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  1. Well, we have loads of football clubs either side of us in Yorkshire and Lancashire. It's not like we're in a remote location like Barrow or even Torquay. Wild needs to find those strikers. And after all, one poster on this board said it was fine to let Gevaro go...the poster assured us there were better players for us out there. So, let's see them!!
  2. Notts County and Sutton must be the favourites to win this now.
  3. In fairness to Pool(s), I think they have got quite a useful team, and Dave Challinor deserves some credit for what he has done since he took over there.
  4. Bill Carter was good, back in the day. Let's be honest, the internet and social media have all but destroyed the local press.
  5. We've just lost FOUR players in Bell, Chadwick, Gevaro and Danns. Hyde, Clarke, Stenson, Noble Lazarus are all injured. Dom Tear seems to have disappeared in to some sort of gap in space. Where are the replacements? To be fair, the new lad/ centre back from Sheffield United looked quite useful last Saturday, but Mansell is very much unproven, not sure he can fill Bell's shoes. So, that's 8 or 9 players gone/missing due to injury with just two in so far. The squad is threadbare, and any chance of a play off push is starting to recede. We do need more new sign
  6. I expect I'll get shot down for saying this, but I'd prefer we don't give up home advantage. Weather forecast is for more snow/ rain overnight/tomorrow morning, so I do expect tomorrow to be postponed. I agree with Chadders, there should be enough time to re-arrange the game at the Shay, before the next round.
  7. oldskir


    There may be better options out there, and I pray we can find at least one, ideally two. My advice would be bring that "better" player in first, BEFORE releasing an existing squad member when we are already getting down to the bare bones. As Gevaro seemed to only be on a monthly contract, we could easily have kept him til we saw if we could find someone else.
  8. oldskir


    I think it was a mistake to release Gevaro when the situation with Chadwick hadn't been settled. In my opinion we should be looking to bring in TWO forwards now.
  9. Thank goodness he's gone, his departure was long overdue. A complete waste of money, and the most ineffective performer I've seen in a Town shirt since Sanmi Odelusi.
  10. Maybe we should approach Derbyshire County Council for a commercial loan, like they gave Chesterfield?
  11. Great to see that goal again. Steve was excellent for us for a while. Unfortunately never the same after an injury.
  12. Draft in even more forkers, and get them to run on the spot over the affected area of pitch. That should thaw things out.
  13. We've let more goals in, because, thank God, Wild has adopted a more attacking style of play.
  14. It's Winter, games get postponed. Get over it! Harrogate's game off last night as well.
  15. If I was Bell, I'd be very unhappy. At Halifax, he was a regular. Gannon yanks him back, but then doesn't want to know him. Poor man management. I do hope we sign Nyel in the summer, when I think he will be a free agent.
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