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  1. Surely the refund is from inplayer not the relevant clubs?
  2. Someone could tell them from the club
  3. This stream is dreadfull and not even an offer of an apology from the commentary team or online
  4. The quality of the streaming is shocking and for £12. I hope by the time the game starts it is better
  5. He looked knackered after Tuesdays game
  6. Can I ask all of you to contact your local MP to ask them if they will be arguing the case for FCHT and the rest of the elite clubs to allow fans back into stadiums? I have emailed Holly Lynch to ask what her stand will be
  7. Jon Shaw is the captain of South Shields
  8. And Ducky went off injured and Redshaw hasnt played for them yet due to injury
  9. We may have that decent strike force playing in a couple of games
  10. Roy Keane is the name doing the rounds
  11. He may even end up at Alfreton with the first new Vardy
  12. I feel the ball isnt sticking up front at the moment, that may also improve with Hyde and if it does it allows the likes of Earing, Summerfield, Green and the 2 wing backs to got forward and support more
  13. Earing has the shirt for that role at the moment and is doing ok and growing into the position
  14. I wasnt particularly aiming the comment at you directly, although quoting you it was a generalisation of some critics of the football at this level.
  15. I saw it as a positive move, Woods played much further up the pitch than the last 2 games to help Earing. It allowed us to stretch the game and utilise Allens pace which with a little bit more quality from Jamie it could have paid off as he got in behind their back line a couple of times.
  16. Imo 3 decent performances, 4 points and defensively we look sound. Stand outs The 3 centre backs, Jeff King, Jack Earing and Luke Summerfield. Earing has the potential to be our star this season.
  17. Its National League it's been pretty much like that for as long as I can remember. Some people watch to much top flight and expect similar
  18. Wasnt he with us a couple of weeks ago?
  19. Anyone know if there is radio commentary this evening?
  20. The clubs need to get their local MP's on board with this and make it an issue in parliament. It is a scandal. You could watch Chelsea v Palace indoors at The Vue Cinema today, but couldn't watch FCHT outdoors at The Shay!!! 3000 people will be allowed into the Royal Albert Hall to watch performances, but not allowed into a bloody football ground!
  21. Dagenham & Redbridge have 2 strikers, that had we signed them in the summer it would have had all the fans excited. Clarke, Byrne and Bradbury didbt give them a sniff all game and special mention to Nathan Clarke who was top drawer yet again
  22. Can you use the code again as it said it's a single use code?
  23. I went into monthly pass £9.99 and put the code in where is says voucher code
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