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  1. We dont want to get to carried away, they were bloody awful. It's not very often we see Town completely dominate a game like they did today. We were better in every department on the pitch. But if one thing is going to cost us points then it's the missed chances. We cant continue to create like we were and then fall behind (again) and then nearly throw it away in the dying seconds. But I'm more than happy with today, as i said in an earlier thread, I couldnt have cared less about formation or scoreline just as long as we beat them!!! And we did!! Job done, roll on Tuesday, much sterner test b
  2. 45 minutes to go, keep cool. We are playing well and we will win this game
  3. I like him, hope he's fit for today. Dont forget those lovely crosses he was firing in for Hyde when we were having that really good scoring spree, just needs to find his range again. It will come ESU
  4. Has to be a win today, we owe this lot one!!! Looking back at our season to date the reverse fixture was probably our real low. King & Williams both sent off, Stenson started and lasted about 15mins and even Big Sam got himself booked. So, I dont care about formation or tic tacs, just go and stuff them. Have Allen, Hyde, Campbell & Chadwick on from the start and lets just score a shed load.
  5. Well, having just watched the highlights on the Town website, I'm even more convinced that this was not a sending off. It's definitely not a clear goal scoring opportunity, we had cover, and a yellow would have sufficed.
  6. I will be interested to see Danny Williams tackle that got him sent off. So I'm looking forward to the highlights at some point. When I seen the tackle during the game my initial thought was that it was a yellow card, it was a heavy challenge that would have deserved the yellow, but the reason I want to see it back is that in order to be a Red card he had to be denying a goal scoring opportunity. And there are so many permutations that come into play here. I've been mulling it over since I watched the Sheffield Unt v Liverpool game the other night. Phil Jagielka did a very similar thing in wha
  7. I was watching the Fulham v Spurs game on Bt last night when there was an incident that left me utterly confused. Spurs were leading 1 - 0 from a 1st half own goal, Spurs had be totally dominant in the 1st half but after the restart Fulham really got their act together and started to work their way back into the game, so much so that the played some good football which eventually lead to them scoring a really good equiliser. Oh but wait!!!!!! VAR is at work. In the passage of play as the ball was bouncing around with Spurs desperately trying to clear it, one of the Spurs defenders kicked the b
  8. Yes, I cant disagree, and I would certainly prefer he stay here, although I want the Sam of old. But I dont know why I have this niggle that someone might come for him. As I say, if the new GC was approached by one of his other clubs and asked the question, is the lad at Halifax worth taking a chance on I think the answer would be yes. It might be with more and more clubs playing out from the back, that he would be encouraged to make better choices. Just my own opinion based on this gut feeling I have.
  9. We do try play out from the back on occasion these days, but it is rare even now. But Sam is still given to launching the ball into no mans land when trying to release it early, but even more annoying is his hanging onto the ball till every defender has taken up position and then he kick long only for the ball to come straight back. Even if he is contracted, a decent fee would see him move if he was that way inclined, and if he has any ambition then his age would probably dictate that its time to move on. I've just had a feeling for a little while now. Not sure If i'd be overly worried, t
  10. As far as I'm concerned I agreed to roll my season ticket over to next season and thats the deal I expect the Club to stand by. I love FCHT and have done since I was a nipper, but I'm sick of bankrolling them. I've bought the shirts, I've bought the scarves, I've bought the hats, I've thrown money at the club in one way or another for as long as I can remember and I've hit the line. Sorry and to those who will be busting a gut to tell me how s--t I am, dont bother cos its water off a ducks back. I might be interested in Shares, but there would be a a lot of conditions thatwould have to be sati
  11. Dont get me started on that subject (again)!!! Strangely enough, I wrote a thread the other day about Big Sam, and I acknowledge him as being a very decent keeper. However, I dont think he's just as good as he was, hard to pinpoint exactly whats going on there bearing in mind that we have a recently recruited Goalkeeping coach, or could it be this modern phenomena for taking something good, enforcing players to do stuff that they arent comfortable with and draining them of confidence?? Strange that the two things are crossed!!! But this new goalkeeping coach is a very well thought of guy, coac
  12. I really hope your right Nick, but personally I dont think we will.
  13. I wouldnt furlough players, but I also wouldnt bring anyone in unless it was absolutely necessary. Still bring a couple of the better/older youths into the squad and just play the season out and see what happens. Well we know we cant get relegated so thats a bonus. But if I were PW or DB I'd now be looking at next season, and that means not banking the club in the process.
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