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  1. 5 x 12 hour shifts on nights is what you call tired,
  2. contacted them telling them they have server issues
  3. kidding you , been cut off the stream because of the wind
  4. lost the server because of the wind, so cannot watch it now
  5. getting windy so i expect to be cut off watching
  6. wanted pogba to play to give leeds more of a chance
  7. so good on tuesday makes you realise how bad streaming games at the shay is
  8. I enjoyed the game two good teams giving 100% we could have won but not our night, thats football
  9. marine will play for a draw . more money for them with a replay at white heart lane
  10. Happy for them, i am always behind the little teams in the cup
  11. when you paid you were sent a reciept also on your pc saying the card had passed and the access code was on the reciept showing on the screen, i only saw half the game and had my money sent back
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