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  1. only if its one of those roads where u have to put some of your money in and get some kind of prize at the other end....but I dont want to go down that road again..EVER
  2. I can't have one as its classed as gambling but will just transfer £20 as a donation
  3. I still dont understand why people are calling for wild to be sacked..first year in charge he gets us to playoffs..this year we have bad luck with two attackers brought in getting injured so we aren't scoring goals but still we are playing well most have said we are playing well and now after a banana skin game which happens alot in cup football people want him sacked it's a joke...yesterday we didn't play owt like we have been and some days it's a bad day at the office we all have them
  4. thanks for not answering the question
  5. thanks for not answering the question for him
  6. let's hope all there fans call for there managers to be sacked after losing aswell
  7. ...I disagree but respect your opinions
  8. so your saying we havent played well before this game?
  9. yes because the two attackers are injured?
  10. have u all forgot how well we have been playing..yes today we are playing crap ..but to call for wild to go is a joke
  11. at least the streamings working well
  12. wild needs to go absolutely ballistic at half time and get hyde on
  13. mabey that might give us the kick up the arse we need?
  14. William's is playing like jeff king
  15. if it goes to penalties we wont get to see it with the streaming service...we can watch all the players on the half way line instead
  16. agree with you on that TJ..think we will be too strong and hopefully hyde gets a goal or two
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