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  1. I cant do stream today and it is always a journey of discovery!
  2. Thank Steve Lanzarote for info as ever.
  3. I guess I really want that place back in the Football League not just beating BW
  4. Paul Hunter


    Years ago I remember the chap who used to shout "In the NET!"
  5. Good question Bubba. I am a 65 year old Shayman. Halifax/ born and bred Supporter of 57 years. I only come on here from time to time.
  6. What a player! this day so emotional I couldn't get the title right! I suppose I should have gone on the Leeds board? RIP and Condolences to his family.
  7. Apologies Shaymen It should have said NORMAN
  8. NORMAN HUNTER Norman"bitesyerlegs" Hunter Extremely emotional day. I was exiled in Crossgates 1968-73 Leeds and played centre half during the "period" etc etc My nickname was "Norman". He was needless to say a hero apart from the shaymen who beat Man U and drew at Aston Villa. What a day part of my DNA!!
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