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  1. Chesterfield made a good signing today, Marcus Dinanga from Stevenage
  2. As long as its before Saturday then no panic
  3. He has been training with us whilst on loan
  4. Was rumoured to be interesting the club 2 or 3 years ago
  5. Given we only have one fit striker at the club and he isn't ours and could go the same way as Bell anytime soon, I think there is good reason to worry
  6. Saw him in Tesco the other day
  7. Was the football club on a rent holiday when they were not using the stadium?
  8. If it is anything to dow with the rugby club fair play to them for having the gumption to think outside the box
  9. So do Stockport, all 3 on TV I would have thought. BW/Canvey Island also have a decent one with Millwall at home
  10. Ex Town manager Neil Young up against Jose!
  11. Some have the mentality England/English is best so why take anything from other countries that may improve the product
  12. In your original post you likened the word "poncy" to a ladies badminton team being called pink sox, sorry but I did not see anything to describe it as pretentious in your post
  13. I will reverse that question and ask you what you mean by the word poncy?
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