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  1. Tried contacting our local MP Holly Lynch to get her to peruse clarity on what's happening, but no joy. Anyone who is on social media could they help and try to get her to do her bit as the areas MP. Other MP's have written to the government on the town, cities football clubs behalf. Where else is there that draws in over 1500 people to an event in the Town on a regular basis?
  2. Walt Jabsco


    If he didn't want or couldn't commit why would you keep him? Regarding his neck on the line I am sure he wouldnt want it any other way.
  3. Walt Jabsco


    Nathan Clarke will more than fill his shoes in the captaincy role, the respect Nathan has from his peers is incredible
  4. Walt Jabsco


    If he doesn't want to play for us then of course it's good news as his wage can be spent elsewhere
  5. Walt Jabsco


    Frees up some cash for the manager so good news all round
  6. That's the idea of the formation to be flexible isnt it?
  7. I am pretty sure NPL ganes are going ahead with crowds in that part of the world?
  8. Anyone know which block is Block G please?
  9. I presume that your tongue was pressed firmly against your check as you typed it?
  10. Daz said he came to the club as a midfielder but played a number of positions one of them being centre half
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