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  1. TommyH72


    Gary Linaker's in trouble for paying tribute:- Gary Lineker puts his foot in it: England star who faced Diego Maradona at 1986 World Cup says 'hopefully he'll find comfort in the hands of God'
  2. TommyH72


    THE Guardian;- Diego Maradona, one of the greatest footballers of all time, dies aged 60
  3. Excellent choice Chrisbo61. An awful lot of talent on that stage.
  4. Great stuff, thats all we're asking
  5. I really dont think we should be referring to the lad as a "Donkey", thats just downright bloody rude!!! The lad hasnt kicked a ball for us and some are writing him off. Although the majority of his senior career is in the league below us, he's racked up 73 games and scored 14 goals, so he's basically a 1 in 5 man. As it stands that puts him up there with what we've achieved this season. But for gods sake lets at least give him the benefit of the doubt before we condemn him to our list of might have beens.
  6. TommyH72

    Best Movie

    Is this a "Whats your favourite film" thread Chadders????
  7. Live sport is coming back! Stadiums will be allowed to re-open from December 2 with upto 4,000 fans allowed in Tier 1 areas and upto 2,000 in Tier 2 areas
  8. TommyH72


    How many of us have read this book?? Do you remember this??
  9. Bloody BBC have made me look silly on numerous occasions Itman, and I really dont need any help on that score!!! But I always look up our more recent players straight after games, thats how sad I am these days, just so I can get on here and say I told you so. But as things are working out, our recent releases arent exactly setting the world on fire are they??
  10. King went on at 66mins, KL winning 2 - 0 at that point.
  11. Yeah, I get all that Roy, but what is this master plan that everyone has to buy into?? We can quite clearly see that somethings not quite right on the pitch, obviously PW cant cos he wont or cant change it. What I saw yesterday was Williams, one of our better players so far, omitted from the squad and an experienced midfielder sat on the bench for the second game on the trot, why has he even been brought in?? There was a chance that Dann could have changed things yesterday. But PW doesnt seem to want to change. For what it's worth, I dont think we were that bad yesterday, and again we certainl
  12. Since the end of last season, or more precisely the Boreham Wood play off game, Wild dismantled the squad which in my opinion had some very decent players, some that needed to be moved on and some who chose to go. We now have a squad that is entirely of his making, players who he has brought in that according to him fit with whatever it is he is trying to do, players that will go the extra mile, players who buy into his master plan. But what is this master plan, what is it that they have to fit into?? I'm certainly not seeing anything on the pitch that tells me we have improved any, in fact, b
  13. Thats why I'm disappointed Danns not starting, we need the key to unlock the defences and get Hyde in behind, been sadly lacking.
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