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    I think under the current circumstances that its only right that we extend our very best wishes to The Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It doesn't matter what your politics are at times like these, he's a relatively young guy whose girlfriend is expecting a baby and it it proves conclusively that it doesn't matter who you are or where you live or what you do, we are all at risk. So good luck to Boris and everyone else battling this disease, and all the thanks in the world to our brilliant NHS, from the top man to the cleaners and porters, god bless them all and keep them safe.
  2. Once this is all over, do you think that they might be able to put Manchester & Leeds into permanent lockdown anyway. Just asking?
  3. I am one of life's lucky people, nothing very much phases me in so much as I can function perfectly well when others around me are in melt down. It has served me well over the years, an ability to keep calm in the face of adversity. Lots of people are the same, emergency services personnel would be a good example. But it does have a down side. I kind of forget that not everyone is the same, so I find myself wondering why people are worrying about things when there is no real reason to do so. So I will freely admit that I was moved when watching a programme where young people including children were being interviewed and just how worried they are about our current situation, and then when asked about things in general just how worried they are about the world in general. And they really are worried, I wish it was easy to sit them down and tell them everything will be ok, but I dont think with hand on heart we could. When the interviews moved to adults I was again taken aback at how seriously worried so many people really are. I dont think the Media help, they are bombarding people with constant doom & gloom, and that's what now worries me. How do we help those who are in real fear for the future, the longer this goes on then their mental state will deteriorate and they may suffer real issues. I wish I could help somehow, sometimes just talking to someone can help a person so much. So we as a community on here might be able to help out, hell, we bicker and argue, call each other names and get really frustrated about our club, if we can somehow harness some of that passion into helping someone in this unusual moment in time then maybe we really should.
  4. TommyH72


    Theres one reason we never thought about
  5. Yeah, your perfectly correct Flea, but small scraps gratefully accepted and all that.
  6. I'm loving some of this stuff you guys are putting up on this thread. Does anyone remember a young band of the 60s called Arthurs Children, used to play at the ABC pictures every Saturday morning for the kids. The drummer was a lad called Dennis Goodwin from Stainland.
  7. Fantastic. Really nice one Chrisbo61
  8. My favourite Bowie Album is "David Live" from his Thin White Duke days.
  9. Pretty much summed up in "Rap is Crap"
  10. We have to say though that it's a really great gesture, and £20million to the NHS. Fair play to them
  11. Really loving some of these choices, I'll look some of them up and have a listen. I'm totally stuck in the 70's, Lizzy, Quo, Free, Bad Company, Faces, all great bands. Very happy days.
  12. First band I ever saw were Uriah Heep at St Georges, gang of us started going from school when we could afford, cant remember much about it but it kick started my life long love affair with Rock/Live music and great Albums.
  13. Seen the Feelgoods back in the day, Wilko Johnson, Lee Brilleaux & The Big Figure, great band. Great Album. Was it " The Free Wheeling Bob Dylan" Album
  14. Yeah, I'm a bit Rod & Faces fan, have been for years. But Steve Marriots vocals were just absolutely killer. Loved Itchycoo Park as well.
  15. Just realised I hadn't chipped in with my own, and like most on here its been a real struggle to isolate out just one album & one single. But at a push:- Album:- Quo Live 1976 - Status Quo. Single:- Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Small Faces
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