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  1. If I'm understanding the cryptics I think your both right!!! Lammie, PM me a name??
  2. Signed by his first club at aged 15, this player went on to have a much lauded career. He played for three clubs where he racked up a career total of 571 league games scoring 115 goals along the way. For one of the clubs he played 345 times and netted 74 goals. He represented his Country at Under 21, B & Full levels. At Full level he played 90 times and scored 26 goals. He had a reasonable time as a manager at several clubs once he hung his boots up. And for one particular feat he holds an inscribed gold watch that he still occasionally wears. Usual Rules Please Gents, Not very difficult t
  3. I think reading through the threads, the club will have to offer options that suit individuals, they must already be considering how they are going to move forward. As I have said, I have no interest in using my ST against Streaming, but if mothballing is out there then thats a good choice, but, I would personally prefer to mothball mine for the full season and should we be allowed in halfway through this season I'd just pay per game for the outstanding games.
  4. I wouldn't be opposed to mothballing the season tickets till the 21/22 season, as Steve says and I've alluded to in a previous thread, financially the club would be able to afford a payback at present. However, by way of a loyalty to those who have bought their ticket for this season, and f at some point fans are allowed back into the grounds then I think retaining the seat allocation that you have been given should stand.Now that would be reasonably fair all round to me!
  5. Are the games at Curzon & Fleetwood still going ahead?
  6. I want to take us all back a few months, and for fear of sounding like a broken record, but as I pointed out Football clubs are businesses, thats just a plain fact. In the current climate I think it's inevitable that some will sadly not survive, hopefully Town wont be one of them, but it is a very real possibility, and all of us who bought the ST's are nothing more than creditors. Even at this point in time we are entitled to our money back as there effectively is no product, there will be a lot of people out there exactly the same as me and I think the club would do well to put out a statemen
  7. I've just put up a response to Itman Nick, as it says, I'm not really that bothered about Streaming, my escape from this world is going to live football matches at the Shay and away games watching Town, anything else doesn't interest me. As things stand I've now bought a ST for a product that doesn't exist and may not ever exist so on that basis I will be making inquiries as to getting my money back.
  8. I can see you've spent a bit of time working all this out Itman, and yes your maths are correct. However, as I pointed out to WB I dont have Bt Sport and I have no intention of signing up to it again as for me personally its not worth it as I dont watch sport in general and for the amount of times Town were on it certainly wasn't worth it. In fact I went to the game as it was recording at home and then I watched the playback!!!! These are now very precarious times financially as well as medically and I'm not going to try and put a fancy spin on this current situation, Town along with loads of
  9. If you are on the Bt package, phone, internet etc
  10. I havent got BT Sport WB, its just what the perpetually try to sell me constantly, but they're all robbing b-----ds
  11. I'm gonna be the first to kick this off, I want my money back!!! I've no intention of using my ST to watch a streamed game. I'll have my money back and then pick and chose which games I want to watch at the going rate. Which incidentally should be nowhere near £20. Hell, I can get BT Sport for £7 per month??
  12. TommyH72

    No fans

    Pointed that out3/4 months ago and got shot down in flames mate??
  13. According to Linaker, Murphy & Jenus on MotD, if it hits the sleeve of the shirt it's not hand ball, thats this seasons description!! But like they said, teams will revert back to long sleeve shirts?? They need to sort it out, and I say it should be the man on the pitch, some he'll give some he wont swings and roundabouts. As for the penalty taking. Well, it's crept into the game where the player taking the penalty can literally run up do a double somersault, stop and have a coffee and a roll up, do a double pirouette and the fain a kick before he actually kicks the ball, this obvious
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