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  1. The thing that gets me more than anything is this. Players at the top levels are paid a totally obscene amount of money, and certain agents also rake in big amounts. All of these people are able to make a massive amount from the game we love, but virtually none of them seem to put any money back in later on, such as investing in a football club as an owner. The money is there in football, but it just bleeds away out of the game, going to a set of spoilt and selfish individuals.
  2. Yes, that was my last visit also. I was happy with my view from the seated stand. Really good Town performance that day, Wayne Allison outstanding.
  3. He's served this country well and had a long innings. Yes, a big shame he couldn't quite make it to 100. R.I.P. Philip.
  4. I think they are both very good players. I'd have loved to have kept King for this season. But Cameron's fitness issues and apparent inability to play a full 90 minutes on a regular basis are a big problem.
  5. Well, with the quality of Earing and Green, a returning Summerfield and Woods, and the very promising Spence, our midfield now is a million miles better. I shudder when I think back to the poor quality of players like Nolan and Cooper last season.
  6. I think this is worth a thread of its own. Just wanted to say well done to the two commentators who have brought us the streamed games at the Shay since last October. I'm sure there are many fans like myself who are perfectly happy with your commentary. You're giving of your time, and learning on the job. I really hope the rumour that you might walk away is wrong. You are appreciated by many of us. We like to hear which player is on the ball, what you think of how we're doing and info on the opposition players etc. Any problems with the stream are NOT the fault of the commentato
  7. May I add my condolences. So sad.
  8. I don't want to tempt fate regarding injuries, but if all goes well, we could have a huge number of attacking options available to us as we go in to May. Hopefully Hyde stays fit. Then we also have Chadwick, Allen, Obiero, and with any luck Campbell back from injury. Good competition for starting places, and good options on the bench. And with Summerfield available again, our chances of a play off spot could be looking good.
  9. Highlights: https://www.thenationalleague.org.uk/match-info/match-centre/1-6405629
  10. I'm happy with the 3 points and back in the playoffs. Created loads of chances. Needed to do better for their goals. I'd have liked to see Chadwick running at their defense today, I think he would have caused them problems.
  11. Today's stream attendance peaked at 782.
  12. oldskir

    Agents fees

    What, did it cost us £8k to offload TSS? Only kidding!
  13. Well done David Bosomworth for getting this sorted. I've been somewhat critical of our Chairman recently, but he's gone and got this done now, it's the right thing for the club. Hopefully will give our play off push a boost, and knowing Wild is staying, I hope a lot of our good players will want to stay. If Pete and Milly can build on what they've achieved so far, the future will be really bright.
  14. Thanks for this table. Great work again ITMAN. To get in to the playoffs, we are going to need Hyde and Summerfield back, and better luck with no injuries to other players. We need to find real consistency, no more Barnet type results. We need Torquay to continue to falter, also Notts County. The two games against close rivals Chesterfield could be vital, and really tough. Chesterfield have improved massively since James Rowe took over.
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