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  1. Yes, the picture quality was poor at times, and sometimes it froze entirely, meaning we nearly missed a goal. However, I did like that the camera was reasonably close to the play. One grouse I did have with Tuesday's stream from the Shay was that at times it looked like a bird's eye view from the moon. That is, we felt to be too far from the play. This was particularly obvious at corners.
  2. Both Notts County and Wrexham lose today. Dan Gardner now playing for Wigan.
  3. I agree with what Woody said earlier: A good point IMO, Allen, King, Summerfield and Clarke stand out players again having good games. Woking aren't mugs having won 3 games but we made them look average on their home ground. It's just a matter of Town gelling, it's early days yet. Quick mention to Johnson....best keeper in the league by a country mile! Thought the commentary was very good and balanced.....streaming was shocking at time though! I think I'd also give a mention to Danny Williams. Worked very hard as usual and always involved. To be fair, Hyde looked
  4. Which of today's bench would you drop to put Tear in?
  5. Good performance from us again. Midfield playing well. We're the better team so far. Another keeper making a very good save to keep us out. Good commentators. Terrible picture quality at times. For £12 you deserve better. Interesting to see Maher playing left sided centre back. Bradbury "rested" after his error against Yeovil?
  6. I think Notts County are charging £12 also. Clubs have flexibility to charge what they want for normal ground entrance, so why not for streaming? Having said that £12 is a bit steep in the present circumstances. I would suggest maybe a CAP of £11, with clubs like Dover and Stock[port free to charge lower prices than £10 as they do now.
  7. Ok, how about German born players in Town colours. I remember Felix Bastians, who was great. Any others?
  8. Go to the Woking website by following this link: https://www.wokingfc.co.uk/home/ Scroll down and under the News section at the bottom left of the page, click on #CardsLive. You then need to create an account, and then you can buy a Match Pass. Come on You Shaymen! Let's have 3 points tomorrow!
  9. I bought my £12 pass for the Woking game on Thursday. The way I see it, this is far cheaper than what I would have to shell out if I had to travel from Yorkshire to Woking, then pay to get in to the ground. And it is much less time consuming. So I am quite content. But I appreciate every Halifax fan will make their own call. At the end of the day, I just want to be able to watch my team play.
  10. Just been on the Woking website. The stream costs £12, with the option of making an additional donation of £3 or £8!
  11. oldskir


    The crew running Salford have no class and don't show any loyalty. Graham Alexander has today issued a statement: Graham Alexander has launched a defence of his record in charge at Salford following his sacking this week. Alexander was replaced on an interim basis by co-owner Paul Scholes following a 2-2 draw with Tranmere last weekend, a result that left the club fifth in Sky Bet League Two and with an unbeaten start to the campaign. Now the 49-year-old has issued a statement via the League Managers Association, thanking the club for the opportunity but also making a point
  12. I'm sure Jake will want to get on the field against his old club. I agree with some others on here. Bring him on as a sub.
  13. If they're going to be out injured for a long time, I'd sooner it was at York rather than here!
  14. Just a reminder of what we have waiting in the wings:
  15. Redshaw is at York with the other mercenaries.
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