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  1. I cant remember tommy mabey he did early on and I think he was banned for around 8 month or so..he did get sentenced to two week in prison but got bail..scandalous if you ask me
  2. I got the same...and emailed them back saying I couldn't email them during the game as I was trying to watch the game..had nothing back
  3. I think if the season does finish we will get to the playoffs..the way we are playing we dont seem fazed by any other team
  4. I just want to chip in with this wasnt meant to upset or pressure any of you into put your money into the bucket and I apologise if it did...no one should feel pressure to part with there money and especially with what's going on in the world..everyone needs to look after themselves...think sometimes things can be taken out of context and some of us including myself get abit carried away so again apologies if I upset any of you
  5. I was thinking that earlier..let's all get a refund and put it in the bucket
  6. we are waiting to do that against notts county
  7. I thought first half we had enough to score..second half not so much...its just the way we are playing which is pleasing..we are going out every game passing and pressing well..just need the goals to come which will happen once hyde and Stenson are back fully fit...also the good thing is we look solid at the back
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