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  1. Perhaps you just need a sense of humour transplant?
  2. Town v Barnet final on the cards here. I might put a bet on.
  3. Could have hidden in the toilets there!!
  4. I bet when the final whistle went at Fleetwood last night all the players just ran straight to the nearest tram stop and headed to Blackpool Airport!! Either that or they will be in Blackpool infirmary this morning where Joey Barton will still be trying to get at them to finish them off. Would you have been brave enough to go back to the dressing room having lost 4 - 1 knowing Joey was waiting. I know I wouldn't.
  5. Katherine Jenkins, the Opera singer (the one who's as fit as f--k), is campaigning to have a statue erected in memory of Dame Vera Lynne. Well, I dont think she'll get away with it do you!! Dame Vera, risking her life, going out to the front line in WW2 to entertain the troops who were laying down their lives in order to preserve our freedom. Any Statue erected in her honour will quite obviously antagonise people (if you want to call them that). Warmongering, singing about BLUE skies, very obviously this will be racist as there must be some blue coloured people somewhere. So Miss Jenkins, save your breath love (oops, bit sexist there) cos the right on'ers will have a field day with this one.
  6. Can you all just stop moaning PERLESE?? moan moan moan moan!! God its boring, I'm really bored now.
  7. Yes, we had him on loan from Sheffield Unt in 2015 and he then went to Bournemouth in 2018. He played 5 games for Town scoring 1 goal.
  8. Place the bet if everyone's up for it. Or like you say, put it on the BW game, lesser odds, but whatever we win, if we win would help fund the next game as we pave our path to League 2
  9. I've just had a thought i.e. "The Project Playoff" money raising scheme. Long shot, but what if we all put say £5 on Town at odds of 10/1 or the 16/1, lets say 500 of us put the £5 in that would be a nice little earner with all proceeds to the fund?? Just a thought.
  10. Last season ticket Holders surely?
  11. I dont understand betting at all except that we look as though they dont rate our chances at all. So on that basis I'm gonna attempt to place a bet of £100. I really think all this crap is working in our favour, well I hope it is.
  12. To be honest MJ I hadn't researched the history of their spending, so I might be feeling sorry for him for no reason. Although, in my defence (your honour) in this day and age £25mil for a premier player is not earth shattering. Like Wilder Bollox says, you end up getting very very average players these days at over exaggerated prices. But Ithink he may walk before he's pushed.
  13. I'm getting worried now for Eddie Howe. Bournemouth appear to be doomed to relegation, I watched them get destroyed by Newcastle last night and as far as I can see theres no escape for them, but what will be interesting will be how loyal the club is to Howe. He is the current longest serving manager in the Premiership, and has done a fantastic job on a shoestring budget. They are a club with an average gate of approx. 10,000. They are/have been batting way above their weight, and doing a pretty good job. If they do go down it does make you wonder if they could bounce back in the future given the way clubs have to have billionaire backers these days. But as for Eddie Howe, will the club stand by him, the guy who saved them from being relegated out of the Football League and took them on a fantastic journey. I really hope that the Directors of the club look back on his 11yrs at the helm and accept that unless he's given a couple of hundred millions to get some players then they are heading back to oblivion.
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