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  1. Let's get at them straight away second half get a early second goal need to use Allen and king abit more and I can see Hyde getting a goal..all other results going our way so come on shaymen
  2. Will there commentators stop saying there losing and playing crap because of the pitch u play every other week on it we don't so even harder for us
  3. Finally get stream up and running..only ten minutes late...go to toilet miss goal..booom
  4. Won't take my code biggest pile of **** ever
  5. Yes it's hard been consistent but that's going to happen with all the injuries...no more injuries and we are in with a shout
  6. I get what your saying...I just get the feeling all the injuries are clearing up and we have a very strong squad everyone fighting for a place...Hyde stays fit we will score at least two a game...the momentum we will have if we keep everyone fit I can't see us losing tbh..still think we could get second or third and I would be very confident of going up
  7. Haha...Man u fans all crawling out of wood work now to celebrate been second in league to a team there hate.. pathetic!
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