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  1. Without a doubt, call me an optimist but with most people vaccinated by summer we only have to then get to a tier 2 kind of level. Maybe not this season but definitely the start of next.
  2. Same problem. None of the provided links are even working now
  3. Actively searching for a way to undermine a cause can only be explained by said person disagreeing and not wanting it to be furthered. Choosing to dig deep for reasons to discredit George Floyd and the anti-racism movement, proves only that said person is acting to oppose it's message. Last time I checked, opposing an 'anti' movement must mean you are 'pro', ergo such a person must be pro-racism, or is at least acting as such. But what do I know, I'm only a town fan.
  5. sunny d


    Surely as fans we have some kind of leverage, if a large enough proportion wanted change then it could be a fantastic way of making the club feel like it’s really ours again. Perhaps it’s just a pipe dream.
  6. sunny d


    I absolutely agree, I am actually a fan of that round one it's a bit different and unique if nothing else. Even if a new badge just incorporated aspects of the old crest I'd be much happier.
  7. sunny d


    First time post here, just wondered what peoples opinion of our current badge is? I've thought for a long time surely this isn't the best we can do and I find it hard to associate it with the town, it just feels a bit arbitrary.
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