delivers. His goals were a massive part of us avoiding relegation. We would only have been talking a maximum 3 month loan. Is anyone really saying that such an outlay would cripple us? We were able to afford him last season. And as for Pete Wild saying he doesn't want to rock the boat, the existing squad got us to where we are. Well fair enough in one way. But things change quickly in football. That same squad are now the ones who in the last 5 home games have lost to Harrogate ( twice ), lost to Yeovil and Boreham Wood, and could not score against bottom club Chorley. So I would say the players DO need a shake up with some new blood coming in.
  9. I think they should. We are top of the League now, the National League is relatively weak this year with no real outstanding team. I don't think we will ever have a better chance of winning promotion. The promised land of the Football League and the £1m tv money is within reach. But most supporters can see we need to strenghthen, we need a decent striker and another creative midfielder. So players need to come in. I'm thinking on loan for now. I was gutted when I saw that Devante Rodney was available for loan, but had gone to Stockport. He is just the sort of player we need. The team needs an injection of fresh players, or I'm afraid we will soon start slipping down the League.
  10. oldskir

    Pete Wild

    Wild has done a brilliant job in a very short space of time. Get him signed up on a long term contract, Mr Bosomworth!
  11. Thank God Bosomworth has appointed Fullerton, a young coach with no experience whatsoever of managing in the National League. And only 12 unsuccessful games as a manager at Notts County to boot. I'm so pleased we didn't get a manager like Gary Mills or Richard Money, both bosses with years of experience of managing at National League level . And both with a promotion to the Football League on their cvs. That's not for us, is it David?
  12. Just looked at the article on his time at Notts County. Two lines in particular stood out: Notts have taken just one point from a possible 15 at home The 41-year-old's 12-game spell in charge was brought to an end following Saturday's 4-1 home loss to Exeter An uncanny resemblance to Kelly's record at Oldham. He lost his last home game there 5-1.
  13. Has Bosomworth gone mad?? Fullarton's record in management is pretty much as limited and bad as Darren Kelly's was, and we all know how that turned out.
  14. We need to remember we are now in a relegation battle. Sorry,but I think we need someone with more experience than Billy Barr at this moment in time.
  15. The first question Bosomworth needs to ask the candidates is "Are you happy to work with a part time squad and just 2 nights per week training?" Second question: "Do you have experience of managing within a part time set up, and did you achieve any success?" Because this is the reality of our club. A part time set up trying to function in the National League with a lot of full time clubs. Those 2 questions will quickly sort out the Mark Bowers from the Peter Taylors of this world! Third question: "Do you have a good knowledge of the best part time players plying their trade within sensible travelling distance of Halifax?" (This is with a view as to who might be available for future recruitment ). Fourth question "What sort of contacts, if any, do you have at neighbouring Football League clubs". (This, of course, is to try and improve our record and get some good loan signings in ). My fifth question would be "What style of football do you like to play? " "Supplementary question to this: "Can you show any previous evidence as manager of playing attractive, passing football" ( Because if we are going to be stuck at National League level rather than the Football League, we might at least have some entertainment rather than the sort of dull stuff that Heath served up.
  16. The win at Nuneaton was a fantastic result and gets us off to a great start! Really pleased to see the Tom Denton hat trick after the rather slow preseason Tom has had. This guy has got goals in him. Could finish top scorer in the Division. He did well at Ferriby, but now has got an even better team around him. Heath unbeaten so far. Things are looking good.
  17. I'm very much in 2 minds about this appointment. Kelly has very little previous management experience, and his brief record at Oldham was poor. I'd personally have preferred someone like Paul Cox, Dave Penny or Gary Lowe. Guys with more experience and a proven record of some success. Having said that, I thought Oldham played very well in the pre-season friendly at the Shay and looked a good, quick side playing attractive football. He has played a lot himself at Conference National level, so will know the standards required. People in the game seem to regard him as a good coach and he seems keen and ambitious. The BIG plus point here is him bringing Jim Harvey with him. This bloke has massive experience at our level, with FGR and Morecambe. Didn't he take Morecambe in to the Football League? Also with his stint at Stalybridge, he should be aware and very knowledgeable of the Northern pool of part time semi-pro footballers. Harvey also likes to play decent football. With the position we are in in the table, we've now got to get behind Kelly and hope he does well. I'm glad the BOD have only given him a contract to the end of the season though, with an option for us to extend it. Basically, he will need to keep us up as a minimum to keep his job.
  18. oldskir

    New manager

    ANYBODY who can get a win with this existing below standard squad should be in the running to be manager!
  19. oldskir

    New manager

    Didn't Bogie fail badly at Stockport? And what has he been doing since? Please,please could we have someone who plays decent football and gives a bit of entertainment. With our budget and part time players, I don't see us getting back in to the Football League, with that formula. So the aim should be upper mid table, a few cup runs and the occasional punt at the play offs. So we need ENTERTAINING football at home to keep the fans happy and the gates up. Not the sort of boring stuff Wilkin served up at Nuneaton. Gary Lowe has got to warrant very serious attention if he is interested. The team he produced when Hyde strolled to the Conference North title a few years ago was excellent. I remember when they played at the Shay and I was hugely impressed by the quality of their play. Attacking, entertaining, passing football. If we look at the squad that we have now, players like Hughes, McDonald, Brooks, Racci, Hibbs, Tuton, McManus would surely be the sort of players suited to Lowe's style and one's he could work with STRAIGHT AWAY and get the best out of. Lowe would be within our budget, and if the worst did happen and we still went down, the guy knows Conference North like the back of his hand, and has a promotion from there on his cv. John Flanagan should also be given serious consideration. He seems to have performed minor miracles at Curzon, again with decent football. He would be within our budget range and will know Northern based non League players well. He fits the profile that Aspin was 6/7 years ago. An up and coming manager, successful at a lower level, but with ambition to progress. I'd be very wary of former Football League managers with no experience of part time football or working with the kind of tight playing budget we have. Wouldn't want to touch someone like Kevin Blackwell (mentioned by someone on here) with a bargepoll. And don't waste time mentioning people like Nigel Clough. The guy will be aiming far higher than us.
  20. oldskir

    New manager

    The FIRST question should be; Will the new manager be full time or part time?
  21. Here's a question. We all seem to agree that we need a quality creative midfielder. So given all the money we have got in from the Vardy and Gregory transfers, how come we can't seem to afford what might be a slightly inflated fee for a player like Jamie Osborne?
  22. If Hednesford are being particularly obstructive and difficult over this, I really don't see why our club shouldn't look to play hardball, so long as we abide by existing FA rules, which I am sure Bosomworth will. The lad Osborne has a right to ply his trade and play football. His contract at Hednesford has expired for heaven's sake. He's given them good service, if they are not willing to compromise to let the player go to a new club now, then I think it is poor. You have to fight your corner in football these days, look at Raheem Sterling. I seem to remember also Burton getting around the rules a few years ago, was it picking up a player ON LOAN just 3 days after he had moved to another club? Something like that, but within the rules.
  23. Now that Aspin is full time, he should be watching other games 3 or 4 days a week in my opinion. He should have a much better overview of players at other clubs, and potential signings, especially possible loans from higher placed clubs. Basically he should have a list as long as your arm of potential new recruits that he has had this extra time to watch and vet. Let's hope we see some fruit from this in January, because the recent first half performances against Chester and Woking certainly show we need some fresh blood and new talent!
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